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Netanyahu’s office has a habit of misrepresenting figures, which recently caused a minor scandal when he boosted the number of his Facebook fans. This time, it’s about the Africans.

The PMO has announced the deportation of 7,000 migrants. That number, however, includes recent years and all kinds of migrants, both from Africa and the West Bank. The Africans, for their part, were mostly returned to Egypt immediately upon crossing the Israeli border. Out of those who managed to get into Israel, 3,000 at most were deported. No fewer than 60,000 remain.

Flame source codeThe new, unprecedentedly sophisticated Flame trojan has appeared not only in Iran, but also iin Israel. Since the US is the only country which had knowledge of the Stuxnet-type Windows vulnerabilities five years ago when the Flame first appeared, the only logical conclusion is that our ally is spying on us.