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Some 1,500 Jews assembled at the Tomb of Joseph for a monthly prayer event sanctioned by the IDF. They were heavily guarded, and entered the Palestinian-occupied town at night so as not to disturb the Arabs.

During the prayer, Arabs pelted the Jews with firebombs. Imagine the outcry if the opposite were to take place.

Under orders to abstain from fighting at all costs, the IDF troops refrained from shooting the attackers.

Arafat’s economic advisor has publicly confirmed that the PLO finances Arab parties in Israel. That’s only part of the truth, actually; Meretz and Avodah are similarly rumored to be funded by Arabs.

Yet, the Attorney General has launched no investigation into illegal campaign funding—of which he is so eager to accuse Lieberman.

Eli YishaiRecently, the Interior Minister accused African illegals of being a major crime element in Israel. Clearly he is preparing for his own reentry into politics after being dumped from Lieberman’s list.

To that end, the police again violated their own ban on revealing racial-profiling information in crime reports. Arabs, for example, are rarely mentioned, and even in police databases they are identified only by name, rather than by nationality or religion.

Shortly after an African was detained on rape charges, police announced the arrest of another set of Eritrean illegals who had raped a fifteen-year-old Jewish girl. Ironically, the crime happened on a street named Shivat Zio—Return to Zion. Is this the return we dreamed of, where Jewish girls are in constant danger of being raped by African criminals?

Still, the government refuses to answer a simple question: African immigrants are predominantly males in their prime. Without females, they are bound to prey on Jewish women. So who expects them not to be rapists en masse? Besides, their HIV rate is sky-high.