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North Korea

US Administration believes North Korea will stop the reactor after receiving mere $25 mln of previously frozen funds. Reactor can be re-started at any time. North Korea didn’t agree to end the nuclear program.

conditions assistance to the North on dismantling its nuclear program. Though two Koreas ended war without peace treaty, South regularly provides aid to the North. North Korea reneged on its commitment to stop the reactor by April 14.

Assistant US Secretary of State Christopher Hill arrived in North Korea to prop the negotiations on ending the North Korean nuclear program. Hill acknowledged that the parties lost months this spring when the US failed to unfreeze $25 million of North Korean dirty money.

North Korea got back its dirty money, frozen in Macao years ago, and will receive one million tons of fuel oil and other aid. The amount of aid is well below the possible market price of nuclear weapons, and North Korea will use the leverage of re-starting its plutonium reactor to continuously demand more aid.
Though the North Korean nuclear test explosion went sour, with faulty assembly producing a meager 600 tons equivalent blast, the country has already produced significant and unknown quantities of weapons-grade plutonium which can find its way to terrorists and nuclear aspirant states.

North Korea announced it shuts down nuclear reactor after receiving $30 million of its dirty money back and a heavy oil shipment.
Abandoning nuclear capabilities in exchange for less than a billion dollars total aid makes no sense. North Korea bluffs somewhere: it either continues nuclear program, or produced and hidden some nuclear weapons for sale, or it had no nuclear weapons at all, as the ultra low-yield test blast suggested.

The reports of Syria building nuclear reactor with North Korean assistance can explain why North Korea agreed to cease its nuclear enrichment. North Korean nuclear program may be transferred to Syria. Despite the reported attack by Israel Air Force, Syria claims nothing was damaged; perhaps Syria doesn’t want to disclose the list of damages.
It is highly doubtful that North Korea ceased its nuclear program in return for international aid worth $300 million only.

The US for the first time released a firm figure of the amount of enriched fissile material produced by North Korea: 110 pounds. That suffices for several tactical nuclear weapons. The exact quantity and whereabouts of North Korean fissile material are unknown.

NY Times reports Rice’s opposition to changing the US rapprochement with North Korea over such a minor detail as North Korea’ transferring nuclear technology to Syria.

What does that mean, “disable”? Take the rods out to reload them later? The US Administration needs to show its voters some success, and accepts the North Korean scam.

Now it’s evident even to the US Administration: the US Ambassador in South Korea declares that North Korea won’t meet the year-end deadline for dismantling its nuclear facilities. North Korea so far didn’t dismantle its reactor or disclose the nuclear facilities. One must be stupid to imagine that North Koreans would lose the cash cow of nuclear weapons in return for mere $300 million aid package.

Olmert visited Japan to present its intelligence service Israeli data on North Korea’s weapons activities, particularly ballistic missile technology transfer to Iran.
Olmert met Condi Rice in Japan.
North Korea predictably flouts its commitment to end and dismantle its nuclear program.
Israel, US seek a solution against the possibly nuclear North Korea, and seek the support of Japan, Korea’s traditional enemy.

Yongbyon nuclear reactorby blowing up the cooling grill. It is a moderate trouble to repair such a reactor.

North Korea denied the repeated American requests to verify its nuclear program and its cessation. No wonder, since the Koreans would be stupid to relinquish a profitable status of nuclear power in return to less than a billion dollars in aid. Almost certainly, they continue developing nuclear bombs from the already enriched plutonium. North Korea’s only nuclear test had failed with the output of only 0.6kt.
In response to North Korean evasion, the US delayed de-listing it as terrorist sponsor country. In response, North Koreans halted dismantling their nuclear reactor.
The entire dismantling affair is a sham as it would take North Korea just months to rebuild the reactor.

Earlier, North Korea refused to allow verification of its nuclear disarmament, leading the US to refuse rescinded its status of a state sponsor of terror. Now the Koreans announced they no longer want the status rescinded, and proceeded to rebuild the nuclear facilities.
North Korea’s moves are attributable to its holier-than-pope leadership. The Korean leader Kim is down with a stroke, and the country is ruled by his mistress secretary and top bureaucrats who are now trying to show off their communist zeal.
North Korea’s de-nuclearization was fake to begin with. That country needs three to eight months to restart the suspended facilities. Then, cash-starved North Korea will proceed to sell nukes to the bidders.

and will be producing plutonium for nuclear weapons in a few months. There is no doubt that North Korea got a cash offer for its nukes.
IAEA removed seals and surveillance equipment from the reactor area.
The world’s hysteria over the North Korean nuclear program verges on idiocy. The program should be properly ended with a single ballistic missile.

At IAEA meeting, Israel revealed that North Korea supplied critical nuclear technology to five other Muslim countries besides Syria.
The list would include Iran, Egypt, and Libya.

It’s too late, probably. The cash-hungry communist regime works to re-launch its nuclear reactor. The ex-CIA East Asia chief recently estimated that North Korea completed the production of nuclear warhead for its 800-mile Nodon missiles. And of course the communists will sell the missiles to any cash bidders – most certainly including Syria.

Obama’s policy of negotiating with enemies has started to bear quite different fruit from what he had expected. Rogue states have realized they can engage America by grossly hostile actions.

North Korea has renounced its non-aggression pact with the South and escalated their smoldering conflict. There are conflicting reports on the North’s nuclear program, which is being revamped. The communists reasoned – correctly – that they can get the most from the United States by following Iran’s example. The conflict for them is a product, to be sold to the eager buyer, Obama.

Obama prepared a ridiculous letter to Khamenej, graciously informing Iran that it no longer belongs to the Axis of Evil (its place is now reserved for Bush); that it should look at its neighboring countries and copy their economic policies (Iranians despise their Arab neighbors as primitive); and that it should cease its support for terrorist organizations (which Iran considers freedom fighters). If Obama wants to irk the Iranians, this stupid letter is the way to go.

Continuing the Bush-era policy of empty threats, Hillary Clinton warned North Korea to refrain from missile tests and similar “provocations.” Worse, she was speaking in Japan, Korea’s enemy.

Hillary’s statement came despite North Korea’s efforts at rapprochement. The missile test was only meant to turn American attention to the communist state.

Disregarding the Asian mentality, which calls for the utmost nicety, Clinton will provoke the North Koreans into expediting their nuclear program.

The world went crazy over a North Korean test of a ballistic missile; the UNSC is conducting a security session.

Now any well-funded terrorist group can buy a ballistic missile with a plutonium warhead from North Korea.

When Iran tested a similar rocket, which clearly endangers Israel, the Western response was none.

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