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Shortly before the start of talks with Iran, the US Senate approved new sanctions. Several factors suggest the move is merely symbolic.

Any real sanctions against the ayatollahs would have surely derailed the talks, as Iranians, in their usual manner, would protest by walking out.
The Senate’s support for the sanctions was unanimous, which suggests that the sanctions were unacceptable to no one.
New sanctions follow the US drive to water down the existing sanctions by providing exemptions to EU countries and accepting minor reductions in oil purchases from Iran by Asian economies.

Iran already circumvents the sanctions on its oil shipping company by hiring foreign tankers, and it has established its ability to sell its entire oil output to third-world countries unconcerned with American sanctions.

G8At the summit, the leaders agreed to increase their contribution to the Deauville Partnership, which provides aid to the Arab Spring regimes. That’s like rebuilding the 1932 German economy.

Not long ago, the existing $2 billion aid to Egypt was in doubt after the Muslim Brotherhood gained control over the parliament. Now that the Islamist, anti-Israeli candidate is slated to win presidential race, the aid has only been increased.

Tunisia, with its hardline Islamist government, will also be rewarded with Western money.

Even Libya, flush in cash under Qaddafi, has evolved into a laundry for international aid.

During yesterday’s Knesset hearing on African illegals, the government conceded two facts.

First, we do not even try to ascertain the refugee status of Eritreans. In every other country, the burden of proof is on the refugee, but crazy Jews have transferred that burden to our own government, presuming Eritrean asylum claimants to be trustworthy. The government, of course, has no resources to check their claims, and so they stay here and raise the crime rate.

Two, we do not check the refugee status of Sudanese immigrants because they come from an enemy country, and we cannot verify their claims. It must be a special mental disease which allows Jews to welcome people officially designated as our enemies, and it is no wonder they turn into criminals here.

The only solution, we contend, is deporting all the Africans to UNRWA camps in Gaza. The UN has an existing infrastructure for refugees there, so that is where they belong.

The Knesset passed a largely symbolic bill providing tax breaks for people who donate to charities that support the settlements. The settlements can be located anywhere in Israel, including Judea and Samaria.

But the bill automatically provides tax breaks to Arab NGOs that finance the expansion of Arab villages—mostly illegally—and the settling of Jerusalem.