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The ultra-left NGO distributed a video showing settlers firing at Palestinians while soldiers stand by. The Palestinians, poor beings, are seen throwing rocks and firebombs at the settlers.

The soldiers’ actions are indeed abhorrent, but for a different reason: they stood idly while the Arabs attempted to lynch Jews.

The arrests took place during the Jerusalem Day demonstrations. Jews were detained for chanting nationalist slogans (what a crime on Jerusalem Day) while the Arabs were throwing rocks at the Jews (their way to mark our liberation). If the police arrested all Arabs who chanted anti-Jewish slogans, there would be no space left in our jails.

Police abandoned their usual cover-up tactics and reported yet another rape: Arabs assaulted two young girls near Haifa.

This is nothing new, such crimes have been commonplace for years. There must be a reason the government decided to frighten the public, and that reason is not clear. One possibility is that the Interior Minister is playing his own political game after losing Lieberman’s support. Another possible explanation is the political aspirations of the ex-security chiefs. Yet another is that Netanyahu is attempting to set goals other than attacking Iran.