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Tel Aviv central bus stationDisgusting, huh? In fact, the opposite thing happened: a bunch of African illegals, unemployed but drunk, beat a fifty-eight-year-old Jew with sticks. The Jews were simply sitting on the bench near the Central bus station.

Police did not bother to try to understand the Jew, a recent immigrant who spoke with a heavy accent, and dropped their investigation. Even in the unlikely event that the Africans are arrested, they will only spend two to three years in comfortable jail cells.

Several organizations of Ethiopian ‘Jews’ spoke out against deportation and against the government’s mild crackdown on African illegals.

Driving by on a motorcycle, terrorists threw a firecracker into Zegeta pub in South Tel Aviv. Following the incident, police told the pub owner to close the place.

The pub, open late into the night, attracted scores of African illegals, but the police did not intervene to enforce the law and protect the peace in the poor neighborhood.

There is little doubt that the forty-four-year-old Jewish mother who was brutally murdered at the Tel Aviv central bus station last week died at the hands of the African criminals who control the area. In May alone Arabs staged dozens of arsons in southern Jerusalem.

An Eritrean envoy rejected the ‘forced repatriation’ of African illegals to their own country. There are some 35,000 Eritreans living in Israel, almost all of them illegally.

Leftists claim the Africans cannot return because of the likelihood of persecution. Exactly why that persecution is likely, no one knows. Normal countries apply normal standards to would-be refugees: they must positively prove persecution rather than claim its likelihood. Besides, by far most of the illegals are youngsters who dodged the draft in Eritrea, and thus will be prosecuted for a very real crime rather than for their non-existent political convictions.

Hundreds of Eritrean infiltrators demonstrated in from of the US Embassy in Tel Aviv, demanding that the White House intervene to stop their deportation—although there is no sign of impending mass deportation besides the government’s usual blustering.

Instead of rounding up the demonstrators and deporting them before anyone else, the Internal Affairs ministry watched as the criminals appealed to the West against our own government.

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