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As already so many times before, swastikas are sprayed on houses and cars in Haifa, a home of burgeoning Slavic population.

for Arabs into Israel. The Vatican’s concern over the rights of Muslims is so sweet. The Vatican doesn’t support the Jews’ right of return to Spain.

The Executive Council of Australian Jewry reports 638 attacks on Jews in Australia this year.

Boss of the idolatrous Catholics in the Land of Israeli, certain Michel Sabbah decried Israeli Jewishness as a discrimination of other religions. Shall we build a few synagogues in Vatican?

Vatican ambassador to Israel blamed Jewish state for the severe crisis in Gaza, and called on Egypt, other Arab countries to resolve the issue.

Negative views of Israel are around 52% around the world. Europeans are about as anti-Semitic as Muslims: whopping 64% of Germans hate Israel, and the corresponding figure for United Arab Emirates is 58%. Russia shows a low anti-Israeli sentiment of “only” 33%, explained by the Russian dislike of Muslims and little concern with the purported Israeli “atrocities.”
Anti-Israeli sentiment, of course, is a politically correct term for anti-Semitism.

Two decades ago, the mad Supreme Court of Israel acquitted Ivan Demjanyuk, ruling that he is not “Ivan the Terrible,” an infamous sadistic Ukrainian guard of Treblinka death camp. The acquittal hinged on earlier recollections by an escapee from Treblinka surmising that he had killed Demjanyuk during the escape. The court took for testimony what was obviously wishful thinking, even though survivors recognized Demjanyuk.

Since then, Demjanyuk returned to the US where the Supreme Court decided now to extradite him as war criminal.

It is a shame for all Jews that no one yet tortured that scum to death, but extradition to Poland or Ukraine might make the task of good Jews even easier.

The pathological anti-Semite was interrogated in Ben Gurion for some hours and then evicted from the Holy Land. Unlike the relatively honest self-hating Jew Noam Chomsky, Finkelstein is a liar and denies Israel’s right to exist.
1.5 million of Israeli Arabs share Norman Finkelstein’s opinions but, unlike him, are not yet evicted.

The Israeli University welcomed John Mearsheimer, Stephen Walt who authored a paranoid bestseller about Israel’s US lobby.

Recently, Austria refused extraditing a major Nazi war criminal Asner to Croatia to face genocide trial, as he was deemed too sick. British newspaper The Sun secretly filmed Asner enjoying life from cafes to football matches.
Austria is not keen on prosecution Asner – or other Nazi criminals, for that matter – domestically, as such trials offend Austrians who wholeheartedly supported the Holocaust.

Speaking in Berlin, Italian Foreign Minister admitted that EU officials routinely criticize Israel as a means of expressing their antisemitism.

Hillel KookDuring the WWII, the official Zionist leadership abandoned European Jews, considering them human waste unfit to join their socialist dream. Zionists refused ransom money the Nazis demanded for Hungarian and Romanian Jews.
At that time, a single Jewish group worked to save their compatriots. Headed by Hillel Kook (Rabbi Kook’s nephew), it became a prototype for Rabbi Kahane’s Jewish Defense League. The Bergson group pounded at the door closed by the American Jewish leaders, believers in the diplomacy so quiet that no one heard about it. Like the JDL, the Bergson group is an anathema to Jewish establishment as it saved more Jews than all the self-appointed Jewish leaders combined.
Yad Vashem refused Wyman Institute’s exhibition on Bergman group’s efforts. No wonder, as Hillel Kook’s work contrasts the Yad Vashem exhibition’s most striking feature: the complete absence of saving efforts during Holocaust.

Days after Haifa’s chief rabbi shamefully pleaded with Vatican to cancel beautification of Pope Pius XII – as if Catholic rites as Jews’ business – Vatican objected to an inscription in Yad Vashem which states very mildly that the pope hardly did anything to save Jews. When tens of thousands of devout Catholics hunted and murdered Jews during Holocaust, and tens of millions of other devout Catholics raised no objection to the slaughter, the soon-to-be-beautified pope might well be a bit outspoken.

ADL poll finds out that 37 percent of Americans strongly believe that Jews run Hollywood with the intent of undermining domestic religious values, or are undecided on the issue.

Which is true. Jewish liberals are at the forefront of anti-societal activity in America and elsewhere.

The poll reflects the falling influence of Jews in Hollywood as Arabs and international corporations take over the major studios. “Only” 22 percent of Americans strongly believe that Jews run the national mass media. Unlike the ADL, we won’t take that for anti-Semitism but a mere statement of fact. The problem is, we the good Jews don’t like those Hollywood Jews either: to anti-Semites they are Jews, but to us they are Jewish anti-Semites.

On other hand, if the ADL takes those 22 percent of Americans for anti-Semites, then the situation for US Jews is no different from the European one: in Old Europe, a hotbed of anti-Semitism, it traditionally runs at about 25-30 percent even in countries such as Germany, Poland, and France. The European situation historically erupts in major pogroms every few decades.

Refreshingly, the ADL poll shows half the Americans retained some common sense: they support moral censorship of mass media, believe the media is unacceptably tolerant to subversive lifestyles, and doesn’t share the population’s values. Which is true.

When Jews in tsarist Russia organized into self-defense teams, police took away their arms before the pogroms.
Every country of significance has condemned Israel’s attack on Gaza. Sarkozy, a friend of Jews, called the Israeli response disproportional. He’s wrong: IAF fired far fewer rockets into Gaza than the Palestinians launched at Israel during the previous months; Jews are just more precise in terms of targeting.
The UN’s chief suddenly became “deeply alarmed” at the situation in Gaza. The thousands of rockets that showered Israeli Negev caused no similar alarm.
According the anti-Semite Tony Blair, “the loss of life in Gaza requires immediate calm.” The loss of life—and a lot of limbs—in Sderot didn’t require such calm, of course.
Our biggest friend Bush also called on the IDF to cease and desist, but thankfully mentioned that Hamas is to blame. Why don’t we call on the US Army to cease its operations in Iraq? Closer still, we can demand that the US Administration cease to protect its southern border and remove all rangers immediately. No? Then don’t bug us.
Russia and the EU… Ah, you know what they have said.
Egypt summoned Israel’s ambassador to condemn the attack on Gaza. Isn’t it bizarre that Egypt, which started four wars with us and, by the way, has killed scores of Gazan Arabs with indiscriminate shelling, has suddenly embraced pacifism?
In friendly Jordan, a massive rally in Amman voiced support for Hamas, a terrorist group at war with Israel.
All over Israel, our loyal Arab citizens rioted in support of Gaza.

Israel’s Foreign Ministry is happy about its so-far-successful media performance. International condemnations, the FM sources say, are largely symbolic, and even the UN doesn’t lambaste Israel as much as usual.

But why the symbolic condemnation? If everyone from Saudi Arabia to the United States hates Hamas and recognizes that Israel reasonably defends herself, why any condemnations at all? After Abu Mazen visited Russia a few days before the IDF operation to request Putin’s military assistance against Hamas—and, presumably, his tolerance of an Israeli invasion of Gaza—why did the Russian FM still find it necessary to condemn Israel in a pro forma statement?

Foreign governments, anti-Semitic and pandering to anti-Semites, condemn Israel reflexively.

Theodore Herzl would have been proud: in the Jewish state, a safe haven for Jews, swastikas were painted on several cars in an affluent city named after him.

Arab governments, including Fatah thugs, are siding with Israel in her attempt to dislodge Hamas, but they also are pandering to their constituencies with anti-Israeli, pro-Palestinian, Hamas-neutral rhetoric. But the masses don’t play politics, and they will take the rhetoric for encouragement—still more credible, as it comes from pro-Western politicians.
Arab regimes have come under popular criticism for collaborating with Israel against the Palestinians. Mubarak so far stands with Israel more firmly than anyone else, and no wonder: a Hamastan in Gaza would provide an operations-base for Egyptian terrorists.

Responding to the incitement, Arab masses took to the streets. Turkey, the Muslim country most friendly to Israel, saw up to 700,000 of its typically secular citizens in Istanbul protesting the Israeli operation.
In Morocco, another Muslim country friendly to Jews, demonstrations were attended by 40,000. Interestingly, an anti-Israeli demonstration in Lebanon was about ten times smaller. Apparently the Lebanese, who have had first-hand experience with Palestinian terrorists, are not that antagonistic to Israeli goals.

In Norway, an anti-Israel demonstration turned violent, and the Israeli Embassy was attacked. Sixty years ago, the German Embassy faced no such threats.

Canada is a country most Jews imagine to be safe, yet more than 10,000 people participated in anti-Semitic demonstrations in major cities.

Just a day after the International Red Cross cleared Israel of charges of using white phosphorus against Gaza civilians, the world woke up to a shock: shells with white phosphorus were fired at the civilian population.

White phosphorous is a horrific ammunition that sticks to human skin and continues to burn there until cut out. Photos of the victims of white phosphorous attacks are among the peace activists’ strongest arguments.

Strangely, this time human rights groups refrained from lambasting the perpetrators. The UN remained silent about this clear-cut war crime. No protests took place in Western capitals.

Because the phosphorous shells have been fired by Palestinian terrorists at Jews.

Palestinian terrorists fired phosphorous shells at Israel Negev communities populated exclusively by civilians, with no military presence whatsoever. The Palestinians were not deterred by the large numbers of fellow Bedouin Arabs in the Negev. The shells struck Eshkol District, where both Jewish farmers and Arab Bedouins live.

Human rights organizations saturated the Internet with condemnations of Israel after numerous white phosphorous shells and canisters were discovered in Gaza following IDF’s operation. The International Red Cross Committee confirmed Israel has only used white phosphorous ammunition to illuminate targets, with no harm to Palestinian civilians or guerrillas.

Despite the ICRC report, Palestinian groups stepped up the outcry over Israel’s use of white phosphorous ammunition in an attempt to deflect attention from their own use of it. In the latest case, Palestinian UNRWA personnel claims to have been attacked with white phosphorous shells—despite the absence of burned victims.

white phosphorous shell

Now the Arabs have an amusement park of their own: Jews have presented them with an exhibition of their suffering. Hundreds of Arabs flocked to the memorial on its opening day to enjoy the pictures of murdered Jews. The exhibition sends Esau a clear message: just as the Germans were readmitted into the family of nations immediately after Holocaust, so the Palestinians can gain international respect by killing more Jews.

The leftists chose no other place for the exhibition than Niilin, a place of daily clashes between IDF and Arab rioters.

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