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While the White House remains upbeat about the current negotiations with Iran, the clerical regime’s nuclear chief has rejected any compromises on 20% enrichment and Parchin. That means that Iran will continue enriching uranium, and it has enough fissile materiel for about five bombs. Also, Iran will continue to develop ballistic missiles to deliver these weapons.

Shelly YacimovichUltra-leftist Shelly Yacimovich is demanding ‘religious equality’ for Conservative and Reform conversions. Equality is a nice idea, but why extend it only to those quasi-Jews? We also have Jews for Jesus, the Meretz Party, the Peace Now movement—what is the rationale for not giving them the power to perform conversions as well? Why not Muslims? If anything, they adhere to more of the commandments than the Reformists.

And seriously, why cannot Samaritans and Karaites, which are both old and respected Jewish sects, perform conversions?

Mali was a rare Muslim state, friendly to Israel and the West. Since the putsch it has become increasingly Islamist, and now the hardline Islamists have struck a deal with Tuaregs for an independent Islamic state in the north.