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The regional council of Ramat ha-Negev has ordered the demolition of the camp for illegals which the government had started building in the area. The camp would have hosted about 5,000 criminals.

Residents naturally object to government plans to dump 5,000 Africans on them. The idea was to remove the Africans from large cities into sparsely inhabited areas, disregarding the opinions of residents who do not want thousands of HIV-infected African Muslim criminals living nearby.

In the perverse world of covert operations strange things happen. Iran has announced the capture of the terrorists responsible for assassinating a number of its nuclear scientists on behalf of Israel. Obviously, they are talking of Jundullah, whose adventurous leader has brought his organization into the fold of Al Qaeda in Pakistan.

After Al Qaeda’s rogue Iraqi leader began carrying out terrorist attacks against Shiites, Iran blocked Al Qaeda’s travel routes, which the terrorists had used extensively to fan out of Waziristan into the Middle East. At that point, Jundullah stepped in to arrange their free transit in return for Al Qaeda’s assistance in fighting for an independent Balochistan.