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Tel Aviv demonstationJewish residents of South Tel Aviv, a poor area near the glitzy North, held a small demonstration against African immigration. About 1,500 people demanded that African immigrants be expelled before Israel’s crime problem becomes unmanagable.

Some of them chanted ‘racist’ slogans vilifying African immigrants as a type. Even if all Africans were law-abiding and skilled, they still wouldn’t be welcome here, because this is a small Jewish country.

The demonstration evolved into a riot, with Jews assaulting some Africans.

We can surmise that there will be no solution until the Africans start venturing into North Tel Aviv.

Leftist journalists keep speaking up in support of their Palestinian colleagues. After the post-Arafat thaw in Palestinian politics, the number of journalists who speak openly about corruption keeps increasing, and the PA has to repress them.

Now, that is not nice, but we certainly prefer a strong Fatah—which cooperates with Israel on terrorism prevention—to honest Hamas or democracy (which, in the current political situation, is the same thing). It is in Israel’s interest to keep Fatah corrupt and its lynchpins fat and lazy. If, to that end, the Arabs want to suppress their journalists, we could not care less.

A new organ transplant scandal has developed. Ten people have been arrested in Israel, and there have been more arrests overseas. An organ transplant ring conducted transplants in Ukraine for Israeli citizens.

All organ removals were purely voluntary, with typical payment of $25,000, which is about ten years’ average salary in Ukraine. Since the activity was consensual, the doctors did not harm anyone.

The witch hunt against the doctors is bad PR for Israel, since it gives new credence to the old libel that Israelis steal organs from Palestinian prisoners and the dead.