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Silvio Berlusconi Israel best friendDuring his visit to Israel, the Italian PM did three things unimaginable for PC European politicians.

He unequivocally supported the Israeli war in Gaza, told Abbas to resume the fruitless peace talks with no preconditions, and remarked to journalists that he did not notice the separation wall, a symbol of the Israeli ‘occupation.’

The judicial branch continues its triumphal run over the executive branch with its indictment of Berlusconi. The Italian PM is charged with the trivial offense of paying for sex.

Traditionally, sovereigns and politicians have been accorded immunity, or at least granted a much-relaxed threshold of criminal behavior, but today they are singled out for exemplary prosecution.

As everyone expected, Israel signed a $1 billion deal to purchase training jets from Italy rather than South Korea, even though Korean terms were somewhat more favorable.

Under the deal, a private Israeli company will buy the jets, and the IAF will be renting them – a highly unusual agreement in the military practice of any country, though certainly interesting as we’ve been arguing for the privatization of military services.

It was outright silly that, for political reasons, Italy was chosen rather than South Korea, one of the world’s top arms importers. Besides, what good is Italian political goodwill if that country would follow US orders in any case?

Recently Israel chose Italian training jets over South Korean ones, expecting Italy to reciprocate with diplomatic concessions.

No way. Italy is still going to reduce the number of its troops in UNIFIL, for example.

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