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UlpanaThe outpost which had been a symbol of the settlement struggle has ceased to exist; the government has demolished all the homes.

Despite promises by settlement leaders and right-wing rabbis, there was no opposition, and the eviction went smoothly. The residents lost their apartments and were moved into modular homes in the village of Beth El. There is no formal agreement for the government to reimburse them for the cost of their apartments, which they owned legally.

The court refused to apply eminent domain in the textbook situation when Palestinian private land ownership is doubtful and the cost of buildings greatly exceed the cost of land.

The government’s promises to build three hundred new apartments hang in the air, as there is no official document behind those promises, and a there is lot of opposition to such construction. The government also promised never again to support any petitions to the court for the demolition of outposts, but such promises are meaningless; the courts can decide to order demolitions regardless of the government’s response.

An Eritrean envoy rejected the ‘forced repatriation’ of African illegals to their own country. There are some 35,000 Eritreans living in Israel, almost all of them illegally.

Leftists claim the Africans cannot return because of the likelihood of persecution. Exactly why that persecution is likely, no one knows. Normal countries apply normal standards to would-be refugees: they must positively prove persecution rather than claim its likelihood. Besides, by far most of the illegals are youngsters who dodged the draft in Eritrea, and thus will be prosecuted for a very real crime rather than for their non-existent political convictions.