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After Meir Dagan publicly opposed an Israeli strike on Iran, Aharon Farkash (head of MI for many years) joined the fray. He agrees that Iran is developing nuclear weapons and that Obama is not likely to stop the ayatollahs, but argues that an Israeli strike would lack the necessary international legitimacy. Why exactly we need the world’s approval to defend ourselves, Farkash did not explain. And indeed, we bombed Osiraq despite an international outcry, so what’s different now?

The government has agreed to lift the long-standing ban preventing the Palestinians from developing the gas field offshore of Ashkelon, which is ridiculously called the Gaza gas field (it is opposite of Israel, not only Gaza). Barak gave that field to Arafat to make the terrorist government economically viable.

Developing the gas field would beef up Hamas’ coffers, since the terrorist group exercises control over Gaza’s waters. Israel will be buying our own gas back from the Palestinians.

DNA analysis helped police to pinpoint an Arab who raped an eleven-year-old boy in 2006. The Arab served a short fourteen-month sentence for burglary and underwent a mandatory DNA test.

The Tamar consortium is considering a $15 billion contract to sell liquified gas to Russia’s Gazprom. Such a sale would create conflict between Israel and France, which also wants to buy LPG from us, incidentally to protect itself against the Gazprom racket.

The contract would run for fifteen years, which is the projected life span of the gas field. After that time, having sold our gas to international bidders, Israel would again be at the mercy of Muslim gas suppliers.

The world remains silent about Egypt sealing its border with Gaza in response to the terrorist attack on Egyptian police in Sinai. A clear case of collective punishment, yet effective in bringing Hamas to its knees.

So far, the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood appears powerless to help Hamas. It remains to be seen how long the junta will be able to ignore the MB-led parliament.

The Defense Ministry is obstructing the attempt by Ariel college to obtain university status. That continues the years-long controversy over granting such status to education centers located in the ‘occupied’ territories.

The ministry is open about its doubts: it is concerned about diplomatic repercussions. What does the Defense Ministry have to do with diplomacy, except for Barak’s personal relations with world leaders? Instead of defending our country against Iran, the Defense Minister trembles at the thought of goyim condemning us over the purely domestic issue of university status.

The Shabak security service has arrested two Hamas members who confessed to participating in the lynching of IDF soldiers twelve years ago in Ramallah. For such a crime, Shabak may as well arrest a few hundred random Arabs in that town, since the lynch mob was huge. The purpose of the move was to show that it was bad Hamas rather than normal Arabs who lynched our brothers.

As usual, the Arabs were arrested at great risk to soldiers rather than killed on the spot.

In a man-bites-dog incident, a group of Jewish teens in Jerusalem got into a fight with three Arabs. One of the Arabs was kicked in his head and is now in stable condition.

Israeli media are treating the event like a murder, even though the Arab’s injuries are in fact minor, and similar incidents involving Jewish victims often get little attention. Police arrested a Jewish teen who took part in the brawl, though criminal charges in such a case are unsustainable since no one can ascertain whose kick sent the Arab into unconsciousness.

A US administration spokesman condemned ‘in the strongest terms’ (a phrase generally reserved for massacres) a Molotov cocktail attack on a Palestinian taxi.

In contrast, the White House pays no attention to similar attacks on Jewish cars, which take place almost daily.

A Palestinian NGO, the Popular Coordination Struggle Committee, released a videotape allegedly showing several Jews in civilian clothes beating an Arab in Hebron. In fact, the video shows them dragging the Arab to an army building nearby.

The Arab was wanted for interrogation.

What is appalling here is that uniformed IDF soldiers tried to arrest the Arab, but he refused to follow their orders. Instead of employing military procedures for arresting a known suspect, the soldiers called on their comrades to overcome the Arab without hurting him. Jewish soldiers are reluctant to shoot Arabs for fear of Israeli prosecution.

Israel today is eerily similar to the United States of half a century ago in that our country is plagued with protection rackets. Business owners do not risk refusing to pay these criminals because in the small country they have nowhere to relocate, and the police cannot protect them forever.

The owner of the Blue Bird bar at the Dolphinarium beach in Tel Aviv had the guts to call the police, who promptly detained the racketeers. Even if they serve jail sentences, the mob family has hundreds of other gangsters in its service.

MigronNext Tuesday is the last date set by the Supreme Court to demolish the Migron outpost. What is noteworthy is that the government agreed with the settlers to move the hamlet in three years, when an alternative home for them will be built nearby. The court considered the three-year term too long and annulled the agreement.

On the other hand, when Arabs build illegally on private Jewish land, the same court just does not care, even when its own demolition orders have not been carried out for more than a decade.

After serving 27 years in jail, an Arab terrorist from a Druze village in the Golan Heights returned home to the cheering of his neighbors. Curiously, al Makat was the prison’s longest-serving inmate, though his crime was less horrible than those of dozens of other murderers who have been released in prisoner exchanges after serving short sentences. Al Makat’s problem is that he was a Syrian arrested in Israel, so no terrorist organization cared to exchange him.

Salam FayyadPro-Western PM Fayyad protested Iran’s invitation to Hamas. The terrorist group was invited to the meeting of Non-Aligned Movement, which has degenerated into a supporter of rogue and terrorist regimes.

But Fayyad did not protest because Hamasniks are terrorists or because Tehran’s nuclear weapons could annihilate Ramallah as easily as Tel Aviv. He is concerned that the invitation to Hamas undermines Palestinian unity that is, the unity between Israeli-financed Fatah and Iranian-financed Hamas.

Barack ObamaObama campaigners have compiled a list of 600 American rabbis who have expressed support for his reelection. The rabbis remained undeterred by Maimonides’s injunction against religious figures meddling in state affairs, or by sheer immorality of Jewish religious figures politicking in a secular country. Most importantly, Obama vehemently opposes real Jewish interests, such as bombing Iran.

The list includes some curious personalities, such as ‘rabbi’ Gottlieb from the Jewish Voice for Peace an outfit that calls for a boycott of Israel.

Bibi publicly laments the intensification of nuclear enrichment in Iran. He accused Iran of developing nuclear weapons despite world opposition.

Now, that’s exactly what Israel did with her own nuclear program. And the real reason we want the Iranian program stopped is not because of the world community, which we do not care about, but because it would launch a nuclear arms race among the Muslim states, including some that are American clients.

Palestinian Arabs threw a half-dozen firebombs at IDF troops in Abu Dis area. The soldiers did not even shoot, but arrested one of the attackers and handed him over to police.

Rachel CorrieThe Haifa court acquitted IDF of charges of negligent homicide in the Rachel Corrie case. She died under an Israeli bulldozer while trying to protect a Palestinian house slated for demolition.

The court’s arguments are outright wrong. The situation then fell well short of war, so there is no exception to be made for military necessity. The very fact that international activists who had legally entered Israel were present at the scene and were not detained proves that no military action was being conducted at the time. The court was also mistaken in stating that the bulldozer driver could not see the activist: both the driver and officers knew that activists were routinely blocking bulldozers in the area.

The court refused to hand down a commonsense exoneration for IDF forces: that foreign activists are not civilians in any sense, but enemies in a war zone, and are as legitimate a target as Arab terrorists.

Along with aid to families of Jewish victims of the Bulgarian terror attack, JAFI also gave money to one Mustafa Kyosov, who was at the scene. This must be a strange Jewish way of extending an apology to a Muslim whose compatriots murdered nine Jews, for us bringing trouble on him.

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