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The Iranian Space Agency has announced plans to send the Fajr satellite into space within a month and to launch another rocket with animals aboard within a few months after that.

Sending animals into space is a way to test a missile’s reentry capability, which is crucial for ICBMs.

Iran’s missile program is far more advanced than those of North Korea and Pakistan.

Iran plans on sending animals into space

Amr Moussa has declared the Egyptian-Israeli peace treaty dead. While he would not (indeed, cannot) denounce the treaty, Moussa promised to abide first by the terms of the Arab League peace initiative, which requires Israel to withdraw to the 1948 armistice line, surrender Jerusalem, and allow Palestinian ‘refugees’ to return.

Moussa lied when he said that the treaty was conditioned on the creation of a Palestinian state; there are many memoirs that show how irrelevant that issue was for Sadat.

Amr Moussa