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who suffered heart attack. In the 1929 Hebron massacre, Jewish paramedic opened his heavily barricaded house to Arab woman in childbirth. His family was subsequently butchered.

Arrow is not intended against short- and mid-range rockets that hit Israel in recent years. Iran earlier detonated ballistic missile in mid-flight to bypass missile defense while critically damaging electronic infrastructure with magnetic impulse from high-altitude nuclear explosion. Iran can deliver nuclear weapon into Israel by land or sea rather than on unreliable ballistic missile. No country has actually defended itself with ABM.

Turkey’s inspectors supervise Israeli archeological works near the Temple Mount. Saudi peace plan calls for partition of Jerusalem. Palestinians claim the city as their capital.

develop artificial islands instead of clinging to Judea and Samaria.

The Administration must not spray disputed lands with chemical dangerous to Bedouins and animals. The Court’s Arab judge rules the Administration have no right to protect the land against Bedouin incursions.

Information Minister Bilal demanded that Israel accepts Saudi plan. Russia recently warned Israel of impending war with Syria. Bilal’s mention of “resistance” suggests terrorist rather than conventional war. Syria could use Hezbollah’s tactics and shower Golans with Scud missiles while countering Israeli reprisal with Russian anti-aircraft and anti-tank missiles.

Engineer Sabar Ali arrested for passing highly classified documents to Mossad. Israel closely watches Egyptian nuclear development and earlier killed Egyptian nuclear scientists.

For his part as a former prime minister, Netanyahu has failed and went home

Adding to its 10,000-strong army in Gaza, Hamas infiltrates Palestinian Authority’s troops in Judea and Samaria instead of building own forces. Creation of Palestinian unity government removed obstacles to infiltration.

Instead of curtailing the running programs, Iran banks on Western corporate interest, invites companies to build nuclear plants. Light-water reactors, commonly deemed peaceful, can produce weapons-grade plutonium if stopped every few months for cleaning. EU will “examine the possibilities.” Austrian company OMV signed $18 bn gas development agreement with Iran.

Ethnic-blind Israel hosts 1,425,000 Arabs, 280,000 official Slavs and estimated 200,000 with fake Jewish papers, 70,000 migrant workers. The official number of 5,415,000 Jews must be reduced by at least 200,000 who forged birth certificates in Russia.

Five earlier reductions didn’t help. The current interest rate threatens inflation. Shekel rises because of Israelis’ relative poverty and highly unequal income distribution: foreign investment and exports of a few large companies outpace consumer imports.

Promises the Hamas won’t shell Israel for long.

so as not to provoke IDF’s invasion of Gaza. Egypt doesn’t object to moderate shelling. Palestinian suicide bomber intercepted in Egypt, near Gaza, threw grenade into police officer.

This week, for the first time since 1984, more people emigrated from Israel than immigrated into it. Since mid-1980s, Russian aliyah temporarily reversed the long-term trend where more people left Israel than came in. At least 500,000 and probably close to a million Jews emigrated from Israel, mostly due to insecurity, economic hardships and lack of job opportunities. Polls indicate 60 to 80% of Israelis sympathize with those who leave the country. Sohnut seeks to offset the trend by bringing to Israel non-Jewish immigrants and the people with a single Jewish grand-grandparent.

It remains unclear what makes such state Jewish any more than an Arab. An equal-rights Israel cannot call itself Jewish just like equal-rights America doesn’t call itself a WASP country. Israeli Arabs quickly abandon support even for an “equal-rights Jewish” state. The current support is below the 2004 figure.

urge Olmert to step down. Livni lacks significant military experience, vowed to continue evacuation from Judea and Samaria, help create a Palestinian state. Winograd report doesn’t level crucial accusations at Olmert. The establishment hunts the Prime minister down after he proved insufficiently prompt in returning Judea and Samaria to Arabs.
The report criticizes Olmert for starting the war too rapidly.

leaves the strategic failures of the subsequent four weeks untouched. The report, intended to blow out steam, chastises the government moderately and avoids analysis of the systemic errors from the year 2000 withdrawal under the left’s pressure to the disengagement-period’s staffing the army with incompetent commanders to the establishment’s fear of politically incorrect large-scale military offenses. Winograd report mostly accuses the government of following the army’s recommendations and retaliating against Lebanon rather than pursuing unspecified political venues in response to Hezbollah’s attacks. At the same time, the report’s findings confirm that the policy of containment didn’t work.
Hezbollah lauds the report, studies it in the preparation for summer offensive. In Northern Israel, people demand reconstruction of shelters.

US Administration vociferously rejected Baker report which calls for such meetings, but now adopted its recommendations. Baker called for trading the Golans for Syrian promise of help in Iraq.

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