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Tel Aviv central bus stationDisgusting, huh? In fact, the opposite thing happened: a bunch of African illegals, unemployed but drunk, beat a fifty-eight-year-old Jew with sticks. The Jews were simply sitting on the bench near the Central bus station.

Police did not bother to try to understand the Jew, a recent immigrant who spoke with a heavy accent, and dropped their investigation. Even in the unlikely event that the Africans are arrested, they will only spend two to three years in comfortable jail cells.

Islamists set fire to the headquarters of Ahmed Shafiq, a relatively moderate presidential candidate who made it to a run-off vote. The vote is widely believed to have been rigged so that the Americans can talk to a secular president, but in any case his power would be minimal with the Islamist parliament.

Ahmed Shafiq

Israel ranked twenty-eighth out of thirty-six OECD countries in terms of housing quality.

Low salaries, high taxes, and draconian zoning regulations are the main contributors to this problem.