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After the Washington disaster, Netanyahu now heads into a similar confrontation with Sarkozy.

The result of their June 3rd meeting was predetermined by two recent demarches. The French FM demanded that Jerusalem become a Palestinian capital, and Sarkozy declared that regional peace is impossible without realizing the “long-time aspirations of the Palestinian nation.”

Their only long-time aspiration is slaughtering all the Jews.

Netanyahu canceled his visit to France to avoid embarrassment over its failure.

The French president severely the criticized wearing of full-size Islamic female dresses (burqa) in France.

We’ve yet to see an Israeli leader who has the courage to speak out against Islamic symbolism in the Jewish state.

France is officially monocultural and does not recognize any minorities among its citizens.

Sarkozy urged Lieberman’s ouster during a meeting with Netanyahu. Outrageous as it may seem, the suggestion conforms to French diplomatic norms.

Sarkozy is notoriously loose-lipped when commenting on foreign leaders.

Four young members of the almost-defunct Jewish Defense League were arrested in France after trashing a store in Paris, which was engaged in anti-Israeli incitement.

The leader of the gang that murdered Ilan Halimi in Paris was sentenced to life in prison.

The government will spend millions to keep the murderer and his twenty-four accomplices alive and well; their Jewish victim is dead.

France’s chief of staff dismissed the military option against Iran’s nuclear program on the grounds that it would be too risky.

France traditionally appeases Iran: it harbored Ayatollah Khomeini when the Shah exiled him and then provided safe haven for the Shah’s last prime minister, as it did for the Mujahedeen Khalq terrorists. When VEVAK, Iran’s security service, murdered dissidents by the dozens in France, the local authorities did not interfere.

For imperial and commercial reasons, France has no problem with nuclear Iran.

The all-female ship sailing from Lebanon to Cyprus to Gaza is registered in France.

By allowing a ship under its flag to break the Israeli blockade of Gaza, France is joining a war on the side of Hamas.

The Israeli government rushed to remove the blockade.

A French court found Israeli doctor Yehuda David guilty of slandering Al Dura. Eleven years ago Dura’s son was killed in the Intifada riots by friendly Palestinian fire, and for a decade the incident was blamed on IDF.

The doctor revealed that he had treated Dura Sr for a hand injury six years before the Arab attributed the wound to IDF fire.

The court found the evidence to be covered by doctor-patient confidentiality, and thus inadmissible. The doctor’s words were accordingly declared libel.

Despite universal condemnation of the court in Jewish media, the decision was pretty straightforward. The doctor attempted to achieve commendable political goals by committing a small ethical violation, and was fined for that violation.

More interestingly, the verdict raises the question of whether doctor-patient confidentiality should be absolute, covering even mundane injuries, or confined to hidden conditions, as originally intended?

Nicolas SarkozyJewish organizations slammed the French president for saying that Israel with her two million Arabs cannot be called a Jewish state, and that Netanyahu is wrong to demand that from the Palestinians.

Now, what’s wrong with this opinion? Rabbi Kahane held that same opinion, and we ourselves have been saying the same thing for years. Only the Israeli government fails to acknowledge that commonsense fact.

Israeli media are paying much attention to the French Foreign Ministry’s summoning of an Israeli diplomat over the injuries sustained by the French consul in Gaza during our attack on Hamas last night.

That is a standard diplomatic procedure that does not reflect the French attitude toward the conflict or the value they place on Israeli or Arab casualties. France generally ignores Gazan deaths, but has to express formal concern when its quasi-diplomatic employees are injured.

The spate of recent motorcycle shootings in France, which culminated in an attack on a Jewish school, cannot be a work of individual Muslims or a homegrown cell. Despite its seeming simplicity, an attack of this type actually takes much planning, if only to ensure the perpetrators’ escape.

The logical suspect would be Algeria, but in the current situation Iran or Syria have much more interest in striking at the soft targets of the Judeo-Christian underbelly. Iran is unlikely to risk such an escalation. Assad, on the other hand, who has by now lost touch with reality, might well be the culprit.

Jewish school attack

Rumor has it that France requested US assistance in bombing Assad’s presidential palace to wipe out his entire clique. Obama predictably refused, as his idea of Old World diplomacy includes immunity for political leaders.

Just months ago, France was among the most vocal critics of Iran for allegedly planning the assassination of the Saudi ambassador to the US.

Of course, killing rulers is a cheaper and more just way of fighting wars than engaging in the mass slaughter of soldiers.

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