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The Israeli government is reportedly in the final stage of negotiations to exchange a Tarabin tribe Bedouin named Ouda who is being held in Egypt on the charges of espionage. He will be exchanged for sixty-three Egyptian criminals, smugglers, and terrorists held in Israeli prisons.

Israel has not conducted significant spying operations in Egypt since the Camp David treaty. Jailed in 1999, Ouda had no targets to spy upon. So either the charges are entirely baseless, or he was an unimportant spy. Otherwise, the government would have exchanged him much sooner.

One possible reason for exchanging the Bedouin is that the ruling party is looking for electoral support from the large Tarabin tribe.

In the United States, employers and even office workers are often afraid to court the opposite sex for fear of sexual harassment allegations. In Israel, such innocent relations qualify as rape.

That is the charge being leveled against the mayor of Kiryat Malachi, who engaged in clearly consensual sex with one of his female employees. The relationship lasted for a long time, and the woman often drove to the mayor’s apartment by herself. The only way to describe their relationship other than love is prostitution, since the woman received benefits at work in exchange for sex.

Moti Malka

The PA leader promised his people that his administration won’t remain silent if hunger strikers in Israeli jails die.

That means that the PA takes official responsibility for the terrorists. Indeed, this responsibility is no secret, as the PA even maintains a Ministry of Prisoner Affairs, funded with US aid and Israeli tax transfers.

It is a specifically Jewish craze to finance a government that takes pride in sending terrorists to kill us.