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Eastern Europe

The world powers rule out military option, threaten Iran with still more sanctions after the previous sanctions didn’t work. G-8 or the UN won’t halt Iranian oil exports, and other sanctions are worthless. Iran currently enriches weapons-grade uranium on 3,000+ centrifuges.
Meanwhile, at the G-8 summit, Putin made clear that Russian opposition to the US missile defense has to do with Russian imperial ambitions rather than military considerations. Russia won’t oppose missile defense system in Turkey. Both America and Russia consider locating missile defense systems in Eastern Europe as important for challenging American dominance.

Belarus actively supports Iranís nuclear program and recently hosted Ahmadinejad.

The Knesset delegation discussed strengthening Israel-Belarusí ties. Weeks ago, Iran and Belarus reached similar understanding during Ahmadinejadís visit.

The grant of E15 million is requested for Catholic Radio Maryja. Secular EU has no problem funding religious radio.

The boss of Ukrainian anti-Semites (president) Yuschenko visited Israel for a private occasion and met with Shimon Peres. Yuschenko, whose close circle of friends is Who is Who of Ukrainian anti-Semitic figures, offered to mediate between Israel and Palestinian Arabs. Peres ironically suggested that Yuschenko helps by sending money.
Ukraine expropriated the assets of 1.4 million of the Ukrainian Jews whom Germans and Ukrainians murdered in WWII. Two of the Ukrainian national heroes perpetrated the largest-ever massacres of Jews, in the 18th and early 20th century.

Oh yeah… How about the 1941 Babij Yar massacre where the Ukrainian guerrilla forces shot the Jews at German’s bidding? Or “Aktion Petlyura” in Lvov, 1941?
The boss of Ukrainian anti-Semites also rejects that his government conducts anti-Semitic policies. One wonders, how come the state honors to the history’s worst murderers of Jews, such as Khmelnitsky and Petlyura, are anything but anti-Semitic?
Shamefully, the Knesset admitted the Ukrainian president for a speech. Go criticize Columbia University for welcoming Ahmadinejad.

Lithuania is a pathetic country which calls itself a state. American heavily supports Lithuania against Russia. In the Holocaust, Lithuanians exterminated 98% of their 220,000-strong Jewish community, the largest percentage of all countries. Lithuanians rather than Nazis carried out hunts and shootings of Jews.
Dr. Arad, a former Soviet guerrilla in Lithuania and a director of Yad Vashem, published memoirs detailing him killing Lithuanians during the WWII. Based on his memoirs, Lithuania filed criminal charges against 81-year-old Arad and sought him in Israel.
Shimon Peres conducted a friendly meeting with Lithuanian foreign minister.

The Ukrainian Union of Israel joins the commemoration of the famine which Ukrainians blame on the policies of Jewish communists. It remains unclear why should any Jew be concerned with deaths of Ukrainian anti-Semites from whatever cause. Just 14 years before the famine, the Ukrainians massacred the largest-ever number of Jews, eclipsed only in the Holocaust.

Ukraine’s State Security Service (SBU, former KGB) published a list of culprits allegedly responsible for the 1932-33 famine which took anywhere from two to twenty million lives. The US-propped ultra-nationalist government of Ukraine made the famine into a genocide and uses it to stir hatred to Jews and Russians. Ukrainians claim the bad harvest was somehow a Russian-Jewish conspiracy. The EU recently recognized the Ukrainian famine a genocide even though it equally affected all ethnic groups in the starving area.
The SBU/ KGB’s list features mainly Jewish names. Where the Jews have changed their names to Russian-sounding, the list gives original Jewish names. Many Jews on the list could not possibly have to do anything with the famine as they were employed in other regions and in irrelevant offices, down to the Soviet Statistics Section.
The list of culprits avoids Russian and Ukrainian names of the top Ukrainian government officials of the time who couldn’t but share responsibility for the famine.
Accusations against Jews for the famine are long a part of the Ukrainian anti-Semitic folklore, but it is the first time the security agency sanctions the blood libel.

After the British-Jewish foreign minister decided to visit Ukraine in his efforts to build anti-Russian coalition, a major Ukrainian ammunition warehouse on the border with Russia was set on fire. 200 million pounds of explosives near Kharkov will continue detonating into September.

Following a Russian-Ukrainian brawl over gas supplies, which left eighteen European countries without gas, the affected nations considered alternative energy sources.

Slovakia and Bulgaria are working to restart their old, outdated, and dangerous nuclear power plants.

Authorities in Romania cracked down on the Sabus hospital in Bucharest, where Israeli mothers received egg implants from Gypsies and other Romanians. Their children were counted as Jews.

The crackdown has more to do with Romanian anti-Semitism than legal issues. Recently, the mayor of Constanza paraded in a Nazi uniform.

Jews in UkraineThe Israeli Foreign Ministry will send humanitarian aid to Ukraine, which is suffering a swine flu pandemic. Israel is experiencing a severe shortage of swine flu vaccine, but will nevertheless forward a significant amount of its supply to Ukraine.

It takes Jewish masochism to help a nation which has slaughtered Jews almost to extinction three times in modern history: under Khmelnitsky, under Petlyura, and as Nazi collaborators. To this day, wildly anti-Semitic political parties are legal in Ukraine, and anti-Semitic literature is sold on every corner.

Jews in the Eastern European country of Moldova erected a menorah at the capital’s main square. Local Christian vigilantes quickly tore it down, at which point the Jews started protesting and a local Judenrat leader even asked the church to condemn the vandals.

Now, the Moldovans are right. They are a Christian country, they dislike Jews, and they do not want to see a Jewish ritual candelabra in their main square. Just as we want to remove Al Aqsa, they are justified in removing a menorah.

Assimilated Jews want to become a part of Christian society and sport menorahs in public, which they have no right to do. A menorah in the Diaspora is an absurdity: it signifies the triumph of ultra-Orthodox Judaism, and has no place in a Christian country with only 20,000 Jews.

But if Moldovan Jews want a public menorah, they must be prepared to defend it like the Maccabees did, rather than appealing to the church.

Victor Yuschenko honors NazisThe Ukrainian president, who was pompously installed in the US-sponsored “Orange revolution,” bestowed the highest state honors on Stephen Bandera, a notorious war criminal who led a Ukrainian battalion of SS troops.

The Ukrainian president was warmly welcomed in Israel not long ago, and Israel is currently finalizing a visa-free travel arrangement which would bring here hordes of Jew-haters from Ukraine.

More policemen than Jews attended the Holocaust Remembrance demonstration in Budapestónot an excessive precaution in a country which has just voted the openly anti-Semitic Jobbik party into the parliament.

Jobbik complains, not without merit, about Jewish moguls jeopardizing the Hungarian economy. Hungary has long became a playground for Jewish criminals and oligarchs from Russia, Ukraine, and Israel.

It takes a special Jewish masochism to live in a country which clearly indicated its attitude toward us 66 years ago.

Iran has reportedly procured four missiles for its S-300 battery. Not a big deal, but two of those missiles came from Belarus, a communist-era remnant of the USSR. Rumors have it that Belarus tried to ship two early-version S-300 batteries to Iran.

Nothing happens in Belarus without its ruler’s approval. If he agreed to a major diplomatic confrontation with the West over the sale of missiles, he would have no problem selling Iran S-300 batteries, as well. There seems to be little reason for him to provoke an international scandal for the very little money he would make from selling just two missiles.

So we may expect more revelations.

Reacting to the news of missile sales to Iran, the Belorussian government responded that it had not even received a request for S-300 from Iran, and that the story is fabricated.

It is certain, however, that there were numerous such requests from Iran.

The Lithuanian parliament has tabled a bill which would pay $52 million in restitution for the property of Jewish Holocaust victims.

We can understand why Israel accepted property compensation from Germany: although a minuscule part of the actually confiscated property, the amount was important for Israel’s survival in her early years. But why take such a minuscule amount from one of the most anti-Semitic nations on earth, and allow the Lithuanians to close that chapter in their history?

On other hand, the governments of Ukraine, Belarus, Poland, Hungary, and Romania, which profited vastly from the annihilation of Jews, refuse to offer any compensation.

Media made some fuss over the change in Polish law under which Jewish property confiscated during the Holocaust would now be returned only through court proceedings, rather than via the simple administrative procedure which was in place before. Certainly, that introduces some hurdles for potential heirs, but they are not insurmountable.

Poland greatly profited from the Holocaust by confiscating the real estate property of its two-million-plus Jews, many of whom were affluent. And yet, Poland is perhaps the only ex-communist country that actively works to return that property to the heirs of its rightful owners.

Polish Jews being gathered by German police

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