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According to the Mercer survey, Tel Aviv remains an outrageously expensive city. The survey barely addresses quality of life, which despite skyrocketing prices is relatively low in Tel Aviv, certainly much lower than in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or Riyadh.

The main reason for such high prices is, of course, monopoly. The problem is the bureaucratic red tape that serves as an obstacle to any business venture, and the existence of various commercial quasi-monopolies, such as import agents, real estate zoning regulations, and utilities.

Tel Aviv

Arabs throwing rocksThe IDF suspended a junior officer for failing to report a shooting incident. Actually, there is more to the story.

According to the Palestinian video—which, though inadmissible in any court proceedings, was taken by the army at face value—several Arabs attacked the soldier with stones. The Jew, fearing punishment if he were to shoot back, started throwing stones at them. A soldier, yes. He also had to fire a few shots to discourage the Arabs from lynching him.

Fearing punishment for defending himself against Arabs, the Jew did not report the incident. Which, to the army, is also a crime.

The government is considering a home-front plan to evacuate hundreds of thousands of Tel Aviv-area residents in the event of rocket attacks. But what is the point?

If Hezbollah and Syria were to attack us with mid-range rockets, some 5 million rather than “hundreds of thousands” of residents would need to be evacuated. From Greater Tel Aviv alone, 1.5 million people would have to be moved. But moved where?

Our southern regions are just as vulnerable to attacks from Gaza, where Palestinian factions have accumulated some 50,000 rockets, many of them not so crude.

The Immigration Authority has charged the Weinstein family with hiring an Indian illegal as a housekeeper. The politically correct Authority charged Weinstein’s wife rather than the Prosecutor General himself, though of course he knew full well that the Indian was an illegal.

Yehuda Weinstein