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Thousands of businessmen, among them several hundred Israelis, were smart enough to withdraw their money from the Madoff scheme shortly before it collapsed. Now the US courts are demanding that they return that money from their foreign bank accounts.

Mohamed MorsiMohamed Morsi was not on anyone’s shortlist for the Egyptian presidency two years ago, and most disregarded him even a year later.

Obama trusted the Muslim Brotherhood’s promise to refrain from fielding a presidential candidate. We said from day one that the MN’s promise was a lie. Naturally, the MB launched a vigorous electoral campaign which brought their party leader to the presidency.

With surprising regularity, radical leaders (Lenin, Pol Pot, and Khomeini, to name a few) have strong Western roots: their either studied abroad or spent most of their life there. Morsi is no different: the Brotherhood’s leader studied in the US and worked in a university there for several years.

Morsi is vehemently anti-Israeli, just like all the other candidates. There is no chance that, lacking his own power base, he would align with the US against the MB’s goals.

One worker was killed when terrorists infiltrated Israel from Egypt and attacked a small group working on the fence construction. By any definition, that’s an act of aggression by Egypt, but the Israeli government prefers to read it as Palestinian terrorism—though Egypt could have prevented the attack by properly sealing its border with Gaza.

A handful of Arabs were killed in the ensuing pursuit.

The fence is less than a panacea, as the Arabs have learned to scale it or break it. In the Sinai, they can obviously try to break through the fence with trucks (that trick is impossible for them in Gaza or the West Bank because IAF would pursue them and blow up the trucks. The Israeli Navy expects a surge of infiltrations by sea once the fence is completed.