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amid charges of financial fraud in WJC and related organizations. Bronfman run WJC for decades as his private company. WJC peddles influence for its bosses, the self-appointed “Jewish leaders.” WJC conducts no activities that benefit common Jews.

Vyacheslav Kantor, one of the Putin’s court Jews, will likely be elected next week the chief of European Jewish Congress. EJC’s chief is elected by bureaucrats and mobsters of Jewish origin rather than by Jewish people. Kantor and Levi Livaev replaced Khodorkovsky as Russia’s official Jews.

Badri Patarkatsishvili, a Georgian version of Russia’s Boris Berezovsky, hides from justice in Israel after attempting a coup in Georgia. Badri is one of Putin’s “court Jews” such as Levi Livaev, and acted in Georgia on Putin’s behalf. Badri, as almost all Jewish tycoons and self-proclaimed Diaspora leaders, side with Israeli leftists and finance the peace process scam.

Delegation of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations visited Ramallah, met with Fatah bookkeeper (Palestinian non-state’s “prime minister”) Fayad who told them that “peace process” is not moving sufficiently fast. Their visit to Palestine – the place at war with Israel – is high treason. The Jewish quislings will continue pressing Israeli government for more concessions to Arab enemies.

Vice president of United Synagogues of Conservative Judaism, one “rabbi” Epstein slammed religious Jews of Or Yehuda who burned the propaganda literature distributed by missionary organization in Jewish religious neighborhood.
The liberal “rabbi” is unconcerned that the new testaments thus distributed call Jews by many vile names and accuse us of executing the Christian deity. More Jews were murdered by Bible-totting Christians than by Mein Kampf readers, also Christians.

Hitler’s infamous book was banned in Germany for six decades. Enough is enough, and good Germans demand access to their cultural heritage. German academics spearhead the struggle for publication. German Jewish leaders informally supported the publication (a freedom of speech, you know, we should not offend German sensitivities) and now the chief of Berlin Judenrat one Zuskind formally announced her support for the publication.

Yeshiva University’s director has been arrested by the FBI for $50 billion fraud. Bernard Madoff, director of Yeshiva University’s business school, defrauded institutional investors in a Ponzi scheme.

chief UK rabbi Tony BayfieldThe UK’s chief reform “rabbi,” the dean of a rabbinical college, and other prominent apostates published a letter in the Observer condemning the Israeli invasion of Gaza.

Gerald Kaufman Britain’s Jewish MP accused Israel of exploiting the Holocaust to murder innocent Palestinian civilians in Gaza. Gerald Kaufman compared IDF to you know who.

Saul Kassin, the spiritual leader of Syriac Jews in America, was released on bail following his arrest in the “five rabbis” scandal. When a drug gang is busted, no one speaks of “twenty blacks” arrested, but salivating over arrested rabbis is politically correct.

Rabbi Kassin took cash from shady sources and issued checks instead. He charged a small fee for his services, which went entirely toward charitable projects. Rabbi Kassin did not “launder” money, because that term applies only to the proceeds from the arms trade, drugs, and prostitution. The rabbi received cash from not-strictly-legal but still rather innocuous sources, such as knock-offs sales.

Scores of sleazy politicos descended on the Polish city of Lodz to mark the 65th anniversary of the annihilation of its Jewish ghetto. Rich, well-fed, and completely divorced from Jewishness, they could not make more of a contrast with the dead Jews of Lodz. Traitors like Peres, assimilators like the heads of the German Jewish communities, and Russian and Ukrainian Jewish officials with long criminal records came to partake of the martyrs’ glory.

The son of Libyan autocrat Mummar Qaddafi discussed the freeing of the Lockerbie bomber with British Jews Nathan Rothschild and Business Secretary Mandelson. The two allegedly lobbied the Scottish government for the release.

Donald Trump made his property in Bedford, NY available for Gaddafi’s tent. Gaddafi had previously decided against staying at his Libyan villa in the area amid the protests of town residents.

Trump’s daughter has recently converted to Judaism.

The European Jewish Congress, which is headed by ultra-corrupt Russian-Jewish oligarch Vyacheslav Kantor, has established a lobbying office in Brussels. Heralded as Europe’s AIPAC, it is nothing of the sort, but is rather Kantor’s private office to be used for bolstering his position in Europe.

Like many other Jewish oligarchs (notably Bronfmans), Kantor uses his Jewish office for personal gain. By heading the EJC he made inroads into the EU establishment.

Rabbi Kahane called them Jewish barons, for just like barons they are self-appointed and do not represent the Jewish masses.

David Martin AbrahamsDavid Martin Abrahams, a UK businessman whose political donations have created not a few scandals, met in Hebron with Dwaik, Hamas’ speaker in the Palestinian parliament.

Typically of peace mavens, Abrahams grew dissatisfied with Fatah over Arafat’s unwillingness to implement the Oslo Accords, but drew the wrong conclusions. Instead of pronouncing the peace process dead, he turned to Hamas for its implementation.

Sensitive to Western media, Dweik announced that Hamas is ready to recognize Israel and renounce the provisions in its charter calling for our extermination. As if the divinely sanctioned Jewish state needs recognition from terrorists. Dweik forgot to say that this recognition would only follow Israel’ abandonment of Jerusalem and acceptance of millions of Palestinian refugees.

Right-wing activist Ben Gvir was detained in Jerusalem when he shouted “Hater of Israel!” at Rahm Emanuel.

US Senators Wyden and Gray, among others, sent a letter to the Israeli Ambassador criticizing the proposed conversion bill. It is yet to be explained what atheist foreigners have to do with this essential religious process.

Faced with rampant assimilation, American Jewish barons found a solution in fake conversions—which with fake Reform ‘rabbis’ are as fast as declaring ‘Allah akbar!’

European Jewish organizations are up in arms over comments made by a board member of Germany’s Bundesbank, who said that Jews share a common gene.

What exactly is wrong with that? Numerous studies have found a common genetic lineage among Jews. Some of these ‘racist’ studies were financed by the Israeli government through local universities.

The truth is that the self-appointed leaders of the Jewish Diaspora strive to assimilate and become indistinguishable from their gentile friends. The remark on Jewish genetics is painful for them because it reminds them of their origin, and the impossibility of total assimilation.

Milton Balkany, an elderly rabbi from Brooklyn, was convicted of fraud and extortion. He tried to trick the Jewish owner of SAC Capital Advisors hedge fund into donating $4 million to two religious schools.

Instead of feeling compassion for the rabbi, who was forced by circumstances to resort to such drastic measures to save his yeshiva, the scoundrel hedge fund manager denounced him to the authorities.

Milton Balkany

Hundreds of American rabbis have signed a letter published in the Wall Street Journal. The letter demands the resignation of Fox News anchor Glenn Beck, who accused George Soros of collaborating with Nazis and using his money to promote a leftist agenda. Both charges are true.

Beck is a rare reporter in that he is critical of Muslims, and his rhetoric against Soros also serves Israeli interests well.

The rabbis should be ashamed to have spent some $120,000 of charity money for that ad. They accused Beck of exploiting Holocaust symbolism in his charges against Soros, but acted similarly by publishing their letter on Holocaust Memorial Day.

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