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The embassy’s staff visited Hebron with Israeli ultra-left scum called “Breaking the silence” which accuses a few hundred Jewish residents of Hebron of harassing more than hundred thousand Arabs nearby.

The close relative of the Quartet’s impartial envoy joined an ultra-leftist expedition from Cyprus aimed at reaching Gaza despite Israeli naval blockade.
Britain has a long story of impartiality in Israel, such as when it refused immigration permits to hundreds of thousands of European Jews who could still emigrate from the Nazi-occupied Europe had they have entry visas to Palestine.

Sister-in-law of the impartial Quartet envoy Tony Blair is stuck in Gaza. Besides entering the place illegally on a protest boat from Cyprus, she remained there after the boats left. That makes Lauren Booth a common criminal like the African infiltrators. The British Embassy tries to get her out of Gaza.

The British Foreign Office suggested to the EU that restrictive measures be introduced against the produce of Jewish villages in Judea and Samaria. The last time Europe boycotted Jewish suppliers was under the Nazi regime. At that time, the Foreign Office did its utmost to stop Jewish refugees from reaching the Jewish homeland, entrusted to Britain by the League of Nations.

Curiously, Palestinians are fighting the boycott attempts, as the sanctions would deprive tens of thousands of Arabs employed at Jewish factories of lucrative income.

Britain’s Business Secretary Mandelson, a renegade Jew, called for strengthening British economic ties with Palestine. The “cooperation” (exports, that is) is economically insignificant to Britain. Mandelson’s only agenda is political, to bring Britain closer to its traditional Arab allies.

At the same time, many organizations in Britain push for an economic boycott of Israel, who dares defend herself against Arab murderers.

Horatio NelsonThe British government offered to send its navy to prevent weapons smuggling into Gaza. As if we need anyone’s help.

The London Evening Standard, a very popular tabloid with opinion-making capabilities, was sold to a Russian mogul for one pound.

Israel suffers from anti-Semitic sentiment in Britain, which leads to numerous problems in international organizations, but did not muster the $20 mil a year it would have taken to cover the Standard’s losses and turn the paper into the voice of Israel.

British health ministerThe British Health Minister slammed “Israeli authorities” for allegedly forcing the BBC to refuse to air an aid appeal for Gaza. Several other British ministers also voiced displeasure with the publicly funded media corporation rejecting a Palestinian cause.

In reality, the BBC has only refused to air free ads by questionable pro-Palestinian charities.

In 2003, an IDF Bedouin soldier shot a British journalist in Gaza, apparently mistaking his camera for a weapon. Other accounts indicate that the filmmaker, James Miller, was merely caught in the fighting. Whatever the case, the anti-Israeli journalist is dead.

Miller’s family demanded compensation and the British government threatened Israel with a request for the soldier’s extradition. Normal nations just don’t care: Russia has ignored British extradition requests on several occasions. In the Litvinenko case, Russia’s decision sparked a short diplomatic crisis, forgotten a few months after.

Israel paid the dead Jew-hater’s family much more than the government has ever paid to the families of fallen Jewish heroes. Miller’s payment sets a dangerous precedent, which the “human rights” organizations will use to extort more money from Israel.

When the Palestinian group Al Haq filed a petition with the British High Court accusing Foreign Minister David Miliband and Business Secretary Mandelson of arms sales to Israel, the British government denied that any significant cooperation with Israel took place. If so, what a shame for the likes of Miliband and Mandelson.

It seems that high-ranking Brits have embraced the Arab cry, “Slaughter the Jews!”

After a Palestinian NGO filed a case in Britain alleging British support of Israel, the Quartet’s Tony Blair visited Gaza for the first time. Speaking to future terrorists at UNRWA school in Beit Hanun, Blair said about them, “These are the people who need to be the focus of all our efforts for peace and progress from now on.” Schoolchildren of Sderot who have spent their entire lives under rocket fire from Gaza are not Blair’s focus.

Britain also pledged $43 million to rebuild Gazan houses. Some math, perhaps? A total of about 3,000 houses were destroyed. First, Iran paid close to $6,000 per house, which is an honest reconstruction cost. Then came the pledge from Saudis. Then from the EU. Then from Britain. Now $3 billion from the donor conference. How many times over the $20 mil damage should be paid?

British International Development Secretary Alexander urged Israel to “do the right thing” and open Gaza’s border for dual-use materials. During the Holocaust, Britain had a different perception of “right things,” and kept the Palestine Mandate borders closed to Jews.

The British Foreign Office Minister announced his country’s intention to engage  the political wing of “The Party of God.” The minister cited “positive developments in Lebanon” as a reason. The only developments we see are the release of suspects in Hariri’s murder, the beefing up of Hezbollah’s arsenal to more than 50,000 mid-range rockets, and the massive presence of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard instructors among Hezbollah troops.

In a separate development, the British Embassy canceled its planned move to a Tel Aviv building owned by Africa Israel Group, citing its construction projects in Judea and Samaria. At least the Brits are consistent: they oppose Israeli settlers and support Hezbollah, which seeks to remove them all.

Violence resumes in Northern Ireland as IRA radicals kill another policeman. How’s that relevant to Israel? Obama’s Mideast envoy George Mitchell bases his negotiator’s credentials on achieving peace in Northern Ireland. The problem is, Mitchell had nothing to do with it. London and the IRA genuinely sought an agreement but, despising each other, wanted mediation from a third party—the United States. Mitchell was merely a talking parrot in the negotiations, relaying to each side the other’s offers. Likewise, Carter took credit for the Israeli-Egyptian peace treaty, which Begin and Sadat had worked out between themselves from scratch.

The British government is discussing the country-of-origin labeling for produce from Judea and Samaria. The current label, “West Bank, Israel,” thought to be misleading, is to be replaced with “Occupied Palestinian Territories,” to make it easy for Brits to boycott Israeli produce.

The Brits earlier demanded that the Israeli Tourist Ministry pull down an ad which shows Qumran as part of Israel.

Britain has instituted no similar measures relating to other occupied territories throughout the world. It would be nice to see the UK government demand from Russia that it label fish and caviar canned in the Kuril Islands as “Occupied Japanese Territories.” Seventy years ago, the UK did not label Palestinian citrus exports as coming from the “occupied Mandate Territory.”

Britain is not guided by Palestinian interests, as tens of thousands of Arab laborers stand to lose their jobs if the settlement produce is boycotted. Abbas’ position is instructive: he first supported the boycott, then retracted his support due to economic considerations, and now demands it again—the politics of hatred have trampled rationality.

Anti-Semitism and traditional Orientalism play a role in the British decision, as well as revenge against Jews for taking over the Mandate territory.

According to British Foreign minister, Obama approved the UK’s rapprochement with Hezbollah. He implied that Obama wants the UK to handle the dialogue, which the US administration cannot start because of the Jewish lobby.

And why not? Hezbollah does not threaten England.

Meanwhile, two US senators discussed with Assad the situation in Gaza; Sderot was not on the agenda.

The Jerusalem Post reports that Barak allowed Gerry Adams into Gaza, in defiance of the Foreign Ministry’s decision to prevent the Irish terrorist from meeting with his Hamas colleagues.

Blair, a supposedly impartial Quarter envoy, intervened with Barak on behalf of Adams, whose only purpose in Gaza was meeting Hamas.

British FM and court Jew Miliband announced his government’s review of all licenses for military exports to Israel following the anti-terrorist operation in Gaza.

British military exports to Israel are minuscule, so the move is merely symbolic.

The Scottish Trades Union Congress ordered its member organizations to boycott Israel and divest from it.

The STUC has no problem dealing with the Palestinians who launched 8,000 rockets at Sderot civilians, among other targets.

The British government has removed Israeli tourist ads from their subways. The contentious map pictured the Golan Heights inside Israel. The Syrian Embassy considered that offensive; starting three wars with Israel is apparently not so offensive.

When the Brits were less liberal, they used to proudly call their state, The Empire on which the sun never sets, including India and America in its boundaries.

A bit earlier, the Spaniards applied the same phrase to their vast empire. Now of course, a Spanish judge prosecutes IDF’s top brass for bombing a terrorist’s home in Gaza.

John Bercow, a former Jew, fought bravely for the right of homosexuals to adopt children and is keenly interested in democracy and genocide abroad.

Bercow has been implicated in tax fraud over real estate sales.

As usual, court Jews are the species most dangerous to Israel.

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