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Christian Arab MK joined Hezbollah’s Nasrallah in Syria. Israeli right decry Bishara for honestly standing for the Arab goal of ethnic-blind Israel rather than Jewish state.

claims that will open a new page in Israeli-Arab relations. Apparently, hardened terrorists will add to Hamas moderation.

calls on Israel to release Palestinian freedom fighters, declares Israel terrorist state.

In face of Arab violence after the Oslo accords, Jews move from Jaffa.

Police charges the maverick Arab politician with passing unspecified secrets to the enemy.

celebrating Independence Day in the Megiddo Forest. Firendly Arabs waived PLO flags.

No other Bedouin has advanced that far in 59 years of Israeli rule.

It remains unclear what makes such state Jewish any more than an Arab. An equal-rights Israel cannot call itself Jewish just like equal-rights America doesn’t call itself a WASP country. Israeli Arabs quickly abandon support even for an “equal-rights Jewish” state. The current support is below the 2004 figure.

Two Arabs died on the spot, near Karnei Shomron.

Even if Jewish Knesset approves such a racist bill, the oath would mean nothing to Israeli Arab MKs. Koran sanctions false oaths to infidels. Mohammed gave a false oath of peace to Jews of Bani Quraytha tribe and killed them.

The Nazareth court “found” the culprit responsible for the IDF’s failures. Israeli Arab Raid Mazareb, a drug dealer, passed unclassified information to his fellow drug dealer in Lebanon during the war. Mazareb got his information from newspapers. Mazareb was sentenced while newspaper editors weren’t.

Israel lost the war because of her unwillingness to sentence the Arab traitors and Jewish media which abetted them.

Israeli Arabs fired at Jewish security forces near the separation barrier, wounded two Jews before being shot.
Israeli Arabs normally keep low profile in the terrorist violence, bribed by Israeli huge welfare programs which encourage jobless Arabs to breed.

Jewish State’s Arab Minister of Science who lacks higher education accused Jewish settlers and worshippers of losing humanity. Some Jews vandalized a few tombstones at Arab cemetery while visiting the tomb of Joshua bin Nun. The Jews were agitated by Arab attempts to bulldoze Joshua’s tomb and constant Arab threats. Jews could only visit the tomb of Joshua bin Nun with IDF support.
Neither the Arab Minister of Science and Sport, nor other Arabs expressed concern over mass desecrations of Jewish cemeteries by Arabs.

An Israeli Arab Allah Ahmad from Jerusalem suburb planned to kidnap Jews to exchange them for Hamas prisoners in Israeli jails.

Jewish guard arrested for shooting at their car

IDF’s Bedouin soldier shot passers-by, including his own brother in Hura, Negev.

Arabs flocked into the streets of Taiba protesting the Interior Ministry’s appointment of a Jewish mayor. The Interior Minister Sheetrit recently dissolved several Arab municipalities for stealing the Jewish state’s money.

The Jew tried to defend Jewish girls against the Arabs.

Israeli Arab Ahmad Gindowi was sentenced to 16.5 years in prison. Just days ago, the same Haifa court sentenced rapists of a 13-year-old girl to merely six months in jail.

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