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A typical incident took place near Itamar: Palestinians threw stones at Jews and attacked them with clubs. One of the Jews subsequently taken to the hospital is a member of the Fogel family, five of whom were murdered last year by Arabs.

The Jews were armed, but afraid to use their weapons because the danger to their lives was not sufficiently grave. They preferred the risk of serious injury to the certainty of being jailed for shooting poor Arabs who were merely stoning them.

Shaul MofazThe leader of the opposition has presented new details of his peace plan. Previously, he called for 1:1 land swaps with the Palestinians, something they have rejected repeatedly because the location of our settlement blocs inside their future state is really more important than their size.

Now Mofaz is suggesting two-stage Palestinian statehood: a mini-state built on 60% of their territory first, followed by a 100% solution within a year. The Palestinians have rejected similar plans previously for a simple reason: they are certain (and rightly so) that once they get some kind of state, the world will cease to aid them against Israel, and we will drag out the negotiations forever. Also, they have a de facto 60% state now, and turning it into a de jure entity offers no benefit.

Iran did not wait long to retaliate against the UAE for joining the US air drill in the Persian Gulf. Ahmadinejad simply visited one of the Tunbs Islands.

Iran took the three islands from the UAE forty years ago. Recently, British archives revealed correspondence between the UAE sheikh and the British consul in Iran, in which the UAE requested that Iran take the islands by force rather than allow the Arabs to surrender them voluntarily. Submitting to overwhelming force is acceptable in the Arab mentality.

Ahmadinejad’s démarche was very rude, and the UAE temporarily recalled its ambassador from Tehran. But the Iranian point was certainly well taken.

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