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In a man-bites-dog incident, a group of Jewish teens in Jerusalem got into a fight with three Arabs. One of the Arabs was kicked in his head and is now in stable condition.

Israeli media are treating the event like a murder, even though the Arab’s injuries are in fact minor, and similar incidents involving Jewish victims often get little attention. Police arrested a Jewish teen who took part in the brawl, though criminal charges in such a case are unsustainable since no one can ascertain whose kick sent the Arab into unconsciousness.

A US administration spokesman condemned ‘in the strongest terms’ (a phrase generally reserved for massacres) a Molotov cocktail attack on a Palestinian taxi.

In contrast, the White House pays no attention to similar attacks on Jewish cars, which take place almost daily.

A Palestinian NGO, the Popular Coordination Struggle Committee, released a videotape allegedly showing several Jews in civilian clothes beating an Arab in Hebron. In fact, the video shows them dragging the Arab to an army building nearby.

The Arab was wanted for interrogation.

What is appalling here is that uniformed IDF soldiers tried to arrest the Arab, but he refused to follow their orders. Instead of employing military procedures for arresting a known suspect, the soldiers called on their comrades to overcome the Arab without hurting him. Jewish soldiers are reluctant to shoot Arabs for fear of Israeli prosecution.

August 2012
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