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National Union of Journalists decided to boycott Israeli goods. It is unknown whether Israeli news will be boycotted, as well.

Le Pen questioned the importance of Nazi death camps and rejected France’s role in deporting its Jews. His support comes from ethnic French rather than Judophobic Muslim immigrants.

Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania, whose populations actively collaborated with Nazis to annihilate local Jewry, demanded that EU defines Russian atrocities against them as Holocaust. Soviet Union prosecuted political opponents and arbitrarily defined “enemies of the state” but never conducted genocide in the Baltic states.

Foreign journalists shy Gaza, produce fewer anti-Israeli reports. Britain’s journalists’ union recently decided to boycott Israel.

defined as “public incitement to violence and hatred directed against people defined by . . . national or ethnic origin.” If implemented, the law should end all wars since they critically depend on propaganda. (Framework Agreement by Justice and Home Affairs Council)

agrees to freeze the Iranian accounts long emptied of funds.

DuMont announces his goal of acquainting Israel with “better, pre-Nazi Germany.” Every pre-Nazi German government except the Weimar republic severely restricted civil rights of the Jews.

All presidential candidates address the problem.

to show respect for the democratic choice of Palestinians. EU nominally considers Hamas a terrorist organization.

Though the payments will bypass Hamas, Palestinians will see the situation normalized despite Hamas staying in power.

The pro-independence Scottish National Party wins the largest number of seats in Scotland’s parliament. Globalization, brotherhood of nations, and peace prove illusory time and again; national identity matters.

Although finishing second, Royal received almost half the French votes. Sarkozy’s grandfather was a converted Jew.

expressing disloyalty to Israel. Lebanese French have also voted for Sarkozy. France’s attitude to Israel’s next war with Hezbollah remains ambiguous.

Socialist Party’s Hubert Vedrine has a history of vehemently opposing Israel in favor of the Palestinians and Arabs in generally.
French citizens in Lebanon overwhelmingly voted for Sarkozy, expected him to be pro-Arab.

Arab states paid the Hamas-run Palestine $900 mil in 2006, more than offsetting Palestinian losses from the EU embargo, which is a weasel name for suspended aid.
Peretz threatened Solana to consider ground operation in Gaza. As if Solana cares.

while avoiding civilian casualties among Palestinian Arabs. That’s a novel political approach for Britain which never stopped at enemy’s civilian casualties, including instigating the Arabs to Hebron and Jerusalem massacres.

The do-nothing talk-a-lot friend of Israel and incidentally of Lebanon, Sarkozy joined the American push for more sanctions. Iran defied all the earlier sanctions and continues its nuclear program. Even the pro-Muslim el Baradei, the head of IAEA, says Iran’s nuclear enrichment is unstoppable – that is, by diplomatic efforts.
The US again tries to bully Iran with parading two aircraft carriers near Iranian coast. That didn’t work two months ago.

After France under Sarkozy called for tougher sanctions on nuclear Iran, Iran’s nuclear negotiator Larijani offered France to mediate talks over Iranian nuclear program. The talks are meaningless, since Iran insists on continuing its nuclear program.

British architects condemned the role of Israeli architects in Israeli oppression of Palestinians. It is unclear how exactly do Israeli architects oppress the Hamas constituency. The move follows the earlier boycott of Israel by British journalists and other professional groups.

Germany blasted Iran for human rights abuses seen in the imposition of dress code on women. Iranian nuclear program didn’t merit a condemnation.

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