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National Union of Journalists decided to boycott Israeli goods. It is unknown whether Israeli news will be boycotted, as well.

Foreign journalists shy Gaza, produce fewer anti-Israeli reports. Britain’s journalists’ union recently decided to boycott Israel.

The pro-independence Scottish National Party wins the largest number of seats in Scotland’s parliament. Globalization, brotherhood of nations, and peace prove illusory time and again; national identity matters.

while avoiding civilian casualties among Palestinian Arabs. That’s a novel political approach for Britain which never stopped at enemy’s civilian casualties, including instigating the Arabs to Hebron and Jerusalem massacres.

British architects condemned the role of Israeli architects in Israeli oppression of Palestinians. It is unclear how exactly do Israeli architects oppress the Hamas constituency. The move follows the earlier boycott of Israel by British journalists and other professional groups.

British colleges and universities will boycott Israeli academics. Israeli students are forced out of the British educational institutions by popular hostility.
Britain’s largest trade union UNISON will join the boycott.
Britain has only instituted similar measures against breakaway Rhodesia and partially – against South Africa in its last days.

London police discovered a car bomb, made of propane gas tank and nails. Early discovery spared local restaurant-goers a stomach pain.

David Miliband will hold the office in Gordon Brown’s cabinet. Miliband, as other “court Jews,” will strive to prove the British his impartiality despite being Jewish. Miliband criticized Israel during the Second Lebanon War.
Another British Jew, a High Commissioner of the Mandate Palestine Herbert Samuel, appointed Amin Husseini a mufti of Jerusalem which paved the way to Jewish pogroms several years later.

British PM Brown equivocally apologized before Putin for British request of extraditing the murderers of Russian dissident Litvinov, poisoned by KGB/FSB in Britain. Brown reiterated British commitment for perfect relations with KGB-run Russia and explained, “when a murder is committed on British soil, action has to be taken.”

British University and College Union rejected academic boycott of Israel as technically illegal without doubting its moral premises.

Dichter is so tough with Arabs and conservative Jews, but he canceled a trip to the UK out of the fear of being arrested on Israeli war crimes charges. Europeans are, of course, an example of wartime morality.

Mohammed is the second most popular name for newborns in England, closely trailing the most popular name Jack.

The country of rampaging freedom of speech informed Moshe Feiglin of Likud that from now on he is barred from entering Britain. The letter cites a number of Feiglin’s articles “which might provoke intra-group violence in Britain.” The ban, likely arranged by Feiglin’s nemesis Netanyahu, puts Feiglin in the league of Rabbi Meir Kahane who was also barred from Britain and Canada.
Britain has no problem with jihadist propaganda by its may Islamic newspapers and websites.

The British Advertising Standards Authority pushed Israeli Ministry of Tourism to remove pictures of Qumran from its ads as misleading, because the Brits don’t recognize Qumran as part of Israel.
Qumran is place where the largest-ever cache of Hebrew scrolls had been found.

for their role in Iraq and Palestine. The later is not true: there is no Hezbollah in the West Bank and Gaza. If anything, it is stronger in Israel proper where loyal Israeli Arabs created a Hezbollah-affiliated Galilee Freedom Battalion.
It took Britain almost three decades to impose a partial ban on one of the world’s most notorious terrorist organizations.
The ban doesn’t include Hezbollah’s political activities.

IDF incidentally killed a pro-Palestinian correspondent in Gaza during a routine anti-terrorist operations. Miller’s relatives sue Israeli government in Tel Aviv, say the agreement is reached for a $4 million payoff.
Israeli government refuses to declare a de jure war on Gaza, and therefore is liable for civilian casualties there.

Gordon Brown calls on Jews to share their capital city with Palestinian thugs, and suggests further isolation of Iran as an alternative to attacking the nuclear mullahs.
Brown’s speech is a logical continuation of British policy. The UK stole 3/4 of land earmarked for the Jewish state by the Mandate. After forming Jordan on Jewish land, Britain voted against forming Israel in 1947.

Britain’s Foreign Minister of Jewish origin, one Miliband, lashed against a minor Jewish village planned in the Jordan Valley (“the West Bank”) claiming it as an obstacle for Middle East peace.
And why weren’t there peace in 1967 before Israel took control of Judea and Samaria?
Yitzhak Rabin was murdered days after he proclaimed publicly that Israel’s border lies in the Jordan Valley “in the broadest sense of that term”.

British regulatory agency fined BBC $800,000 for running “live” TV contests where the winners were pre-approved. An honest news service, huh.

after a complain about Yesha Council members attending a British ambassador’s party. Britain, a colonial monarchy, has a problem with Jewish colonization of Judea.

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