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About 50 rockets from Gaza hit our country in a recent round of escalation after we killed two terrorists in air strikes.

Besides the mammoth cost involved in such targeted strikes, they are becoming increasingly dangerous as Hamas is emboldened by the Islamist victory in Egypt. No less than four Jews have been wounded by rocket fire.

Israel’s targeted strikes lack any deterrent effect. New terrorists immediately appear to replace the dead ones. The strikes have nothing to do with justice, as they target petty operatives and mid-level commanders instead of the real culprits.

The best solution would be to retaliate in full force to create a deterrent effect.

Mursi’s lead in the Egyptian presidential election has fallen from 5% to 3.5%. The junta is clearly trying to doctor the results to make Shafiq win.

But in any case, Mursi’s lead is too narrow. Half of Egyptians oppose him, and the junta has stripped the incoming president of most powers. What is more important, however, is the number of radicals who support Mursi, who is a better choice for Israel because his election would define Egypt as a Muslim Brotherhood country, and therefore an enemy of the West.

Shafiq and Mursi

Blood donorThe Direct Lions award went to the Israeli ad that invites Jewish and Palestinian donors to exchange blood under the slogan that people won’t shoot those who have their blood.

The campaign was illegal in the first place, because blood, like organs, cannot be exported if there is domestic demand. The campaign was silly, because there were few donors, most of whom were Jews; Arabs are normal, not eager to give their blood to enemies.

The campaign is also immoral, because it is our obligation to shoot our enemies when we are at war, regardless of any blood issues.