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That racist mantra returns us to the old American TV show where young MK Olmert is pitched against Meir Kahane. Kahane poses a simple statement, that Arabs should not influence policies and law-making in a Jewish state. Olmert concurred, but claimed that Arabs don’t pose a threat to Jewish character of Israel because they are too few. Olmert expressed a typical hypocrisy of Jewish conformists: it’s okay to accord Arabs democratic rights as long as the Arabs are too few to exercise the rights. That’s no longer the case. Arab voters brought Rabin, Barak to power. Arab voters are 19%. Centrists have to either befriend the Left or see the Left embracing the Arabs and possibly forming a government. The Arabs are already too many in the Jewish state, 34% among the young. In terms of the world’ screaming, it doesn’t matter whether we evict them from Israel or from the West Bank, as well.
What is the ideological basis of demanding Jewish majority in Israel, but leaving Judea to Arabs?

IDF HR Major General Stern lambasted the government for ignoring commonplace draft dodging. The MKs responded by accusing Stern of supporting exemption for yeshiva students. Stern, moreover, pushed ultra-Orthodox Jews away from the IDF by requiring them to serve in mixed secular-religious units.
7% of secular Jews cite medical issues to avoid being drafted. IDF will ease its restrictions on drafting criminals – a move that will worsen the abuse of young Jews in the army.
It is a wonder that so many young Jews still want to serve in the army despite the peace brainwashing in schools and media and the example of pop idols who refuse to enlist in the IDF.

The Arab bought four M-16 automatic rifles and three pistols.

Better avoid Western Galilee Hospital in Nahariya.

The leftist propaganda (education) ministry expects to repeal the long-standing practice of grants for IDF soldiers. Initially expanded on ultra-left and pederasts who don’t serve in the IDF, the grant system will also cover the Arabs.

Gun-totting free-firing Arab guests of a West Bank wedding incidentally shot Jewish driver on the adjacent road.

Galilee Liberation Group, an Arab terrorist organization, claimed responsibility for the recent attack in the Old City of Jerusalem.
Galilee is heavily populated by Arabs who constitute majority in many regions. Israeli government avoids confronting the hostile Arabs. Thus, after Arab riot led to closure of traffic from Jewish Nazareth, the government chose to build a bypass road for Jews rather than punish the Arabs.

Israeli perennial loser-cum-president Shimon Peres pardoned five Arab murderers of a 15-year-old Jewish boy; Peres commuted their life sentences to 25 years already served. The most common explanation for Peres’ act is that he seeks popularity among Arab voters either for himself or Kadima. Arab voters would love to see Jew-murderers released.

Another reckless Arab driver smashed into Jewish car. The Arab is dead, while the Jew was taken to hospital.

Bishara, a rare honest Arab MK who openly proclaimed his hatred of the Jewish state, fled Israel facing charges of treason. Nafa, who took Bishara’s Knesset seat, today paid homage to Syrian dictator Assad. Israelis are prohibited to visit Syria, at war with Israel. 330 Druses accompanied Nafa. They had no problem illegally crossing Israeli border to Syria and returning the same day.

Israeli Arab minister of science who lacks high school education announced that Israeli overflight of Syria won’t lead to war. The Arab didn’t miss a chance to reveal some military secrets to our Arab enemies and his friends: Majadle announced that Israeli fighter jets enter Syrian airspace daily. Majadle was quick to accuse Israel of taking photos of Syria.
Majadle presides over a ministry responsible for some of the top-secret military research.
Arab League’s Moussa called Israeli flights over Syria “intolerable.” The Arab League tolerates Palestinian missiles over Israel.

Arab members of Israeli Knesset (yes, oxymoron) joined Fatah gangsters and self-hating Jews to celebrate the Supreme Court decision on dismantling security fence near Modiin, the place of Maccabees.
Leftists, as usual, entered the closed military zone and violently clashed with the army. As usual, the IDF made next to no arrests. It’s only conservative protesters who are usually arrested on fake charges of attacking Israeli police.

Reputable sheikh Salah gave a fiery speech to Arab crowd in East Jerusalem promising that Israel and her occupation will soon disappear. No arrests ensued. Salah helpfully disperses Israeli leftist propaganda about good Arabs.
Public Security Minister Dichter launched investigation against Arab MK Nafa who visited Syria – a country at war with Israel. What is there to investigate in the face of clear treason?

Arab from a village near Jerusalem attacked super-tough Border Police with stones and metal rods. Six policemen wounded, no Arabs arrested. When Jews tried to counter Israeli police way more mildly in Amona, hundreds of casualties among the protesters ensued.

The number of Arabs in Israel steadily climbs over the years. Arabs enjoy Israeli welfare and have ample time to breed. Israel refuses to recognize polygamy among Arabs, and treats the additional wives as single mothers, eligible for numerous benefits from the stupid Jewish state.
Officially, there are only 3.5 Jews for each Arabs. In reality, the matters are still worse. Up to a million of Israelis with meager Jewish blood, while officially recognized as Jews, identify with Slav nationalities. At least 10% of Jewish Israelis emigrated permanently. Arabs constitute 34% of Israelis in 0-9 age group. Arabs are a majority in north Israel. Muslim Arabs increase at 2.9% per year compared to 1.4% among Jews.

Israeli Arabs reject the government’s attempts to involve them in civil national service instead of the IDF conscription. Israeli media lend their ad spaces to the Arab rejectionist campaign.

The Arabs protest stringent security checks which don’t allow them to take bombs on board. Israel jails the Jews calling for boycott of Arab businesses on charges of racist incitation.

An Israeli Arab named Shibli purposely drove over a nine-year-old Jewish girl who rode a bicycle on Yom Kippur. Riding bicycle on Yom Kippur is a major religious violation but widely practiced in Israel.

Thousands of Arab enemies trampled the Temple Mount in commemoration of their “Al Quds” Day, expressing the hope of regaining Jerusalem for Arabs. Israeli government discusses partition of Jerusalem with Palestinian thugs.

Israeli establishment lashes against Lieberman who demands that the Arabs demonstrate loyalty to Israel. Indeed, the requirement of loyalty amounts to expelling of all Arabs: those who demonstrate against Israel in the “Jerusalem Day” are anything but proper citizens.

An Arab named Majadle told the Arab press that Israel is ready to return the Golan Heights to Syria. That’s not what the Jewish population thinks, though. Majadle is Israel’s Minister of Science who lacks even high school education.

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