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Earlier, North Korea refused to allow verification of its nuclear disarmament, leading the US to refuse rescinded its status of a state sponsor of terror. Now the Koreans announced they no longer want the status rescinded, and proceeded to rebuild the nuclear facilities.
North Korea’s moves are attributable to its holier-than-pope leadership. The Korean leader Kim is down with a stroke, and the country is ruled by his mistress secretary and top bureaucrats who are now trying to show off their communist zeal.
North Korea’s de-nuclearization was fake to begin with. That country needs three to eight months to restart the suspended facilities. Then, cash-starved North Korea will proceed to sell nukes to the bidders.

and will be producing plutonium for nuclear weapons in a few months. There is no doubt that North Korea got a cash offer for its nukes.
IAEA removed seals and surveillance equipment from the reactor area.
The world’s hysteria over the North Korean nuclear program verges on idiocy. The program should be properly ended with a single ballistic missile.

At IAEA meeting, Israel revealed that North Korea supplied critical nuclear technology to five other Muslim countries besides Syria.
The list would include Iran, Egypt, and Libya.

It’s too late, probably. The cash-hungry communist regime works to re-launch its nuclear reactor. The ex-CIA East Asia chief recently estimated that North Korea completed the production of nuclear warhead for its 800-mile Nodon missiles. And of course the communists will sell the missiles to any cash bidders – most certainly including Syria.

The Chinese Foreign Minister held consultations with the UN chief on the situation in Gaza. It is refreshing to know that Chinese communists have left Tienanmen and Tibet behind and now are genuinely concerned about human rights abuses by Jews.

Obama’s policy of negotiating with enemies has started to bear quite different fruit from what he had expected. Rogue states have realized they can engage America by grossly hostile actions.

North Korea has renounced its non-aggression pact with the South and escalated their smoldering conflict. There are conflicting reports on the North’s nuclear program, which is being revamped. The communists reasoned – correctly – that they can get the most from the United States by following Iran’s example. The conflict for them is a product, to be sold to the eager buyer, Obama.

Obama prepared a ridiculous letter to Khamenej, graciously informing Iran that it no longer belongs to the Axis of Evil (its place is now reserved for Bush); that it should look at its neighboring countries and copy their economic policies (Iranians despise their Arab neighbors as primitive); and that it should cease its support for terrorist organizations (which Iran considers freedom fighters). If Obama wants to irk the Iranians, this stupid letter is the way to go.

Israel has become India’s biggest arms supplier—ahead of Russia—with exports of $3 billion a year. The sales increased despite the Indian investigation of corruption in Israeli deals (as if other countries don’t bribe Indian officials).

Israel could export much more weaponry to India and China, but the United States blocks our sales.

Continuing the Bush-era policy of empty threats, Hillary Clinton warned North Korea to refrain from missile tests and similar “provocations.” Worse, she was speaking in Japan, Korea’s enemy.

Hillary’s statement came despite North Korea’s efforts at rapprochement. The missile test was only meant to turn American attention to the communist state.

Disregarding the Asian mentality, which calls for the utmost nicety, Clinton will provoke the North Koreans into expediting their nuclear program.

A month ago, the assimilationist Israeli media reveled in Haruki Murakami’s decision to accept the Jerusalem prize for literature. The fact of a famous pagan accepting an invitation to visit Jerusalem sent them into euphoria. Especially since Murakami had defied local calls in Japan for boycotting Israel.

After receiving the prize, Murakami published an article condemning Jews for oppressing the poor Palestinians, who somehow enjoy the fastest economic growth rate of all non-oil-producing Arabs. It is especially nice to see this humanistic concern from Japan, whose atrocities sixty years ago would have made the Nazis blush.

A ninety-three-year-old Japanese man, Tsutomu Yamaguchi, is officially recognized as the only person to survive two nuclear attacks. He was severely burned during a business trip to Hiroshima, and came back to his home town of Nagasaki just in time to see the second explosion.

Survivors of the nuclear bombings in Japan have a better-than-average life expectancy, though the effect might be attributed to their slightly better medical care.

The world went crazy over a North Korean test of a ballistic missile; the UNSC is conducting a security session.

Now any well-funded terrorist group can buy a ballistic missile with a plutonium warhead from North Korea.

When Iran tested a similar rocket, which clearly endangers Israel, the Western response was none.

Though worldwide media are screaming about yesterday’s ballistic missile launch, the UNSC failed to act against the poor and determined communists.

The missile launch failed technically, but won diplomatically: by stepping up its military activities, North Korea comes back to international prominence and receives aid, which perpetuates its atrocious regime.
The communists similarly profited from a failed nuclear test.

America pays its enemies rather than its friends. Jewish nicety and compliance with American diplomatic wishes bring Israel neither significant aid nor support. A militant Israeli policy which destabilizes the Middle East would bring more benefits.

Israel has filed a lose-lose case against North Korea, charging the communists with supplying rocket technology to Hezbollah via Iran. Thirty Israeli victims of the Kayusha attacks of 2006 are asking a Washington court to award them $100 million in compensation.

As in the case of Iran, the judgment may only be entered by default, as the other party has refused to appear. Israelis, on the other hand, lack national pride and accepted the jurisdiction of the Spanish court, submitting stacks of documents to exonerate IDF’s top brass in Ahmed Yassin’s assassination case.

No money can be collected from North Korea, and the communists will take the US judgment as a slap in the face, and might resume their nuclear program.

North Korea has resumed its nuclear program in response to Western condemnation of its ballistic missile launch. The communists expelled IAEA monitors.

The North uses its nuclear program for leverage on occasion, and is never going to dismantle it. North Korea reportedly received $2 billion from Iran for a nuclear technology transfer to Syria—much more than the $900 million offer from the US to end the nuclear program.

The communist regime pulled out of the international talks on its nuclear disarmament and proceeded to reactivate its partially dismantled nuclear reactor. Though the regime cites the UN condemnation of its ballistic-missile test as the pretext, the real reason is different: North Korea got a cash customer for HEU (highly enriched uranium). It recently sent a large shipment of HEU to Iran.

North Korea, a cash-hungry and unprincipled nuclear proliferator, is more dangerous than Iran.

We have stated repeatedly that North Korea won’t stop its nuclear program in exchange for aid.

In the last two weeks North Korea has made clear that it regards UNSC sanctions for its ballistic missile program as a casus belli (which they indeed are according to international law), and threatened nuclear escalation.

Despite the warning, UNSC passed another round of symbolic, useless sanctions against North Korean companies.

Hours later, North Korea restarted its nuclear reprocessing plant and now extracts plutonium from spent rods. That country already has enough plutonium for several bombs and recently delivered some HEU to Iran.

America can easily bomb North Korea’s nuclear facilities, but refrains for a reason. The example of South Korea relying on America for last-resort protection against its nuclear neighbor is valid for Israel. Just as South Koreans put up with hostile nukes, so is Israel expected to do.

Leftists in the US State Department must be especially happy about North Korean nuclear weapons: the unrestricted proliferation changes the world order as we knew it (which makes leftists happy) and rules out military solutions, thus enhancing the diplomats’ position.

The communists have promised to conduct nuclear tests unless the UNSC apologizes for criticizing the Korean ballistic missile launch. Since the UN is not going to apologize, the North Koreans are clearly just looking for a pretext for nuclear tests. Their first test failed, and they need to test the improved design. Considering North Korea’s readiness to up the stakes dramatically, it must have a customer for its nuclear bombs—one whose cash payment would offset any sanctions.

Earlier, UNSC failed to impose sanctions on North Korea for ballistic missile test. As usual with everything done in the communist country, the test has failed and the ballistic missile dropped in the ocean. Though the North Korean missiles technically put the United States in danger, there is no way such an attack would take place, thus the UNSC is not overly concerned. The UNSC’s condemnation came as a sop to Japan which sees Korean missile as upsetting the regional balance of power and to Israel which fears missile technology transfer to Iran. Iran’s own Shihab-3 ballistic missile tests were of limited success.

The North Korea’s customer for nuclear weapons is almost certainly Iran. Weeks ago, the communist regime secretly shipped highly enriched uranium to Iran to complement Iran’s own production. The shipment brings Iran stocks to at least 3,000 lbs, enough for two nuclear weapons.

North Korea conducted its missile test and now the nuclear test as a pre-sale show for Iran. The ayatollahs rush with buying weapon-grade uranium from North Korea rather than manufacturing their own to establish facts on the ground: Iran’s nuclearization must be complete before the start of direct talks with the United States.

As we predicted, North Korea has conducted a nuclear test. With tongue in cheek, the test was scheduled for Memorial Day.

With a blast equal to a magnitude 4.7 earthquake, the test was successful and involved a decent 15-30kt nuclear weapon.

Besides a flurry of international condemnations, nothing will be done against North Korea, nor there is anything that could be done. The closed communist economy is immune to sanctions, humane Westerners won’t stop aid to the starving population, and some plutonium is certainly stored elsewhere besides in the known facilities, which are themselves deep underground where they cannot be destroyed with conventional weapons.

A nuclear strike against North Korea’s nuclear facilities is the only way to show the communists that proliferation is inadvisable, but no one would undertake this step.

Obama is especially interested in letting North Korea off the hook, as the example of South Korea would teach Israel that it is possible to live alongside a nuclear-armed enemy by relying on American security guarantees. To live for some time, at least.

Democratic rulers like Obama are only interested in the short term. In the long run, rogue nukes diminish American influence worldwide as other countries develop their own nuclear deterrence.

In the domino effect, Japan and Vietnam will be hard-pressed to openly launch their nuclear programs. South Korea will continue relying on the United States, but will probably launch a covert nuclear program of its own.

For Israel the big question is, who did North Korea sell its nuclear weapons to, Iran or the terrorists?

Following the American decision to stop all North Korean ships for inspection to curb nuclear proliferation, the communists formally rescinded the armistice with South Korea and promised retaliation. North Korea also re-launched its reactor and started reprocessing of spent uranium rods into plutonium—the scenario we have repeatedly predicted for Iran’s ‘peaceful’ Bushehr reactor.

This is becomeing increasingly interesting. North Koreans are clearly inviting an American strike on their nuclear facilities. With several nuclear bombs at their disposal, they might be betting on soundly defeating the United States in a South Korean proxy war. The communists are counting on Obama not to use American nukes against them.

Obama will try to muster a coalition with Russia, and perhaps China, to attack North Korean nuclear installations.

Gen. Jones, Obama’s national security advisor, claimed that North Korea is “a long way from developing a nuclear weapon.” Jones means that the North tested a clumsy device which cannot be fitted onto a warhead.

Why would North Korea deplete its small stocks of plutonium by testing a prototype?

Jones avoids the uncomfortable conclusion that North Korea already has a weapon and can sell it. He continued with his head-in-sand claim by naming North Korea and Iran as the two major threats, though clearly the biggest threat is Pakistan, which aggressively exports nuclear know-how and whose reactors are located in areas controlled by the Taliban. Since, however, Jones can do nothing about Pakistan, avoiding the issue is the way to go.

Jones had entertained high hopes that Russia and China would stop North Korea. The Koreans, however, openly spurned the Chinese mediation efforts. China does not fear North Korea and has little reason to put pressure on it. North Korea’s nuclearization diminishes American influence in the region and thus improves the Chinese position. The Russians have had no influence whatsoever on North Korea in the past few years.

The North Korean nuclear problem can be tackled with a handful of ballistic missiles, but the West is too cowardly for that.

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