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Boy in GazaThe US Senate is preparing to vote on a bill that requires the State Department to collect demographic information for Palestinian refugee camps: how many of the people there are the original refugees and how many are their descendants.

The bill would inject some common sense into the current situation, in which Palestinians receive subsidies for living in their own towns in Lebanon and Syria merely because their grandparents left Israel 65 years ago.

What is noteworthy is the White House’s demand to omit the provision which would differentiate refugees based on their origin, either from Smaller Israel or the West bank and Gaza. Obama thus leaves on the table the option for the Palestinians to return to the Jewish state.

Bibi the alleged right-winger did what any Meretz member would have done in his place: he forbade members of his government who are also MKs to vote for a bill which would legalize outposts built with government funding. Though it is absurd to consider anything built with government money to be unauthorized.

Several organizations of Ethiopian ‘Jews’ spoke out against deportation and against the government’s mild crackdown on African illegals.