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Canada doesnít recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and bans Jews from entering Jerusalem, Israel as their birthplace in passports.

Jordaní princeling Abdullah and Canadian prime minister Harper declared at a joint conference that peace in the Middle East is possibly only by creating a Palestinian state. It remains unclear what the Palestinian state has to do with Iraqi civil war, Syrian claims to Lebanon, Iraqi claim to Kuwait, or Iranian plans for Shiite-populated Saudi oilfield areas. Canada prohibits Jews from writing “Jerusalem, Israel” as their birthplace in Canadian passports.

Canada resumes aid to the Palestinian government once the Fatah-Al Aqsa Martyrsí Brigade alliance rejected reconciliation with democratically elected Hamas. Canadian government cites Fatahís moderation and recognition of Israel.

During Netanyahu’s visit to Canada, the Canadian PM made it clear that he does not support a unilateral Israeli strike on Iran, nor would his country join Israel in the operation. Previously, Harper was the only foreign leader who had indicated his willingness to join Israeli attack.

And no wonder. Netanyahu was able to muster only two reason for confronting Iran: that country hangs gays and stones women. Mind you, the Torah prescribes exactly those things. And of course few Canadians are concerned about homosexuals in Iran. Really, Iran poses no threat to any country but Israel, and we are wrong to count on outsiders.

Obama was more undiplomatic than ever, calling an Israeli attack on Iran “unacceptable.”

Netanyahu and Harper

ďThe Jewish local community within Canada has denounced Israel criminal offences against the Palestinians along with its warmongering towards Iran through coordinating rallies in order to protest Tel Aviv procedures,Ē World Headline News reports.

These leftist groups have historically inspired political support for Israel in North America. While Prime Minister Netanyahu was warmly received at AIPAC, there are still Jewish groups in the US that oppose US support for an attack on Iran. Mostly they are younger Jews who feel less attached to Israel and the need for a Jewish homeland. But as they age and become the majority, and as the rapid growth of Islam continues in North America, Israel faces a real problem with its support base in the West.

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