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Anti-Defamation League, the leading Jewish Diaspora organization for blackmail and extortion, accused the Russian government of acting “slowly” on anti-Semitism. The ADL doesn’t realize how endemic is anti-Semitism to Russia, and that no government would desire or care to counter the national sentiment. Putin, as any KGB official, repeatedly resorted to anti-Semitism in personal addresses.

World Jewish Congress fished out a few American rabbis to participate in the common-ground conference with Muslim imams. The participating Muslims are known for violently anti-Israeli and anti-Semitic positions.

Badri Patarkatsishvili, a Georgian version of Russia’s Boris Berezovsky, hides from justice in Israel after attempting a coup in Georgia. Badri is one of Putin’s “court Jews” such as Levi Livaev, and acted in Georgia on Putin’s behalf. Badri, as almost all Jewish tycoons and self-proclaimed Diaspora leaders, side with Israeli leftists and finance the peace process scam.

The World Organization of Jews from Arab countries want their own settlement with Arabs. Sephardi Jews who were forced out of Muslim countries hold legal titles to real estate worth more than $300 billion in today’s prices, or more than 100,000 square kms of land. Israeli government ignores legal claims of Sephardi Jews, but also of the Jews who hold scores of decades-old titles to real estate in Hebron, expropriated by Arabs after massacring the Jews there.

In the annual Survey of American Jewish Opinion, a third of American Jews dissociated from Israel. By far, they are young Jews.

As the group of Jewish Diaspora agencies‘ roams Israel to find new venues to help Arabs, some honest Arabs refused that aid as politically motivated. Ittijah, an anti-Zionist Arab organization legal in Israel, denounced the efforts by Joint Distribution Committee, United Jewish Appeal, Anti-Defamation League and other Jewish anti-Semites to spend Jewish money on our Arab enemies.

Jewish organizations worldwide scream about the Catholic Good Friday prayer which somewhat chides Jews for not recognizing Christian values promptly.
Jews, of course, have no business about Christian prayers, and our own prayers are fairly critical of other peoples.
But Jewish leaders are offended that after all their efforts to sell the Jewish state and the nation, Christians still don’t treat them as equals.

Delegation of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations visited Ramallah, met with Fatah bookkeeper (Palestinian non-state’s “prime minister”) Fayad who told them that “peace process” is not moving sufficiently fast. Their visit to Palestine – the place at war with Israel – is high treason. The Jewish quislings will continue pressing Israeli government for more concessions to Arab enemies.

Jewish Congress of Germany (oxymoron) followed French and other congresses which threaten to leave European Jewish Congress after the takeover by Russian nuovo riche Kantor. One of those Jews who suddenly became rich and Jewish, Kantor supports various anti-Semitic activities, including the notorious Holocaust Memorial Festival used to whitewash the Nazi collaborator countries of Ukraine, Poland, and Latvia.
After being elected EJC president, Kantor arranged an executive body’s decision extending his term from 2 to 4 years. That type of behavior is typical of Russian oligarchs taking over companies and organizations, but somewhat shocked the European Jews.

A third of Americans think Jews are more loyal to Israel than to the US, according to JDL. If only that were true.

Olmert’s government creates a long-overdue high level commission to reach into the Jewish Diaspora by creating Israeli cultural centers abroad, subsidizing Jewish organizations, etc.
Sohnut example demonstrates that another assimilationist shop won’t solve the problem of dissolving Jewish identity. And the Jewish establishment, eager to associate with Gentiles, won’t introduce Jews to the real Judaism, which is the only way to perpetuate Jewish identity.

and denounced the primitive Fitna movie which connects Islam with terrorism.

which urges Jews to convert. The issues emerge:
- Why Jews had any relations with Vatican in the first place?
- What Jews have to do with a [moderated version of] Christian prayer, especially that Jewish prayers are pretty intolerant?
- What are Jews doing in post-Nazi Germany?

The Chief Atheist of the Union for Reform Judaism, an individual named Yoffie, lambasted the Christians United for Israel (CUFI) movement at the Conference of American Rabbis.
CUFI does a tremendous job for Israel, running public campaigns, lobbying, sending donations to Israel – without significant proselytizing activities. CUFI is arguably Israel’s best Christian friend.
The Yoffie “rabbi” objects to CUFI stance on homosexuality and other perversions, such as the peace process. Fully conforming to the Torah, CUFI categorically rejects homosexuality; the Reform movement ordains gay and lesbian “rabbis” and conducts hupa marriage ceremony for homosexuals.
CUFI rejects giving the Holy Land to Islamic enemies, and lobbies against the American “peace process” pressure on Israel. The Reform movement, on the contrary, wholeheartedly supports Israeli defeat.

with a new set of incentives designed to bring Israeli emigrants back. They are even offered zero tax on overseas income, a commonsense issue in many jurisdictions but a very unusual thing for Israel. The campaign is doomed because who would want to return to Israel to receive 2-5 times lower wage than in America and risk his children in the politically correct fights with Palestinian terrorists where the IDF refuses to use firepower?
Arabs are 34% among Israel’s young.

Vice president of United Synagogues of Conservative Judaism, one “rabbi” Epstein slammed religious Jews of Or Yehuda who burned the propaganda literature distributed by missionary organization in Jewish religious neighborhood.
The liberal “rabbi” is unconcerned that the new testaments thus distributed call Jews by many vile names and accuse us of executing the Christian deity. More Jews were murdered by Bible-totting Christians than by Mein Kampf readers, also Christians.

Hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers are walking today in the annual show of support for Israel. Almost 10% of Israeli citizens permanently live in New York.

Less than 4% of the expected million demonstrators went into the streets of New York and Washington.

Hitler’s infamous book was banned in Germany for six decades. Enough is enough, and good Germans demand access to their cultural heritage. German academics spearhead the struggle for publication. German Jewish leaders informally supported the publication (a freedom of speech, you know, we should not offend German sensitivities) and now the chief of Berlin Judenrat one Zuskind formally announced her support for the publication.

For years, Jews around the world rebuffed claims by anti-Semites of the immense corruption in the Claims Conference, a Jewish organization that extracts from Germany a tiny part of the property confiscated from the massacred Jews.
The Claims Conference is now under parallel investigations in Israel and Germany for mammoth misappropriations and failure to pay the survivors.

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