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British colleges and universities will boycott Israeli academics. Israeli students are forced out of the British educational institutions by popular hostility.
Britain’s largest trade union UNISON will join the boycott.
Britain has only instituted similar measures against breakaway Rhodesia and partially – against South Africa in its last days.

European Union’s president Hans-Gert Pottering promised Israel support in case of Iranian threat. The EU did nothing when Iran promised recently to wipe Israel off the map. EU doesn’t approve of military action against Iranian nuclear facilities. Iran doesn’t threaten EU. If Iran nukes Israel, true, the European Parliament will honor the Jews with a minute of silence.
Pottering also supports a Palestinian state and “land for peace” deal. Arafat refused such deal, and Germany had never practiced that approach, but fought incessantly for Alsace-Lorraine. The EU president Pottinger condemned Israel for the terrible conditions in the Palestinian territories.

EU Parliament’s Socialist faction which holds 30% of the seats tabled a draft that calls to reestablishing European connections with Hamas and releasing all aid to the Hamas government.
Regardless of the boycott of Hamas, European states channeled close to a billion dollars to Palestinians, nominally through Fatah accounts. The aid given to Fatah reaches Hamas constituency and workers. Most of the European aid to Palestine is unaccounted for.

London police discovered a car bomb, made of propane gas tank and nails. Early discovery spared local restaurant-goers a stomach pain.

David Miliband will hold the office in Gordon Brown’s cabinet. Miliband, as other “court Jews,” will strive to prove the British his impartiality despite being Jewish. Miliband criticized Israel during the Second Lebanon War.
Another British Jew, a High Commissioner of the Mandate Palestine Herbert Samuel, appointed Amin Husseini a mufti of Jerusalem which paved the way to Jewish pogroms several years later.

British PM Brown equivocally apologized before Putin for British request of extraditing the murderers of Russian dissident Litvinov, poisoned by KGB/FSB in Britain. Brown reiterated British commitment for perfect relations with KGB-run Russia and explained, “when a murder is committed on British soil, action has to be taken.”

Pope Benedict XVI, a former member of Nazi Hitler Jugend, decried all wars as “useless slaughter.” American and Israeli Independence wars, at least, make sense, and Israeli is very much better off after the 1967 war.

A while after the Pope’s comments linking Islam to violence led the peaceful Muslims worldwide to riot, the Pope’s secretary warns against Islamization of Europe on the background of prevailing political correctness.
Muslims constitute 3% in Sweden and 7% in the Netherlands, but their concentration in cities makes the ratio much worse.

Norway abandoned diplomatic contacts with Hamas but will maintain contact on the envoy level – the same thing for practical purposes.

EU’a Javier Solana will meet with Olmert, Abbas to make sure Olmert’s government is ready to sell Jerusalem to Palestinians.
It is not clear what the EU has to do with the Middle East.

Austrians enthusiastically exterminated their Jews. Lacking the German superficial sense of guilt, Austria maintains vehemently anti-Israeli position and opposes attacks on Iranian nuclear facilities.
Austrian Chancellor met Olmert to strengthen mutual ties with the scum who offered Palestinians Jerusalem.

Norway’s Embassy in Israel urged Norwegian government to condemn Israel’ torturing terrorists prisoners. Unfortunately, Israel treats Palestinian terrorists relatively decently, but the police routinely beat conservative activists, including pregnant women and minors.

After French foreign minister announced that sanctions against Iran don’t work and France must prepare for war with Iran over its nuclear program, now France pushes for more of worthless sanctions against Iran.

A Polish college run by notoriously anti-Semitic priest Rydzyk censured even by Vatican received E15 million European grant.

British University and College Union rejected academic boycott of Israel as technically illegal without doubting its moral premises.

in abandoning Jerusalem to the Arab enemy. And Olmert is better be creative, since rational arguments in favor of dividing the Jewish capital with Fatah thugs are none. Sarkozy could better have lectured Olmert on Europe’s policies with its colonial enemies, such as slaughtering millions in Algeria and Indochina.

Dichter is so tough with Arabs and conservative Jews, but he canceled a trip to the UK out of the fear of being arrested on Israeli war crimes charges. Europeans are, of course, an example of wartime morality.

German FM announced his country won’t help Arabs develop peaceful nukes.

Mohammed is the second most popular name for newborns in England, closely trailing the most popular name Jack.

Russia opened previously secret documents relating the capture and subsequent disposition of Hitler’s body. According to the documents, Russians found the body three meters from Hitler bunker. There are several oddities. Two days before, Russians found Himmler’s body at the same place, but subsequent searches failed to produce Hitler’s body. Hitler’s body was found in bomb crater – an unlikely place of burial for the beloved leader. Hitler’s body was thinly covered by earth – a suspicious disrespect. Hitler’s body was burned beyond identification, but miraculously identified by Russian medics in the army’s intelligence unit.

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