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Le Pen questioned the importance of Nazi death camps and rejected France’s role in deporting its Jews. His support comes from ethnic French rather than Judophobic Muslim immigrants.

All presidential candidates address the problem.

Although finishing second, Royal received almost half the French votes. Sarkozy’s grandfather was a converted Jew.

expressing disloyalty to Israel. Lebanese French have also voted for Sarkozy. France’s attitude to Israel’s next war with Hezbollah remains ambiguous.

Socialist Party’s Hubert Vedrine has a history of vehemently opposing Israel in favor of the Palestinians and Arabs in generally.
French citizens in Lebanon overwhelmingly voted for Sarkozy, expected him to be pro-Arab.

The do-nothing talk-a-lot friend of Israel and incidentally of Lebanon, Sarkozy joined the American push for more sanctions. Iran defied all the earlier sanctions and continues its nuclear program. Even the pro-Muslim el Baradei, the head of IAEA, says Iran’s nuclear enrichment is unstoppable – that is, by diplomatic efforts.
The US again tries to bully Iran with parading two aircraft carriers near Iranian coast. That didn’t work two months ago.

After France under Sarkozy called for tougher sanctions on nuclear Iran, Iran’s nuclear negotiator Larijani offered France to mediate talks over Iranian nuclear program. The talks are meaningless, since Iran insists on continuing its nuclear program.

After French foreign minister announced that sanctions against Iran don’t work and France must prepare for war with Iran over its nuclear program, now France pushes for more of worthless sanctions against Iran.

in abandoning Jerusalem to the Arab enemy. And Olmert is better be creative, since rational arguments in favor of dividing the Jewish capital with Fatah thugs are none. Sarkozy could better have lectured Olmert on Europe’s policies with its colonial enemies, such as slaughtering millions in Algeria and Indochina.

Sarkozy refused further negotiations with Syria until Assad allows the Lebanese parliament to elect another vehemently anti-Israeli president.

French people whose grandparents enthusiastically helped the Germans to deport French Jews to their deaths, oppose Sarkozy’s daring plan of Holocaust education in French schools. The plan will require each ten-year-old French to learn a short life story of one of the 11,000 French Jewish children perished in Holocaust. The protesters assert the truth would be unbearable for the young French. Let’s see.

French FM Kouchner urges Israel to “take the risk” and negotiate cease-fire with Hamas, even though he recognizes than Hamas will use the pause to strengthen its arsenals.
Why don’t we take the risk of burning that place to dust?

French FM confirmed informal talks with Hamas.

In Sarkozy’s Knesset speech, Jews heard vague commitments to Israeli security while Palestinians praised his insistence on removing Israeli settlements.
There were no settlements prior to 1969. Why did Arabs went to war with Israel in 1967?

Speaking with Abu Mazen, Sarkozy supported the end of the “60-year-old oppression of Palestinians.” The poor beings are so oppressed that they have the world’s highest breeding rate.
According to Sarkozy, Israel’s oppression of Palestinians is the reason for the Middle East conflict. How didn’t we realize that before? Now we understand why Arabs attacked us in 1920, 1929, 1936, 1948, 1967, 1973 and on myriad less famous occasions. Right, they sought to drawn all Jews in sea in 1967 because of the West Bank which we didn’t even control then.
Sarkozy demanded removal of the security barrier in the West Bank, which is for him too successful in stopping terrorists. Why doesn’t France open its own borders to Arabs?
Echoing Olmert, Abu Mazen called Sarkozy a true friend.

What a show of hypocrisy. France, which slaughtered millions in Algiers and Indochina just recently, tells Jews how to treat the aborigines.

Among duplicitous European politicians, Sarkozy is considered remarkably close to America and Bush.

Time Magazine reveals an account by one of Sarkozy’s advisers: during the president’s visit to Moscow, Putin promised to hang Saakashvili “by his balls”; he added that since the United States hanged Saddam, why cannot Russia do the same with Saakashvili? Sarkozy countered that his friend Putin wouldn’t want to wind up like Bush.

More than 1,150 cars were set on fire in France on New Year night, a marked increase from the previous year’s toll.

French marinesA French Navy frigate has sailed to Gaza, where it is somehow supposed to fight arms smuggling. Since the Israeli government funds a relatively large and equally useless Navy, why do we need French support to intercept Iranian boats?

If Sarkozy meant to show his solidarity with Israel, a better way would be to stop cuddling Abbas and Hariri.

IDF fired warning shots and held a French diplomatic convoy for hours at the Gaza border after foreign diplomats engaged in their typical contemptuous behavior toward the Jewish soldiers. The French diplomats and other personnel tried to cross from Gaza into Israel without proper documents and permission.

The French summoned the Israeli Ambassador regarding the incident. For some reason, Israel has taken no action despite numerous violations of her borders by foreign diplomats.

Israel welcomed the French initiative to send a frigate to patrol Gaza’s shores.

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