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cites photo caption that implies the Pope failed to save the Jews. The memorial doesn’t picture wartime incitation by Catholic and Protestant churches to murder Jews.

Report by Tel-Aviv University doesn’t deal with anti-Semitism in Israel where one-fifth of the population holds strong Judophobic views.

remain committed to expel a quarter of million Jews from Judea and Samaria. Holocaust is a stain on humanity, said Itzik. Mild sanctions against nuclear Iran show the world can bear another such stain.

Abbas in Jerusalem. Abu Mazen doctoral thesis questions the Holocaust and touts Zionist-Nazi ties.

emphasizes similarities in Faith. Yesterday the pope met Abu Mazen.

Russian government doesn’t counter the traditional anti-Semitism. In a slip of tongue, Putin once accused Zionists of Israeli troubles. Putin thoroughly extinguished Yeltsin-era Jewish oligarchs, and replaced them with amenable Jews close to KGB/FSB such as Levi Levaev and Arkady Haydamak.

Jewish groups squeezed from Swiss banks billions of dollars allegedly deposited there by the Holocaust victims before WWII, but Israeli state bank Hapoalim staunchly refuses similar demands. Jews who later perished in Holocaust have deposited significant amounts with Hapoalim. Jewish groups that extorted money from Swiss banks typically misuse them, with only a small fraction of the money going to the heirs.

20% blame Jews for Jesus’ death, 44% believe the Jews have “too much power” internationally, nearly half are irritated by stories of Holocaust. 52% blame Israel for their anti-Semitism. Half of the Europeans surveyed don’t believe that Iranian nuclear program is solely a military program. The figures are consistent with the previous years’ polls. In the US, JDL registered over 1,500 anti-Semitic incidents in 2006.
ADL also condemned Putin’s May 9 comparison of Israeli-Palestinian conflict to Nazi atrocities.

Haaretz exhibits surprize over the news that organizers of anti-Israeli demonstration in South Africa hired the Blacks to participate. That’s a standard practice. Even in Western Europe, organizers provide jobless immigrants with free bus tours to major cities in return for them standing a few hours at anti-Israeli protests there.

After the Holocaust restitution lobbying groups called to a halt of Leumi privatization until the issue of dormant accounts is settled, Bank Leumi agreed to pay $4 million to heirs of the Jews who held deposits in Leumi before WWII and perished in Holocaust. Bank Leumi allegedly holds about $120 million in pre-Holocaust accounts. Other Israeli banks also hold considerable sums belonging to Holocaust victims. Banks of other Western countries settled the claims of the Holocaust restitution organizations while Israeli bank staunchily refuse such requests.

Rabbis and Hindus gathered at the resort Indonesian island of Bali to condemn Professor Ahmadinejad’s claims of the Holocaust’ mythical nature. Indonesia doesn’t recognize Israel.

Organization for the Restitution of Assets of Holocaust Victims published a list 3,000 bank accounts and 500 real estate properties that belong to the Holocaust victims and even survivors but Israeli government refused to restitute them for decades. Most accounts are held in the state-owned Bank Leumi.
Israel is the last civilized country, on par with Eastern European anti-Semitic entities, that did not restitute property of Holocaust victims and survivors. Now Israeli government agreed to restitute money from some bank accounts made insignificant by inflation throughout the decades.

UNISON’s sanctions include “economic, cultural, academic, and sporting” boycott of Jewish state. Regardless of the Hamas takeover of Gaza, UNISON trade union calls on Israel to end “occupation of Palestine.”
British trade unions don’t boycott Iran, Saudi Arabia, Russia, or Guatemala. Anti-Semitism as usual.

Vatican has never banned the Tridentine Mass despite the Nostra Aetate and other shows of rapprochement with Jews, but Pope Benedict is expected to bring it back into mass use by Catholics.
Vatican recognized Israel only in 1993.

Professional Holocaust lobbyists demanded raising benefits for hundreds of thousands of Russian Jews who lived through the WWII rather than specifically being detained in the German concentration camps. Olmert retaliated by mere $21 shekel a month increase in benefits. Holocaust lobbyists blackmail Olmert with mass protests.

Exploiting the sensitive issue, activists demand sharply increased benefits for Holocaust survivors. The figure of 240,000 Holocaust survivors in Israel is vastly inflated and includes many Jews who merely lived on German-occupied territories and even fled German occupation. It is not clear why should Israeli government financially support the Jews who lived in ghettos during the World War II. Israel received huge reparations from Germany linked to Holocaust but distributed only a minor part among Holocaust survivors.

Racketeers from Jewish Claims Conference demand from Germany compensation for 70,000 survivors of ghettos, and refused German offer of E70 million lump sum as too little. Holocaust professionals in Israel claim from Israeli government subsidies for some 200,000 survivors.
Polls show a quarter of German citizens holding anti-Semitic views.

MK Tibi called on Israeli government to severely punish Neo-Nazi Christian Slavs arrested in Petah Tikva. Neo-Nazi groups proliferated in Israel after the Russian aliyah brought many Jews-by-grandfather. Scores of Russian bookshops sell Neo-Nazi literature. Neo-Nazi Slavs are irritating but harmless in the terms of security, unlike Israeli Arabs who profess the very same views.
The purported Neo-Nazi group was a childish outfit without meaningful agenda. Headed by 19-year-old boy, the group attacked diverse targets from Asians to gays to religious Jews.
The Knesset repeatedly failed to repeal the Jew-by-grandfather provision in the Law of Return. It’s too late, anyway – hundreds of thousands of people with no relation to Jewry have already entered Israel under the law’s auspices.
The lunatic state of Israel is among the few international outcasts which lack legislative prohibition of Nazi activity.

Thanks to the Jewish Agency’s efforts at bringing Jew-by-grandparent crowd to Israel, anti-Semitism thrives in Russian quarters of Israel. Russian bookshops sell Neo-Nazi books, Slav of school age taunt Jewish children with anti-Semitic slurs, and now Nazi symbols are painted throughout Haifa.

Haifa police briefly detained, released a 12-year-old Nazi who painted swastika on a synagogue.

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