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MK Hermesh urges Matthew, a son of the World Jewish Congress president Edgar Bronfman, to leave WJC over financial scams he ran in Israeli Discount Bank. Bronfman economic empire started with bootlegging.
WJC in turn reports corruption in WJC’s Israel branch, headed by Shai Hermesh (Kadima).

Shortly after Bronfman junior (World Jewish Congress) was urged to step down amid charges of financial fraud, discreditable information on Israel Singer’s (former WJC boss) associate Hoxter has been publicized. Curtis Hoxter received $709,000 from the March of the Living for nothing. Israeli Finance Minister Hirchson received bribes from the same organization, funded by the Claims Conference which pockets the money received from Swiss banks for the Jews who perished in Holocaust. The Claims Conference distributes minor amounts to Holocaust Survivors while spending the most for salaries, benefits, bribes, and irrelevant programs.

urges the Pope to suspend sanctification of the Pope Pius XII amid his role in the Holocaust. A strong position against Judaism is an advantage for Catholic saint.

American Jewish Congress voices opposition against the World Medical Association boycott of Israeli doctors. WMA called for boycott because Israel searches ambulances that cross from Palestine into Israel. No ambulances are straightforwardly allowed from Mexico into the United States, and it isn’t clear why should Israel care of the Hamas’ voters.

Ronald Lauder, who handled the readjustment of Jewish National Fund with considerably success, wants to lead World Jewish Congress, made by Bronfmans their private charity. Bronfmans actually donated only about a million dollars annually to the WJC. European Jewish Congress and Kadima support Kaplan, a board chief directly responsible for WJC financial fraud.

American Jewish World Service, United Jewish Appeal, and other Jewish Diaspora organization held a fund-raiser in London to rally Jewish help for Darfur. Sderot was not discussed.

Israeli Gay and Lesbian Center revealed it receives funding from Jewish Federations of America and Jerusalem Municipality.
Desecration of Jerusalem by homosexuals is to take place today, short of the High Court’s order to ban the parade due to the strike of firefighters who must be present at the scene.

Jewish Agency’s boss Zeev Bielsky demanded that Israel recognizes Reform and Conservative Judaism. Reform Judaism has no obligatory laws whatsoever; its follower can reject every commandment and still be considered a Jew or even a convert to Judaism. Conservative Judaism has no centralized tenets: every half-educated Conservative rabbi can make his own rules that suit the congregation that hired him. Both Reform and Conservative movements ordain gays and lesbians as rabbis.

Aliyah figure is the highest since 1983. The immigrants are mostly young. Though the Jewish Agency boasts of the figure, the aliyah is almost entirely a success of Nefesh B’Nefesh religious NGO.

The infamous Anti-Defamation League and American Jewish Committee, who claim to represent American Jews, decry the Supreme Court’s ruling that allows the US government to fund faith-based programs. The Jewish organizations never argued against Jewish tax money used to fund Christian programs, but rather oppose the government’s minuscule financing of Jewish religious education.
The Diaspora organizations seek to secularize and assimilate Jewish community, and religious education is the worst enemy of the Jewish political barons.

German Jewish organizations protest Jewish Agency and Nativ’s efforts at encouraging aliyah from Germany. German Jewish bosses fear the calls for aliyah will cause division among German Jewry. Zionist propagandists encountered similar problem in Germany in 1930s.

The Reform Movement, WZO-Ameinu, other politically correct self-hating Jews lambasted the Knesset’s effort at blocking the Supreme Court’s ruling that commanded the Jewish National Fund to lease Arabs the land developed with Jewish donors’ money.

In the phony outrage over the pope’s meeting with one of anti-Semitic Polish priests, Anti-Defamation League sent the pope a letter praising his “priceless credibility and integrity.”

Children attending the Reform Sunday schools are 9% more likely to intermarry than other Jews (study by Hebrew Union College).

Israeli government’s move runs against the vested interests of squandering Jewish efforts and money over Darfur issue. Israel deporting the illegal Black migrants doesn’t look good with US media. Reformist leaders present Jews as suffering, nice, and tolerant rather than sensible. Egypt, for its part, decidedly shows cruelty to the Blacks to press Israel into accepting the infiltrators.

Anti-Defamation League, the leading Jewish Diaspora organization for blackmail and extortion, accused the Russian government of acting “slowly” on anti-Semitism. The ADL doesn’t realize how endemic is anti-Semitism to Russia, and that no government would desire or care to counter the national sentiment. Putin, as any KGB official, repeatedly resorted to anti-Semitism in personal addresses.

World Jewish Congress fished out a few American rabbis to participate in the common-ground conference with Muslim imams. The participating Muslims are known for violently anti-Israeli and anti-Semitic positions.

As the group of Jewish Diaspora agencies‘ roams Israel to find new venues to help Arabs, some honest Arabs refused that aid as politically motivated. Ittijah, an anti-Zionist Arab organization legal in Israel, denounced the efforts by Joint Distribution Committee, United Jewish Appeal, Anti-Defamation League and other Jewish anti-Semites to spend Jewish money on our Arab enemies.

Jewish organizations worldwide scream about the Catholic Good Friday prayer which somewhat chides Jews for not recognizing Christian values promptly.
Jews, of course, have no business about Christian prayers, and our own prayers are fairly critical of other peoples.
But Jewish leaders are offended that after all their efforts to sell the Jewish state and the nation, Christians still don’t treat them as equals.

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