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Jewish Congress of Germany (oxymoron) followed French and other congresses which threaten to leave European Jewish Congress after the takeover by Russian nuovo riche Kantor. One of those Jews who suddenly became rich and Jewish, Kantor supports various anti-Semitic activities, including the notorious Holocaust Memorial Festival used to whitewash the Nazi collaborator countries of Ukraine, Poland, and Latvia.
After being elected EJC president, Kantor arranged an executive body’s decision extending his term from 2 to 4 years. That type of behavior is typical of Russian oligarchs taking over companies and organizations, but somewhat shocked the European Jews.

and denounced the primitive Fitna movie which connects Islam with terrorism.

which urges Jews to convert. The issues emerge:
- Why Jews had any relations with Vatican in the first place?
- What Jews have to do with a [moderated version of] Christian prayer, especially that Jewish prayers are pretty intolerant?
- What are Jews doing in post-Nazi Germany?

The Chief Atheist of the Union for Reform Judaism, an individual named Yoffie, lambasted the Christians United for Israel (CUFI) movement at the Conference of American Rabbis.
CUFI does a tremendous job for Israel, running public campaigns, lobbying, sending donations to Israel – without significant proselytizing activities. CUFI is arguably Israel’s best Christian friend.
The Yoffie “rabbi” objects to CUFI stance on homosexuality and other perversions, such as the peace process. Fully conforming to the Torah, CUFI categorically rejects homosexuality; the Reform movement ordains gay and lesbian “rabbis” and conducts hupa marriage ceremony for homosexuals.
CUFI rejects giving the Holy Land to Islamic enemies, and lobbies against the American “peace process” pressure on Israel. The Reform movement, on the contrary, wholeheartedly supports Israeli defeat.

For years, Jews around the world rebuffed claims by anti-Semites of the immense corruption in the Claims Conference, a Jewish organization that extracts from Germany a tiny part of the property confiscated from the massacred Jews.
The Claims Conference is now under parallel investigations in Israel and Germany for mammoth misappropriations and failure to pay the survivors.

for attempts at converting Jews. The real squabble between the Jewish establishment and Evangelicals is about the latter strongly pro-Israel policies such as the opposition to the peace process.
ADL would be hard pressed to find a single practical difference between the Reform Judaism and Evangelical Christianity.

A pro-Obama Jewish Council for Education and Research website urges Jewish children to fly to Florida on the Columbus Day and blackmail their grandparents into voting for Obama with the threats of not visiting them again if they don’t comply.
Though technically a joke by Sarah Silverman, the campaign is fully operational.

The General Assembly of United Jewish Communities of the United States is a much-touted but essentially routine bureaucratic photo-op with no substance whatsoever.

Jewish community centers in America collect annually a whopping $2.5 billion in donations—and squander it. The donations pay for various irrelevant projects and for the sky-high salaries of UJC-JCC chiefs. UJC organizations give money to every liberal cause, including aid to American Blacks and foreign Muslims, but not to Orthodox religious schools and synagogues.
The money rarely goes to secular Jewish day schools, either—and Jewish parents, unable to pay the high tuition of Jewish schools, send their children to public ones. The teaching quality of Jewish schools is often substandard compared to other private schools.
UJC promulgates leftist policies, including Israeli withdrawal from “occupied” territories.
UJC runs a massive “interfaith dialogue,” which promotes assimilation.

The economic crisis is severely affecting UJC, which isn’t bad. That sham of a Jewish organization would better go down.

Bernard Madoff’s $50-billion investment fraud wiped billions of dollars from Jewish charities. Madoff the swindler is a close friend of the Diaspora bosses and managed their organizations’ money. The fraternal, completely unsupervised atmosphere allowed Madoff access to Jewish communal coffers. Regrettably, the self-appointed Jewish leaders—who failed to exercise due diligence over the money donated to them by millions of working Jews—won’t be jailed alongside Madoff.

The question arises: why do the charities keep huge amounts of cash when Jewish day schools and similar worthy projects close due to the lack of funding? The immediate answer is that the likes of Madoff benefit from the invested fund, and the “leaders” receive serious kickbacks. Another reason is a popular tax loophole called “planned giving,” when the property, usually inheritance, is transferred to a charity, which then repays its value over the years, allowing the “donor” to switch to a lower tax bracket and avoid capital gains tax.

Against the background of the financial crisis, Sohnut (Jewish Agency) drastically cut back on its activities. In particular, Sohnut closed Israel’s oldest ulpan (Hebrew school for new immigrants). Downsizing Sohnut is not a bad thing because the agency has long outlived its usefulness: in the absence of aliyah, it thought up various harmful projects, including procurement of fake Jews from Ethiopia.

But it is only for Jews that Sohnut lacks money. After a bus with Russian tourists overturned near Eilat, Sohnut rushed to offer compensation to families of the victims.
In Egypt, tourist buses overturn almost weekly with significant casualties, but somehow the reasonable Arab government doesn’t see it as its business to compensate the victims. The tour was private, the bus was private, the tourists were private citizens—so why should Sohnut spend public money on them?

The Evangelical-funded International Fellowship of Christians and Jews paid $11 million to finance Jewish education in the Former Soviet Union.

The situation is beyond absurd. The FSU “Jewish” programs are bloated and irrelevant and must be largely abandoned. A typical class involves a couple of assimilated Jews along with a dozen cross-wearing students whose grandmothers were Jewish—or so her faked birth certificate says. Several programs pay the students significant stipends, which is their only reason for attendance. The education level both in generic and Jewish education hit bottom while bureaucratic expenses went through the roof.

It comes down to how spend the limited funds best. Wasting tens of thousands dollars per FSU student—who is 90 percent likely to assimilate, even if he’s Jewish in the first place—is unreasonable.

If the government believes that FSU education is needed, then $11 million doesn’t seem like a huge amount for the State of Israel. The Jewish Agency cut the equivalent financing after its budget was reduced by 10 percent. With no aliyah in sight, the JA wastes $400 million annually. Not only is this senseless, its expenses are counterproductive: in order to justify its moribund existence, the Sohnut invents Jews from Russian Jews-by-grandfather-to-Ethiopian Christians-turned-Jews-to-Indians.

Th Evangelicals are good people and genuine supporters of Israel, but we can educate Jews on our own.

Jewish nursing homes and federations (“social service agencies”) will receive $1.3 billion out of the $87 billion earmarked for Medicaid. Don’t ask me what Medicaid has to do with economic stimulus.

In return, the American Jewish organization lobbied vigorously for the $787 billion plan.

A few days after a conference of European rabbis discussed assimilation, Paris again hosted a significant Jewish event: Hadassah sought donations for its charitable activities. The high-profile gala party and auction delivered significant contributions despite the economic crisis.

The charity, though, is not intended for Jews. Hadassah will use it to provide ultra-expensive HIV treatment in Ethiopia.

When scarce Jewish charity funds go to Africans, what indeed is the reason for Jews to separate themselves and refuse assimilation?

The infamous J Street outfit launched a campaign for its loyalists to call the US Senate members and staff to voice opposition against the sanctions on Iran.

J Street supports Obama’s approach—negotiating with the mullahs long enough to let them build a nuclear bomb in the meantime.

AIPAC also supports the negotiations rather than a strike on Iran, but at least pushes for new sanctions. All sanctions against Iran are worthless because its main trading partners, China and Turkey, won’t implement them. Europe too, cannot refuse Iranian gas, which refusal would make the EU fully dependent on Russia.

The current annual AIPAC conference ends up as a mass lobbying effort. The Jewish lobbyists par excellence streamed onto Capitol Hill urging the politicians to immediately spring into the action.

Here is the action they want: push Obama to push Israel to immediately create a viable Palestinian state.

In diplomatic parlance, viable means that Gaza and the West Bank are connected by a Palestinian-owned land patch which cuts Israel in half. Also, this viability would require the destruction of Jewish villages and the eviction of their Jewish inhabitants.

AIPAC did not consider Iran, Hamas, Hezbollah, Syria, and Russia to be worth its landmark post-conference lobbying effort.

The AIPAC debacle clarifies why Peres, rather than Netanyahu, spoke to the conference. Aware that the leftists have staged a putsch in America’s premier lobby, Netanyahu decided to pass on the embarrassing event.

“Rabbi” Denise Eger, a lesbian crusader for homosexual rights, will lead the blind flock.

The Central Conference of American Rabbis supported Obama’s anti-Semitic demand for settlement freeze.

Malcolm Hoenlein, a leader of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, said about Obama that “Jewish leaders are deeply troubled by his recent Middle East initiatives.” This is an incredibly strong statement from the most influential Jewish umbrella organization.

On Monday the Hussein will gather the leaders of major Jewish American organizations and communities to sell them his “peace” scheme. Obama expects those self-hating Jews to push Netanyahu toward capitulation to the Palestinians.

After Obama invited fringe leftists as Jewish representatives to a meeting, AIPAC reasserted itself by single-handedly defeating those groups on Capitol Hill.

Despite their vehement opposition, AIPAC mustered seventy-one senators’ signatures on a letter to Obama urging him to press the Arabs. Seven out of thirteen Jewish senators refused to sign the letter.

The Senate has very little influence on foreign policy, and presidents routinely ignore such letters. Senators sign them eagerly: it costs them nothing, and sometimes brings Jewish donations. But most importantly, it shields them from Jewish’ accusations in cases where they—the senators—take pro-Arab actions. It is a sort of indulgence.

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