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During the Mubarak era, the Muslim Brotherhood was banned from campaigning for parliament, and fielded nominally independent candidates instead. Now the junta is trying to beat the MB with its own weapon.

After the Islamists achieved a sweeping victory in parliamentary elections and were poised to win the presidency, the US pressured the junta to doctor the outcome. This explains the decision by the Egyptian Constitutional Court to allow the relatively moderate Shafiq to compete in presidential elections, and another decision to annul the elections to the lower house of the Egyptian parliament so that in new elections independents form a third of its cadre. By simultaneously allowing the Mubarak regime’s officials to run for parliament, the court invited them to join the parliament as independents rather than as members of an unpopular party.

Even with a third of the lower house made up of pro-Mubarak officials, the Islamists would still rule the parliament.

Bedouin villagers of Al Arakib in the Negev are protesting the government’s efforts to demolish their illegal hamlet for the thirty-ninth time. Every time the government demolishes their shacks, the Bedouins quickly rebuild them. Their persistence exceeds that of Jewish settlers.

The Power Authority has approved gas purchases from the Tamar gas field by Israel’s two power companies. The two contracts are valued at $25 billion. We are buying our own gas from the oligarchs at the world market’s prices even while the IDF defends the field from Turkey and Hezbollah.