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Arrow is not intended against short- and mid-range rockets that hit Israel in recent years. Iran earlier detonated ballistic missile in mid-flight to bypass missile defense while critically damaging electronic infrastructure with magnetic impulse from high-altitude nuclear explosion. Iran can deliver nuclear weapon into Israel by land or sea rather than on unreliable ballistic missile. No country has actually defended itself with ABM.

Israel seeks to buy the most expensive fighter jets at $200-360 million a piece. US Department of Defense buys no more than 180 jets, down from the initial order of 750. F/A-22 will add to the IDF’s roster of untested weapons too expensive to be widely employed and unnecessary against Syria or Iran’s air forces.

Israel manufactures excellent bombs, but buys ten times more expensive smart bombs to limit enemy’s losses and satisfy the world media.

Winograd Committee interim report will detail to enemies Israeli government wartime functioning and decision-making procedures. Other than that, the report is expected to reveal nothing new.

The committee blames Olmert for not seeking alternatives to military solutions proposed to him by the IDF, okays defense minister without military experience.

for ground offensive in Lebanon. As if the opinions of Deputy Chief of Staff and OC Northern Command mattered with the prime minister of disengagement or a Peace Now activist Peretz. IDF’s top brass was subservient to political whims in every war.

leaves the strategic failures of the subsequent four weeks untouched. The report, intended to blow out steam, chastises the government moderately and avoids analysis of the systemic errors from the year 2000 withdrawal under the left’s pressure to the disengagement-period’s staffing the army with incompetent commanders to the establishment’s fear of politically incorrect large-scale military offenses. Winograd report mostly accuses the government of following the army’s recommendations and retaliating against Lebanon rather than pursuing unspecified political venues in response to Hezbollah’s attacks. At the same time, the report’s findings confirm that the policy of containment didn’t work.
Hezbollah lauds the report, studies it in the preparation for summer offensive. In Northern Israel, people demand reconstruction of shelters.

IDF’s HR tsar Elazar Stern banned religious Jews from the elite Golani and paratroopers units. Religious Jews willingly forgo their exception from the conscription to serve in the IDF, and are renown for bravery. Stern demanded that many religious Jews assimilate into “integrated” platoons with secular Israelis, which leaves no opportunity for religious observance.

as a defense minister. The Peace Now activist and trade union’s leader goes hawkish, blames “defensive concept” for military failures. Peretz eyes Finance Ministry. He lacks professional qualifications for running either defense or finance.

A promising laser system capable of intercepting Kassams was scrapped years ago. Peretz promises to include anti-Kassam system in the next five-year budget plan. The cost of interception missiles is almost a hundred times the cost of Kassams.
IDF funds many wasteful programs, purchases hyper-expensive US weapons which lack feasible application. IDF faced no shortage of financing for its operations against the Gush Katif settlers.

In the dignified testimony before Winograd commission, Olmert correctly blamed the IDF’s commanders for inadequate performance; Sharon purged the IDF of capable commanders before the controversial evacuation of Gush Katif. Halutz confirmed the army was fully ready for war, says Olmert. It was Halutz’s decision not to call up the reserves from the onset of the war. Later, Olmert decided to call the reserves. Olmert apparently harshly criticized Halutz during the war. Olmert defends his decision to fight Hezbollah immediately upon the provocation, says Israel had no other choice.
Peretz showed the complete lack of understanding military issues, testified that he had no idea the army is inadequately trained, unprepared. Israeli Defense Ministers usually exercise very limited control over the army and follow the General Staff recommendations. Peretz said that withstanding missile attacks on northern Israel sent Hezbollah a positive message of Israeli endurance.
Halutz testified he “was not bothered” by lack of ground combat experience (he comes from IAF), blamed miscalculations on staff members. Halutz admitted the army had sufficient resources but he lacked determination, mistakenly imagining the war, which has previously lasted 18 years, would be finished in two weeks. Subordinate commanders concurred with him, were waiting for orders instead of venturing suggestions or taking responsibility. No IDF commander has formal military training, but one-year courses at the most.

The army works to quickly correct the Lebanon War errors. The exercise includes decision-making by the government and includes reservists alongside the young soldiers. Large-scale IDF exercise in the Golan Heights is also meant to deter Syria that builds forces along the border.

including explosives, RPGs, anti-tank missiles, anti-aerial Strela and Grad missiles (Voice of Israel)

One guard killed. The strike cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Israel conducted several similar attacks today. Hamas vowed more suicide bombings.

agrees with the IDF human resources’ demand of integrated religious-atheist platoons. Religious Jews who occupy themselves 16 hours a day with studying Judaism are not obliged to join the IDF but many do – on the condition that they serve in separate units which allow them to discharge religious duties. The demand of religious-atheist integration will force the religious Jews to avoid the army. Religious Jews are commonly considered excellent, highly motivated soldiers. The IDF’s conflict with religious soldiers flared after they refused to evict the Jews from Gaza communities.

to prevent Kassam attacks on Sderot. Hamas continues the rocket attacks. IDF troops has now become an attractive target for Kassam fire.

Deputy Defense Minister Ephraim Sneh suggested ground offensive in Gaza if Hamas starts launching rockets against Ashkelon. Showering of Sderot with missiles for months is, for Sneh, no cause for invasion.
Sneh accused Iran of puppeteering Hamas. Sneh refuses to recognize that Hamas represents the true wishes of Palestinian Arabs rather than Iran.

Clearly the IDF neglects its duty of massively killing Israeli enemies.

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