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Jewish groups squeezed from Swiss banks billions of dollars allegedly deposited there by the Holocaust victims before WWII, but Israeli state bank Hapoalim staunchly refuses similar demands. Jews who later perished in Holocaust have deposited significant amounts with Hapoalim. Jewish groups that extorted money from Swiss banks typically misuse them, with only a small fraction of the money going to the heirs.

After the Holocaust restitution lobbying groups called to a halt of Leumi privatization until the issue of dormant accounts is settled, Bank Leumi agreed to pay $4 million to heirs of the Jews who held deposits in Leumi before WWII and perished in Holocaust. Bank Leumi allegedly holds about $120 million in pre-Holocaust accounts. Other Israeli banks also hold considerable sums belonging to Holocaust victims. Banks of other Western countries settled the claims of the Holocaust restitution organizations while Israeli bank staunchily refuse such requests.

Rabbis and Hindus gathered at the resort Indonesian island of Bali to condemn Professor Ahmadinejad’s claims of the Holocaust’ mythical nature. Indonesia doesn’t recognize Israel.

Organization for the Restitution of Assets of Holocaust Victims published a list 3,000 bank accounts and 500 real estate properties that belong to the Holocaust victims and even survivors but Israeli government refused to restitute them for decades. Most accounts are held in the state-owned Bank Leumi.
Israel is the last civilized country, on par with Eastern European anti-Semitic entities, that did not restitute property of Holocaust victims and survivors. Now Israeli government agreed to restitute money from some bank accounts made insignificant by inflation throughout the decades.

Professional Holocaust lobbyists demanded raising benefits for hundreds of thousands of Russian Jews who lived through the WWII rather than specifically being detained in the German concentration camps. Olmert retaliated by mere $21 shekel a month increase in benefits. Holocaust lobbyists blackmail Olmert with mass protests.

Exploiting the sensitive issue, activists demand sharply increased benefits for Holocaust survivors. The figure of 240,000 Holocaust survivors in Israel is vastly inflated and includes many Jews who merely lived on German-occupied territories and even fled German occupation. It is not clear why should Israeli government financially support the Jews who lived in ghettos during the World War II. Israel received huge reparations from Germany linked to Holocaust but distributed only a minor part among Holocaust survivors.

Racketeers from Jewish Claims Conference demand from Germany compensation for 70,000 survivors of ghettos, and refused German offer of E70 million lump sum as too little. Holocaust professionals in Israel claim from Israeli government subsidies for some 200,000 survivors.
Polls show a quarter of German citizens holding anti-Semitic views.

Two decades ago, the mad Supreme Court of Israel acquitted Ivan Demjanyuk, ruling that he is not “Ivan the Terrible,” an infamous sadistic Ukrainian guard of Treblinka death camp. The acquittal hinged on earlier recollections by an escapee from Treblinka surmising that he had killed Demjanyuk during the escape. The court took for testimony what was obviously wishful thinking, even though survivors recognized Demjanyuk.

Since then, Demjanyuk returned to the US where the Supreme Court decided now to extradite him as war criminal.

It is a shame for all Jews that no one yet tortured that scum to death, but extradition to Poland or Ukraine might make the task of good Jews even easier.

Recently, Austria refused extraditing a major Nazi war criminal Asner to Croatia to face genocide trial, as he was deemed too sick. British newspaper The Sun secretly filmed Asner enjoying life from cafes to football matches.
Austria is not keen on prosecution Asner – or other Nazi criminals, for that matter – domestically, as such trials offend Austrians who wholeheartedly supported the Holocaust.

Hillel KookDuring the WWII, the official Zionist leadership abandoned European Jews, considering them human waste unfit to join their socialist dream. Zionists refused ransom money the Nazis demanded for Hungarian and Romanian Jews.
At that time, a single Jewish group worked to save their compatriots. Headed by Hillel Kook (Rabbi Kook’s nephew), it became a prototype for Rabbi Kahane’s Jewish Defense League. The Bergson group pounded at the door closed by the American Jewish leaders, believers in the diplomacy so quiet that no one heard about it. Like the JDL, the Bergson group is an anathema to Jewish establishment as it saved more Jews than all the self-appointed Jewish leaders combined.
Yad Vashem refused Wyman Institute’s exhibition on Bergman group’s efforts. No wonder, as Hillel Kook’s work contrasts the Yad Vashem exhibition’s most striking feature: the complete absence of saving efforts during Holocaust.

Days after Haifa’s chief rabbi shamefully pleaded with Vatican to cancel beautification of Pope Pius XII – as if Catholic rites as Jews’ business – Vatican objected to an inscription in Yad Vashem which states very mildly that the pope hardly did anything to save Jews. When tens of thousands of devout Catholics hunted and murdered Jews during Holocaust, and tens of millions of other devout Catholics raised no objection to the slaughter, the soon-to-be-beautified pope might well be a bit outspoken.

Now the Arabs have an amusement park of their own: Jews have presented them with an exhibition of their suffering. Hundreds of Arabs flocked to the memorial on its opening day to enjoy the pictures of murdered Jews. The exhibition sends Esau a clear message: just as the Germans were readmitted into the family of nations immediately after Holocaust, so the Palestinians can gain international respect by killing more Jews.

The leftists chose no other place for the exhibition than Niilin, a place of daily clashes between IDF and Arab rioters.

Mauthausen death camp “doctor” Heim converted to Islam and peacefully died in 1992, reports German ZDF TV. The Egyptian government provided him with asylum, despite its peace treaty with Israel and despite massive aid from America.

Scores of Nazi war criminals lived in Egypt, Syria, and Iraq, and helped the Arabs build modern armies.

Before moving to Egypt, the scum lived in Germany until 1961.

The Holocaust Memorial awarded the Righteous of the World post-mortem award to Nazi officer Wilm Hosenfeld. The Nazi was made popular by Roman Polanski’s movie, The Pianist, in which he saved a Jew.

In his free time from saving Szpilman, Hosenfeld interrogated Jewish resistance fighters in Warsaw, though Yad Vashem concluded refreshingly that there is no evidence implicating the Nazi in mass murders.

The Nazi should not have received the award also for a legal reason: it only goes to gentiles who risked their lives saving Jews. Hosenfeld exposed himself to no risk, and it was common among Germans even in death camps, to provide protekzia to a handful of Jews they deemed useful, professional, or respectable.

The tiny state of Lithuania, an American darling whose population enthusiastically cooperated with the Germans in the extermination of Jews, graciously agreed to pay $40 million for 136 Jewish properties seized by their murderers.

The number represents a tiny proportion of the confiscated Jewish houses. $40 mil is about a third of the minimal valuation, and even that would be paid in installments over the next twelve years.

Fifteen years ago an insane Israeli Supreme Court acquitted on technicalities Ivan the Terrible, a Ukrainian guard in Treblinka, an ultra-sadistic place even by death-camp standards.

The United States thankfully extradited Demjanjuk to Germany, where he now faces a trial. Regrettably, he is only charged with being an “accessory to murder” of 29,000 people; thus there is no chance for him to be hanged.

Shamefully, no Jewish organization exacted justice on Demjanjuk during the fifteen years he spent in America.

Predictably, Austria has refused to prosecute Nazi war criminal Joseph Kumpf because he was younger than twenty when he served in the death camps, and thus protected by the statute of limitations.

That legal problem was clear when the United States extradited their eighty-five-year-old accused citizen.

Mossad abandoned hunting Nazis forty years ago, but now that Joseph Kumpf is walking freely in Austria, a sitting duck target, cannot the security service spare a few bullets for him?

The Jerusalem Post reports on the mufti’s exhibition in the US Holocaust Museum. In this exhibition, the famous Nazi collaborator—a personal guest of Hitler and a close friend of major Nazi officials—is pictured as an innocent Arab leader whose national aspirations were incompatible with German imperialism. The museum chose to ignore Husseini’s well-known involvement in murder and genocidal incitement against Jews.

The exposition follows the museum’s earlier efforts to expand the definition of the word Holocaust to include everything down to the relatively generous American treatment of their black slaves.

Commemorating the Holocaust, Obama uttered the usual promises of “never again.” Those sweet words don’t preclude him from talking to Ahmadinejad and demanding Israeli capitulation to Palestinian murderers.

During his election campaign, Obama vowed to recognize the Armenian genocide in Turkey. Speaking in Turkey a few days ago, he evaded a journalist’s direct question on genocide.

Jewish media are decry ingan alleged neo-Nazi attack on participants in a Jewish Cultural Festival in Budapest. In fact, the Nazis were protesting a gay pride parade which was part of the festival.

Normal Jews, too, should be appalled by their compatriots sponsoring a homosexual parade in the extinct Jewish ghetto. By equating racism with homophobia, the organizers imply moral equality between Jewish martyrs of the Holocaust and the rainbow throngs.

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