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According to a survey by the Chronicle on Philanthropy, five of the six biggest charity donors in the United States are Jewish. But those donors give only a negligible part of their money to specifically Jewish causes.

As Rabbi Kahane remarked, “Worse than Jews for Jesus. Worse than Jews for Gurus. Worse than Jews for Marx. Jews for Nothing.”

The Israeli spy has invited leaders of major US Jewish organizations to visit him in his prison cell to discuss their meeting with Joe Biden, which touched on the subject of his release. Now they will have to take sides publicly and declare whether they stand with the White House or a Jewish spy.

After two decades, it may now be time for the Israeli government to tell us the truth about Pollard. The American obstinacy about his release makes no sense in light of known facts. Moreover, the Israeli government ought to explain why it wanted Pollard in jail. Recall that Israeli embassy gave him an Arab attorney who later represented the PLO in America, and that fellow deliberately missed the appeal deadline at a time when the higher court was very likely to overturn the outrageous sentence.

Jonathan Pollard

Obama’s election staff once again includes plenty of high-ranking Jews, including businessmen, senators, and a former chief of the Conference of Presidents of the Major Jewish Organizations.

Those people remain visibly undeterred by Obama’s role in removing our friends Mubarak and Qaddafi, and his tolerance of nuclear Iran.

Barack ObamaObama campaigners have compiled a list of 600 American rabbis who have expressed support for his reelection. The rabbis remained undeterred by Maimonides’s injunction against religious figures meddling in state affairs, or by sheer immorality of Jewish religious figures politicking in a secular country. Most importantly, Obama vehemently opposes real Jewish interests, such as bombing Iran.

The list includes some curious personalities, such as ‘rabbi’ Gottlieb from the Jewish Voice for Peace an outfit that calls for a boycott of Israel.

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