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[We know that the Swedish story of Israelis' stealing organs of Palestinians is not entirely off-the-wall. Nevertheless, we didn't want to be the first to touch on this subject. So, here's a newsletter by Barry Chamish.]

All of Israel, government and media, is furious at Sweden for allowed the publication of a newspaper “investigation” claiming the IDF harvests Palestinian body organs for sale on the black market. The article was a response to three New Jersey rabbis being busted for illegal kidney sales organized by an Israeli, Ilan Peri. But to take one scandal and apply it to their whole army was way too much for the Israelis:

Netanyahu to press Sweden to condemn IDF organ harvesting article
By Barak Ravid and Asaf Uni Haaretz Last update – 03:24 23/08/2009


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is expected to press Sweden for an
official condemnation of an article in the Swedish daily Aftonbladet that
alleged Israeli soldiers “harvested” the organs of Palestinians.

The problem with the article is that Israel does not harvest Palestinian organs for under the table profits; it steals the organs of deceased ISRAELI soldiers and sells them worldwide. The primary thief is none other than state coroner Dr. Yehuda Hiss, who rewrote the autopsy of slain Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, and thus is impervious to police or legal retribution.

From my book Save Israel:

1. www.lulu.com/content/517809

Dr. Yehuda Hiss – Last week, his pathological institute was raided and body parts, some over five years old, were found, including those of four soldiers killed in action. But Hiss was not arrested. He knows too much about Rabin for that. But one soldier’s father, Dr. Haim Buzaglo, is suing to have Hiss imprisoned and the case is coming up soon.

Dr. Hiss emptied the soldiers’ corpses of useable organs and replaced them with rags and, yes, broomsticks. Then he returned them to their families. One soldier’s father was a doctor and Dr. Buzaglo conducted his own autopsy. Hiss was finished. Or would have been if his attorney, Nitzana Leitner, wasn’t wearing him down and losing the case for the authorities.
Whenever a case has to be lost, in she comes. Here she is again, pretending to defend the victim of another Hiss body parts snatching:

Nitzana (Darshan) Leitner represents another victim of Dr. Hiss, the family of Alisdair Sinclair.
On April 14, 1998, 47 year old Alisdair Sinclair, was stopped by customs officials at Ben Gurion Airport on his way out of the country after a six day stay.
At the airport police station, Sinclair was found strangling on his shoelaces. He was rushed to hospital and pronounced dead. From there his body was transferred to the Abu Kabir Institute For Forensic Medicine and straight into the paws of Dr. Yehuda Hiss, who conducted an autopsy which concluded that Sinclair had killed himself.
On May 13, another autopsy was conducted, at the University of Glasgow and guess what? The hyoid bone at the base of the tongue was missing and so was the heart. Both were removed by Dr. Hiss. But why? No problem guessing why the hyoid bone was gone. It would reveal that Sinclair did not hang himself but was strangled by other means.
But the heart..? Leitner can only say, “Our best guess is that Hiss is involved the black market trade in human organs.”

by Barry Chamish

At 9:20 PM, July 16,1999, John Fitzgerald Kennedy Jr. radioed the tower at an airport near Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts announcing that he was preparing to land. Seconds after, his plane exploded in mid-air, and this was witnessed by several witnesses including a local newspaper reporter and an attorney. On board were his wife Caroline Bessette and her sister Lauren. Lauren’s luggage was recovered miles from the crash site, an event that can only be caused by a mid-air explosion.
For reasons that would later become clear, search for the missing plane was delayed for 5 hours, when Pres. William “Bill” Clinton sent out the equivalent of the Sixth Fleet to find the wreckage, hide it and the bodies from the snoopy media, and though JFK Jr. was never in the Navy, and though the families did not consent, cremate the corpses, or evidence, and throw the ashes into the water in a quickly planned, elaborate, Navy funeral at sea.
Behind the scenes, a hokey cover story was concocted. The weather, which was perfect, became stormy. JFK Jr. had a gimpy leg. Reports by the FAA and FBI, both concluding foul play was involved, were buried, the arrival of Israeli PM Ehud Barak to Clinton’s court the day before was given an alternative explanation…In fact JFK Jr.’s profound affect on Israel was never mentioned.
But it was huge. In the March, 1997 issue of his magazine, George, JFK Jr. became the only publisher of a major American publication to expose the conspiracy to murder Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin. His 13 page expose shook the Israeli establishment to it’s foundations:

Jewish Web Network News April 02 1997

Israeli Prime Minister Rabin’s widow charged Tuesday that John Kennedy Jr.’s magazine crossed “the red line” by publishing an article by the mother of her husband’s assassin. “How, of all people, could he do such a thing?” Mrs. Kennedy asked of the son of President Kennedy who was assassinated in 1963. “Perhaps he needed a sensational story to sell his paper. I would expect that he would take a higher moral stand in his paper.”
The article claimed that Amir was goaded to shoot Rabin by an undercover agent for the Shin Bet, Israel’s security agency. (It) thought it would be done with a doctored gun. The security force let the attack happen so they could take credit for saving the prime minister.

And JFK Jr. was about to publish the final truth about Rabin’s murder. This, Israel could not allow. It’s operatives were called into action.This interview with JFK Jr.’s driver appeared in Maariv shortly after the Piper crash.

Yoel Katzavman drove John Jr. 48 hours before the plane broke up. “He was a quiet and humble client.”
“How could he have flown that plane with a broken leg? It was really suicidal?,” said Yoel Katzavman (38), a limousine driver born in Hakiriot, who drove the Kennedy couple many times. Katzavman arrived in the US three years before and was employed by the Empire limousine service. He was often called to drive John Jr. and Carolyn Kennedy from their New York apartment. He recalls his last ride with John Jr., less than 48 hours before the final takeoff.

It was this self-serving interview that raised my suspicions and I went looking. Here is what I wrote in July, 2009:

So now what do we do about the information coming out on the explosion of JFK Jr.’s plane? The day it happened I wrote that JFK Jr. was doing more than any other American media figure to get to the bottom of the Rabin assassination truth. I reminded readers that his magazine George ran a 13 page expose of the Shabak’s involvement in the assassination. I suggested that this was a brave but risky stand. Then came the tidal wave of data. The FBI Preliminary Report confirming the bomb on the plane and noting the type of explosive was used by certain foreign intelligence services. This was followed by Catherine Crier of Fox TV’s The Crier Report, announcing that JFK Jr. was about to meet high ranking Mossad officers to get the full story on the Rabin assassination. Then the German newspaper, Franfurter Allgemaine Zeitung, reported that Kennedy had met with the deputy chief of the Mossad, Amiram Levine to get the full story on the Rabin assassination two days before his plane went down. Then Maariv ran an interview with JFK’s chauffeur, who happens to be Israeli. Then people started noting that Ehud Barak was in Washington at the time of Kennedy’s finale in life.

And I was not alone in my investigation:

WORLD AFFAIRS BRIEF August 27 1999 Copyright Joel M. Skousen.
Quotations with attribution permitted.

Evidence continues to mount that JFK jr. and passengers were
killed by an altitude triggered bomb planted in the tail section of the
Here is the evidence: Kennedy*s sister in law’s ( Lauren
Bessette ) suitcase was found miles out in the ocean, away from the crash
site. Lawyer Victor Pribanic was on the shore fishing and heard the
explosion from the same location and time frame where the plane went
down. The wreckage of the plane was recovered under *national security*
conditions and no reporters were allowed to see or photograph it. The
wreckage was loaded on to sealed containers and taken away. The FAA report
indicated the recovered engine was fully functional. The presumed bad
weather that caused Kennedy to spiral into the water was some 8 miles
away from the crash site at that time, so the report of bad weather was
part of the cover-up.

Soon after, a correspondent wrote me:

re JFK Jr.

At the time his plane went down, I was living in Massachusetts.
Kerryville. The state has gone under.
On the particular day, I heard the news.
A reporter for The Vineyard Gazette who was on the island, was quoted as having seen the plane come down to land, and to have seen a flash on the plane. Next thing the plane went out of control and crashed into the sea below.
He was quoted on the internet saying this.
Having been a reporter, and having seen many other events go down [I get put in this situations, to witness, etc.] I decided to call the reporter in question.
Somehow I quickly reached him.
He repeated the story.
Next, the article disappeared from the internet, and no more report was made on the news which included any of the information from the eye-witness reporter.
Next, I noticed this disappearance of the article, and called the reporter back.
All of a sudden he no longer existed.
I couldn’t find him no matter what I did, despite my having spoken to him hours before.

There were reports that JFK Jr. was planning to run for the New York senate seat that Hillary Clinton coveted. Hence the motive. Indeed, that may have been a factor. Pres. Clinton called in the Navy to hide the crime, his so-called Shalom Haver friendship with Rabin was clearly a sham, and his wife’s political ambitions could have been promoted by murdering JFK Jr.
But, looking at the priorities, Shimon Peres and the “peace” process had to be protected first. The brave and wonderful publisher JFK Jr. was set to explode all the myths surrounding the murder of Rabin. Unless he exploded first.

by Barry Chamish

It’s soon Rabin murder commemoration week, so let us draw a picture of his murderer Shimon Peres. As the day arrives, Peres’ guilt brings out his annual display of irrationally crude behavior. Like shooting fish in a barrel, I mostly used one news service to gather this year’s continuing saga of nutty self-confession. It was that easy.
So why credit me as the writer who first proved that coroner Dr. Yehuda Hiss changed Rabin’s autopsy to save Peres?


(IsraelNN.com) The former #2 in the National Institute for Forensic Medicine (Abu Kabir) says he can’t understand why the director, found to have engaged in illegal harvesting of organs, is still the highest-paid person in the public sector. Last week, the Finance Ministry released a list of the highest-paid public sector employees, revealing that the highest-paid of all was none other than Prof. Yehuda Hiss, who essentially heads the National Institute for Forensic Medicine at Abu Kabir.
Despite the above, it was revealed last week that Hiss earns nearly 67,000 shekels ($18,150) a month, roughly nine times the national average.
Dr. Chen Kugel, who served for several years as the Deputy Director of Abu Kabir and was instrumental in exposing serious irregularities there, such as the harvesting of organs without families’ permission and testimony given by doctors about autopsies at which they were not present, spoke with Shimon Cohen of Arutz-7’s Hebrew news magazine.
Cohen made another suggestion: “There have been rumors for years that Hiss simply knows too much; people have been sent to jail on his say-so, and for instance he knows about the Rabin murder. Perhaps there is a fear that if he is fired, he might open his mouth and ruin some lives.”
Kugel guardedly answered, “I don’t know if this is correct. I wasn’t present at the Rabin autopsy, so I don’t know about this. But if it is true, then the situation must stop now; why let it continue?”

The Shamgar Commission determined that Rabin was shot twice in the back. Central to my thesis is my contention that Rabin was shot a third time, from the front. And central to my claim that Shimon Peres organized the murder was his knowledge of that third shot. In my lectures, I show Peres on film stating that, “Three bullets pierced Rabin’s body and the songsheet.” The songsheet was in his front jacket pocket, thus Peres admits that Rabin was shot from the front, an act Amir could not have committed.
The problem is, Peres became prime minister and accepted the Shamgar Commission’s finding that Rabin was shot twice in the back…WHEN HE KNEW THE TRUTH. And that makes Peres, head of the coverup.
I also note that 90 minutes after Rabin was declared dead, Peres conducted a cabinet meeting during which he appointed Rabin’s personal bodyguard, Yoram Rubin, his own personal bodyguard. Now if there was one person in the world Peres should not have appointed to guard him, it was Rubin, based on his wonderful protection of Rabin that evening.
But since Rubin was the actual shooter of Rabin, Peres chose to reward him.
At that same cabinet meeting, Peres described how Rabin was murdered. Do not forget that Peres saw Rabin’s body barely two hours before. Now remember the photos from the meeting and recall where Peres is pointing to. That, he explained to the world, was where the fatal bullet penetrated Rabin’s body…FROM THE FRONT.
Rubin’s boss was then-Shabak head Carmi Gillon. To protect his bungled murder conspiracy, Peres sent his partners abroad til the heat died down. Gillon was named the Danish Ambassador, before returning to Israel as head of the Peres Peace Center. Rubin was sent to head the security unit at the Washington Embassy before returning as Ariel Sharon’s personal bodyguard. On December 18, ‘05, Sharon had tea with Peres in a private Knesset meeting. Within half an hour Rubin escorted him to Hadassah Hospital with a stroke. The hit squad was still at work eliminating Israeli prime ministers.
Not that prime ministers are the only victims of Peres. If we could only ask Mota Gur, Eliahu Ben Elissar, Raful Eitan, Judge Azar, Wayne Owens and Rehavam Zeevi:

Ben-Ari: President Shamed the Memory of Ze’evi

(IsraelNN.com) Member of Knesset Michael Ben-Ari (National Union)
attacked on Sunday afternoon, words delivered by President Shimon
Peres earlier in the day at a memorial for slain Tourism Minister
Rechav’am Ze’evi, who was also known as Ghandi. Dr. Ben-Ari said, “The
President shamed the memory of Gandhi when he turned him into a member
of ‘Peace Now’ and claimed that Gandhi supported a Palestinian state
in his youth.”

Ben-Ari continued, “Peres’s obsession brought about the Oslo disaster
and its murderous results, and he is doing everything, including
twisting history around, to continue making his false claims.”

Leave it to Peres to change the MO of his victim Zeevi. Permit me the liberty of reminding you why Zeevi died:

Arafat played his cards a bit too confidently about the murder of the Tourism Minister Rehavam Zeevi, who was knocked off five days after he gave Prime Minster Sharon an ultimatum: fire Peres or I leave and take two parties with me. The French-controlled PFLP (Front For The Liberation Of Palestine) were called into action and Zeevi was eliminated six hours before he quit the government, taking nine dissenting Knesset members with him. Needless to say, the leaders of the two dissenting parties, Benny Elon and Yves Lieberman got the message and returned to the government.
Just before Christmas, Arafat went on Israeli Television and said the Palestinians were not behind the Zeevi murder, the Israelis were. It did not take long before Israeli shells landed near his office, followed by tanks to make sure he was trapped there. Even Arafat’s cynical plea to visit Bethlehem for Christmas didn’t move Sharon to lift the barriers. And the show goes on; while Sharon demands that Arafat hand over Zeevi’s murderers, he claims his people weren’t behind the murder. Arafat misjudged the wrath that follows such a huge betrayal of Peres.
Three days before he died, Rehavam Zeevi attacked Shimon Peres viciously in the government’s cabinet meeting. He told PM Sharon that if Peres wasn’t sacked, he would resign from the government and take seven Knesset members from Moledet and Yisrael Beiteinu with him. Sharon refused to fire Peres, so Zeevi wrote his last essay, for the Arutz Sheva website. It read in part:

“But what is understood in Washington is apparently not understood
here. Prime Minister Sharon, who himself fought for many years against
Arab terrorism, is not strong or consistent enough in this fight during his
tenure as Prime Minister. In order to keep Shimon Peres in the national
unity government, he gives in to Peres’ dictates and allows him to continue
talking with the top brass of the evil Palestinian Authority, which is a
terrorist headquarters in every sense.
Peres conducts diplomatic negotiations, while the Palestinians continue to
shoot at our communities and on Jews – and he is doing all this just in
order to revive the Oslo process, which brought catastrophe upon us and
could, in the end, lead to the collapse of the State of the Jews.
Peres is doing this possibly because he believes in it – or possibly
because he wants to save his place and reputation in history.”

Zeevi went on the warpath against Peres, not a wise strategy. Others have tried and others have died.

It was just seven years ago that 250 of us protested Peres’ tax-paid 80th birthday party bash. We made it a flop. This year the murderer holds another wingding and not a soul is there to protest it. But look who his guests are. Look who is protecting the killer! All but the last are or were members of the Council On Foreign Relations (CFR). Google them if you don’t believe it. Here are the folks offering the Butcher protection from prosecution for the murder of Yitzhak Rabin and more:


(IsraelNN.com) More than 1,500 guests from around the world will take their places in this week?s second annual Facing Tomorrow global conference in Jerusalem, initiated last year by President Shimon Peres and co-sponsored by Hebrew University of Jerusalem. It will be held from Oct.20-22 in Binyanei HaUmah Convention Center.
Among the guests who will be taking part are:

Founder of Wikipedia Jimmy Wales
Garry Knell, President and CEO of Children’s Television Workshop (the non-profit organization behind Sesame Street)
US Investment Strategist for Goldman Sachs Abby Joseph Cohen
Bank of Israel Governor Stanley Fischer
Former US Administration officials Stuart Eizenstat and Elliott Abrams
Senior Associate at the Center for Strategic and International Studies Edward Luttwak
Executive Chairman of the Rothschild Group Baron David de Rothschild

And who has fallen for the Butcher’s charms? None other than the current prime minister, who does not want to join Rabin and Sharon on the Peres hit parade.

Peres assures West that Netanyahu is no longer right-wing

Israeli president says Netanyahu has really come around to left-wing
way of thinking since taking office.
< http://www.israeltoday.co.il/default.aspx?tabid=178&nid=19831 >

By Yekutiel Guzofsky

This morning at 7:00 a.m., Israeli Prison Authorities walked Ephraim Khantsis through passport control on the Third Floor of Terminal 3 at Ben Gurion International Airport in Lod, onto a New York bound jet with a one-hour stop-over in Kiev. Khantsis had been in an isolation cell at Beersheva’s Eshel prison for the past two weeks. He was not permitted visits, phone rights, or access to have any of his clothing or basic possessions, including prayer books and tefillin. These basic religious and human rights afforded to any prisoner – Jew or Arab – were denied Ephraim.

Ironically, Khantsis was never charged with commission of a crime. At the time of his incarceration he was Israel’s sole Jewish Administrative Detainee. This, after receiving a three month order of detention, several weeks ago.

British Laws, Israeli Dungeons

Administrative Detention is an antiquated, emergency military power inherited by Israel from the Colonial British Mandate that governed pre-state Israel. In 1984, Israel finally canceled the “Majla” Islamic Turkish Ottoman Law that had, until then, been part of Israel’s law codes. However, the country has yet to rescind the Emergency Mandate Powers used by the British against Jewish pioneers after the fall of the Ottoman Turks.

The British conquered Palestine in WWI from the Turks with the help of Jabotinsky’s Jewish Legion, subsequently their commitment to the Balfour Declaration, declaring a Jewish state on both sides of the Jordan, then, did everything possible to dampen and destroy Jewish national aspirations in the years that followed.

Administrative orders were one of the key tools used by the British in their efforts against Jews who objected to British treachery. Indeed, the cruel and draconian orders stifled many efforts to create a strong Jewish presence in Eretz Yisrael. Today, in an ironic twist of history, that same tool is used by the Israeli government against its own citizens with similar strong nationalist sentiments

Ephraim Khantsis Suicide Bomber?

Administrative detention has been used as a last resort, primarily against Arab terrorists who are considered “ticking time-bombs”. It’s also employed when the state lacks admissible evidence against a dangerous suspect. In short, it’s a last ditch effort to prevent a suspect from carrying out the final stages of a murderous plot.

All agree that Khantsis had no co-conspirators and no plot. All of the “secret information” submitted to the courts focused on certain “extreme philosophies” preached by the young Zionist firebrand. He possessed an ideology that his yeshiva and his interrogators had zero tolerance for.

Khantsis is a 22 year-old computer programmer who immigrated to the U.S. from Odessa when he was eight, graduated Stonybrook University last year, and came “home” to Israel to fulfill his life-long dream of aliya. Upon arrival in Israel, he enrolled in Machon Meir, a well known Zionist yeshiva in Jerusalem. Machon Meir seemed like the perfect choice for a young Jew, new to Israel and new to Torah observance, seeking to study Judaism, and learn a beginner’s Hebrew in a pro-Israeli environment. It is rare to find a yeshiva for beginners with a pro-state-of-Israel orientation. There are no shortage of “Haredi” – “ultra Orthodox” institutions for beginners, that frown upon students enlisting in the IDF and mock the modern State of Israel for its secular character.

Betrayed by his Rabbis

Ephraim, however, was an odd fit at Machon Meir. For on the one hand he maintained ultra-Zionist ideals, eager to study Hebrew and enlist in the IDF, but on the other, he passionately rejected the Yeshiva’s pro-government philosophy. He viewed the current policies of Israel as treasonous and as a blatant betrayal of Torah. Surrendering Jewish land, destroying Jewish homes and valuing secular laws over Torah were not things he could honestly show support for.

Ephraim made the “mistake” of speaking openly about his views at Machon Meir. It was not long before these same views were themselves labeled ‘treasonous’ and the GSS was informed. Incidentally, Machon Meir is a favored grooming ground for Israeli agents because so many Jews with so many different foreign passports, who passionately worship the state of Israel, pass through their ranks. Many are even in the process of conversion, lacking the common “Jewish traits’ that the Dubai police chief has so proudly thought to have discovered. Students are regularly invited to meetings to become potential agents for the state. Many, too, are asked to spy on their fellow students, to be sure that “right wing extremist” co-students are not planning crimes against Arabs or other state interests.

Ephraim’s Rabbis at Machon Meir gave him two days to change his views. The Shin Bet operatives who came to his yeshiva several times in futile efforts to silence him were also at a loss how to deal with a young activist who spoke openly to them of his anti-government thoughts. The GSS (Shin Bet) first issued a more lenient administrative order, prohibiting him from entering into Judea and Samaria for three months. But later, after Ephraim defiantly violated those restrictions, arrested him in Samaria with a more stringent Administrative Detention order signed by Defense Minister, Ehud Barak on Feb 16.

The Judge sees through the GSS

The new order translated into three months in jail, without trial, and without cause or reason given. District Court Judge President Moussa Arad, was asked by the State Prosecutor to ratify the three month detention order.

Judge Arad was hesitant and perplexed. She had never seen a case like this, with a Jew who refused to recognize the law of the land and her authority; who asked not to have legal counsel; who refused to cooperate with the proceedings, but who appeared to have no concrete criminal or security plot that he intended to carry out. She had seen Arab terrorist rings and suspects who had been seen with bombs or who had been recorded speaking in detail about specific terror activities they intended to initiate. In these cases she had no problem signing off on the administrative order. But here there were no bombs, there was no organization of terrorist co-conspirators, and she certainly had no specific plot to weigh in her decision.

Arad, understanding the inherent weakness and limitations of the Shin Bet case, and knowing that Ephraim posed no real threat to anyone, brokered a deal to ship Ephraim off to the United States for the duration of his detention. From there he would be free to return in May. She issued a ruling on February 22 effectively obligating the Israeli prison authorities to permit Ephraim to freely call his relatives in the U.S. and arrange the purchase of a ticket for him to immediately fly home to New York. The authorities permitted one, sixty-second call to arrange the flight, three days later. He was permitted to fly March 2. No explanation has been given for this blatant violation of Arad’s ruling, which should have enabled Ephraim to call and leave jail nine days earlier.

Ephraim Sees no Reason to Cooperate

Ephraim’s attorney jumped at the opportunity to substitute three months jail for three months of “freedom” abroad. Ephraim was less enthusiastic. The Judge’s compromise proposal was an easy way out for the state, the defense attorney and for the judge herself. No need to fight the order. No need to fight for alternative house-arrest in Israel, with an electronic bracelet or other proposals that would have gained Ephraim his freedom in his new home, Israel.

Ephraim’s attorney, rather than fighting the order, expended all his skills of persuasion convincing the young and defiant detainee to accept the deal. To the surprise of all, Ephraim who moments earlier refused to accept the rights of the government to issue the order and who refused to partake on any level with the proceedings, agreed to his voluntary temporary deportation.

A Precedent Setting Case?

The Ephraim Khantsis case brings into question not only the use of the anti-Jewish, un-democratic, military emergency powers inherited from the British Mandate. Indeed, without due process and basic legal rights, how does the modern State of Israel distinguish itself from tyrranical totalitarian states? But more than this, it calls into question the degree of deprivation a loyal citizen of the state can be subject to when he has committed no crime, plans to commit no crime, and merely holds views that are at odds with the reigning authorities.

For it is bad enough to hold a person in jail without offering him the right to review the evidence against him and without offering him the right of a trial and due process. But to hold him in conditions worse than those of Arab terrorists is mind boggling. To deny a political-religious prisoner phone rights, visitation rights, prayer books and tefillin, and to prevent him from carrying out a court order that allows him to organize his release is an outright and blatant violation of his most elementary human rights.

The Israeli authorities have already alerted their American counterparts of Khantsis’s return, and the FBI has visited his relatives stateside. How sad that Israel, now the target of an unprecedented international witch-hunt in the aftermath of the Dubai debacle, with hypocritical, Jew-hating European nations now sharing passport, flight and phone communication information to hunt down the Jewish assassins, would now appeal to the Americans to harass an Israeli citizen for no apparent reason.

From the Linkolnwood address, May 3, 1990

The day after those soldiers were captured, Israel should have gone in and captured 100 Arabs, put them in cells 6 by 6 feet, and said, ‘”They stay there until our guys are free.”

The Russians know how to deal with them. A couple of years ago the terrorists (in Lebanon) made the mistake of kidnapping a Russian. The Russians got Arabs to find the brother of the guy who kidnapped him and they sent him his body in pieces. And the Russian was freed the next day.

I mean that nice people here think, That is terrible. But that’s the world in which we live. That’s what they know. Someday it will be a nice place in the world, but until then we live in this present world and there are three Jews who are suffering now for years and years. And you cannot be nice, not when you’re not the person who is suffering. Don’t be nice at the expense of the other fellow who’s suffering. How easy it is to be nice if you don’t feel the pain. You have to feel the pain of every other Jew and do whatever is necessary to help the Jew. There’s nothing not allowed to be done to save a Jew.

On the radio today someone said, ‘Would you do this?’ Of course, I would. Anything to save the Jew, that’s it. I want to finish with this. My son served in the army during the war in Lebanon, you know I have two sons. They received orders that if a PLO position was in a village they were not allowed to give fire cover to the infantry because they might kill civilians. Do you know how many Jewish soldiers died because of that criminal order?

All the Arabs of Lebanon are not worth the life of one Jewish soldier. People think that this is racist, I couldn’t care less.

by Barry Chamish

In 1976, the loss of his brother Yoni during the Entebbe raid derailed Binyamin’s plans to become an architect. Instead he settled for an MA in business administration and took a post at the Boston Consulting Group. His boss was Ira Magaziner, the man who later became the intellectual force behind the Clinton administration’s failed health-care reform package.

Already earning $100,000, and with a splendid career ahead of him, Netanyahu decided to give it all up and return to Israel to act as the marketing manager of a furniture concern, RIM Furniture, for a fraction of his Boston salary.
In 1979, Netanyahu organized an anti-terrorism conference in Jerusalem, dedicating it to his fallen brother. Somehow the unknown twenty-seven-year-old managed to attract the likes of CIA Director George Bush, Council On Foreign Relations (CFR) executive George Shultz, and Richard Perle (President’s Reagan’s chief arms negotiator) to the meeting, thrusting him briefly onto the world stage. But when the conference ended, it was back to
work at the furniture factory.

That all changed in 1982, when Israel’s Washington ambassador, Moshe Arens, appointed Netanyahu to be his deputy. This unprecedented career rise was the subject of much speculation. Arens was forced to explain, “People got a good laugh when they heard I phoned a furniture factory to find a deputy. What sold me on Bibi was his organization of the anti-terror conference, and the strong impression he made on the American leaders who participated.”

In the 2001 CFR annual report, Moshe Arens was listed as a member of the CFR’s Foreign Advisory Committee, followed in alphabetical order by the PLO’s Hanan Ashrawi. Arens admitted that Bush, Shultz, and Perle had pressed him to advance Netanyahu’s career and he fell in line.

In 1984, after two visibly successful years as Arens’ deputy, Bibi was named Israel’s ambassador to the UN. In another of those ironies that seem to follow him, he was appointed to the post by Shimon Peres over the objections of Yitzhak Shamir. It was the leader of the Labour Party who promoted Bibi’s early career.

And what a wise investment that turned out to be. Since Netanyahu has become Prime Minister, no matter how badly Labour has been mauled in the polls, the leader of the Likud—or its offspring Kadima—has always given the leader of Labour a vital cabinet Post. Ehud Barak is now Defence Minister even though Labour only won 8% of the vote. Sharon made Shimon Peres his Foreign Minister, while Ehud Olmert appointed the incompetent Amir Peretz as his
Defence Minister.

In 1985, Shultz chaired another anti-terror convention in Washington, which was supposedly organized by Netanyahu. Further,whenever George Bush visited New York—which was often—he would call on UN Ambassador Netanyahu.

Having groomed and financed Netanyahu into office, the CFR made certain his tenure as head of the opposition did not endanger the Oslo process. Though Netanyahu had the goods on enough scandals to fell Labor (e.g., Peres’ organization of the Rabin assassination), he was a remarkably restrained opposition leader. In September 1995, PM Rabin told what he thought was a funny story on Israel Television One. It seems his CFR handler, Henry Kissinger, phoned him to relate that Netanyahu had called to ask him to declare that American troops not be stationed on the Golan Heights as part of a peace deal with Syria. Whom Kissinger was supposed to relay this request to was not revealed. Kissinger, according to Rabin, laughed at Bibi and told him to quit bothering him. The next day Netanyahu confirmed this phone call but denied Rabin’s mocking version of it.

The moral of the story is that the leaders of both the government and the opposition got their orders from the same CFR officer. When most Israelis vote, they actually believe it is a personal lesson in democracy. They don’t even consider that the timing of the election and the primary candidates for office, Left and Right, are run out of the New York office of the CFR.

Early in 2001, Binyamin Netanyahu was in the midst of a lucrative speaking tour when he shared a private meeting with George Shultz and Henry Kissinger. In Netanyahu’s own words, Shultz and Kissinger told him it was time for elections in Israel. In fact, it wasn’t. Elections weren’t scheduled for another two years. Nonetheless, Netanyahu interrupted his tour, caught the first plane back to Israel, had a few words with Prime Minister Ehud Barak, and caught the next plane back to New York. Two days later Barak resigned as Prime Minister and called for new elections in which he would remain a candidate. It made no sense to Israelis, who were unaware that they had no power over their electoral system; that was controlled from New York.

Elections are timed so as to changes  to Israeli policy quickly, while the new Prime Minister is immune to public revolt. In 1992, Rabin entered the Oslo process immediately after his election. In 1996, Netanyahu unilaterally pulled out of Hebron within days of forming a government. In 1999, new PM Ehud Barak quickly ordered IDF troops out of Southern Lebanon, leaving our mostly Christian ally, the South Lebanese Army, defenseless against retaliation. In 2001, a Right Winger would have to replace Barak to get Israel out of Gaza and Northern Samaria. Ariel Sharon was the man for the job.

But wait, you may say! Wasn’t Sharon ruined when he ordered Falangist troops into their famed massacre at Sabra and Shatilla in 1982? Not at all. Once you have the CFR on your side, nothing will ever ruin your political career. Even Rabin’s murderer Shimon Peres survived all indignities to become Netanyahu’s President. But all is fair since, after all, Netanyahu got his job by blackmailing Peres over the Rabin murder in 1996. (Scroll to the end for proof).

Will Israelis ever wake up and understand that they don’t live in a democracy? Will they finally realize that the current PM Binyamin Netanyahu is not working in their interests, but that electing someone else will change nothing? Or that no common citizen can ever become Prime Minister. For that honor, you are chosen, financed, and aided from the Manhattan headquarters of the CFR, or you go on selling fish in the market.

By Rabbi Meir Kahane

I was depressed yesterday. Very, very sad. For I knew that they had burned my trees. As a child I had saved my money so carefully so that I could buy those trees and know that they were planted. And now they are burned. They must be burned. It is not logical that a million trees would be burned down and none of mine among them. No, they are burned.

Every week I would come to school and bring a nickel. And with that nickel I would buy a special stamp. A Jewish National Fund stamp. And every week I would paste that stamp on the figure of a tree which was part of a JNF poster, and which had twenty “leaves” on it. Each weeek I would paste my stamp on a leaf and at the end of twenty weeks, I had a tree! My Tree! And I did this for years because I was a good boy – a good Jewish boy. And I bought many trees. My trees. My Jewish trees.

And now they burned them. The Arabs and their intifada. Last year, within the sovereign State of Israel, that independant State which makes me so proud because it does not let anyone push it around – the Arabs burned 1.15 million trees. Some of my trees had to be among them. And I was sad.

But then I saw an advertisement by the Jewish National Fund which made me happy again and made me proud to be a Jew know that the Jewish National Fund does not let anyone push it around. The JNF placed an ad that let the Arabs know that we are not the Jews of old. No one burns our trees. Well, not exactly. What the JNF said was that if the Arabs burn our trees, we will show them: We will plant even more trees than they burned. Anything they can burn, we can plant better. If they burned 1.15 million, we will plant that much and ten million more – fully 11.5 million!

I was so happy. I ran to the bank to convert my money into nickels to buy leaves each week and plant new trees. I was so happy that the JNF had this wonderful idea until I me my neighbour. I never liked him. He is always so cynical and a killjoy. When I told him of the brilliant JNF idea to plant ten times the amount of trees that the Arabs burned, this dour wet-towel said:

“And what if they burn those? Will we plant 110 million trees the next time? And why should Jews have to pay again and again for trees that Arabs burn? Why not throw them out of the country? Why do we allow them to stay in the country if we know that they will burn our forests? And why should I be a sucker to help pay the fat salaries of JNF executives who see this as a golden opportunity for a Madison Avenue-type campaign that will keep their salaries going? If the JNF wants money from me, let them demand that the Arabs be thrown out so that I will know that I pay for a Jewish tree once.”

I never liked my neighbour. He is so cynical. He is so logical.

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