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Faced with 4,000-strong crowd of Arab rioters, the IDF did not fire a single shot, resorting instead to tear gas. The result: one Jew was wounded, and several Israeli cars were damaged.

The IDF is under strict orders to avoid firing at our enemies.

Driving by on a motorcycle, terrorists threw a firecracker into Zegeta pub in South Tel Aviv. Following the incident, police told the pub owner to close the place.

The pub, open late into the night, attracted scores of African illegals, but the police did not intervene to enforce the law and protect the peace in the poor neighborhood.

There is little doubt that the forty-four-year-old Jewish mother who was brutally murdered at the Tel Aviv central bus station last week died at the hands of the African criminals who control the area. In May alone Arabs staged dozens of arsons in southern Jerusalem.

HaredimThe Attorney General’s office informed the Knesset that the Tal Law, which is designed to equalize the burden of conscription, should affect only haredim because the law does not require Arabs to serve in the army, and therefore they cannot serve equally.

The Knesset commission reacted by promising obligatory national service for Arabs. This compulsory service is not very likely to become reality, as it would prompt riots, and it is counterproductive in any case. Jews do not want  Arabs to perform the welfare work for our people that is typical of the national service, and so the Arabs will work in their own communities, and their work will be paid by Jewish taxpayers. Such an arrangement makes little sense for Jews.