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DuMont announces his goal of acquainting Israel with “better, pre-Nazi Germany.” Every pre-Nazi German government except the Weimar republic severely restricted civil rights of the Jews.

Germany blasted Iran for human rights abuses seen in the imposition of dress code on women. Iranian nuclear program didn’t merit a condemnation.

German FM announced his country won’t help Arabs develop peaceful nukes.

Russia opened previously secret documents relating the capture and subsequent disposition of Hitler’s body. According to the documents, Russians found the body three meters from Hitler bunker. There are several oddities. Two days before, Russians found Himmler’s body at the same place, but subsequent searches failed to produce Hitler’s body. Hitler’s body was found in bomb crater – an unlikely place of burial for the beloved leader. Hitler’s body was thinly covered by earth – a suspicious disrespect. Hitler’s body was burned beyond identification, but miraculously identified by Russian medics in the army’s intelligence unit.

Merkel announced German stance on the Iranian nuclear program is unchanged after the US report that Iran lacks nuclear weapons program. One Holocaust is enough for Germans for now.

The Berlin forum which sought $200 million for the Fatah “police” was sponsored by German Foreign and Economic ministries, protestant church, and social democrats. The conference turned a mild scandal after the representatives of Iran, Saudi Arabia, other Muslim states called to winding up Zionist state.

After massive lobbying by German government, SPG Corporation received export clearance to construct three factories producing liquefied natural gas in Iran. The production would considerably boost Iran’s foreign trade.
Apparently, one Holocaust is not enough for Germans.

Current German leaders were too young to join Holocaust, so they have to settle for something simpler.

Yediot Aharonot reveals that East Germany sent MiG-21 planes with German crews to fight Israel on behalf of Syria in 1973. The Germans had a hard time living without a Holocaust for almost three decades.

The group of historians commissioned by Dresden municipality found that merely 25,000 Germans were killed in the Allied bombings of that city, well short of the previous 100-150 thousand estimate. Such a pity.

“Sinbad,” the top German agent who reported on Iran’s nuclear program for ten years, double-crossed his masters. German customs arrested him for delivering critical missile technology to Iran. It is unknown whether BND, the German intelligence, knew about the smuggling. It might well have been informed, because its objective was to amass information, rather than stop Iran’s nuclear program. An exchange of missile technology for nuclear reports is a likely possibility.

About 900 have been registered this year, a 10 percent increase over 2007.

A thousand anti-Semitic students and human rights activists wrought havoc in Humboldt University over an exhibition depicting Nazi persecution of Jewish businesses.

Germany used to have the good sense to keep quiet when other countries condemned Israel.

Not anymore. The German FM joined Obama in demanding a total freeze on all construction in the settlements.

It would be nice to see a similarly vocal international demand on the Palestinians to freeze terrorism.

German concern Basell Polyolefine will help build plastic factories in Iran.

Fiberglass plastics are among the embargoed items because of their use in rocket manufacturing.

Talk about sanctions…

The visiting German FM stated that Middle East peace cannot advance unless Israel freezes the settlements. Presumably Hamas would then reconcile with Fatah, PIJ would dismantle its rocket arsenals, and all of them would embrace the Jewish state, if only it would stop a few housing projects in the West Bank.

Even the Nazis supported the Zionist settlement movement, if only as a way of moving the German Jews to Palestine.

The authoritative Stern magazine quoted German intelligence officials who concur with the Israeli Military Intelligence estimate that it would take less than six months for Iran to produce a nuclear bomb once the political decision is made.

The Federal Cross of Merit was awarded to Felicia Langer, an ultra-leftist Israeli who compares her country to South Africa under apartheid, and praises Ahmadinejad.

After decades of suppression, anti-Semitism is again on the rise in Germany, where polls indicate a quarter of the population holds strongly anti-Semitic views.

After discussing the settlement freeze with Angela Merkel, Netanyahu was presented with Auschwitz blueprints from the German archives. He also toured the site of Berlin’s Wannsee Conference, which defined the goal of annihilating all the Jews.

Given Obama’s demands, Netanyahu needs all the experience he can get.

The Washington Post pointed out that at the same cabinet meeting in which the German government agreed to subsidize Israel’s sixth useless Dolphin submarine, it also provided a billion-dollar subsidy for liquified natural gas projects in Iran.

The LNG projects are a snub to Obama, who wants them covered by sanctions.

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