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North Korea’s official news sources have taken a very pro-Iranian stance lately. They have even gone so far as to quote Khamenei. While this type of quotation is customary for, Chinese and Russian leaders, it is different for Iran. What makes it notable is that article in which he was quoted was strictly about internal Iranian politics. This type of honor is seldom granted to leaders of non-communist nations, and even then only when what they are discussing affects North Korea. This may be an indication of growing ties between Iran and the DPRK. It also may be an indication that Chinese pressure to allow for more foreign investment in North Korea could be showing returns. This type of propaganda may be aimed at making the very foreign Iranians more acceptable to the North Korean public.

Livni and Mofaz, two prospective candidates for Kadima’s leadership, squared off at the Masorti conference. The participants competed in anti-religious rhetoric, a fitting attitude at an event hosted by Conservative ‘rabbis.’

Mofaz demanded more socialist income redistribution and bragged about his opposition to the Tal Law, which when originally introduced was a sensible enough measure designed to involve the haredim in the army.

Livni declared her intention to build a coalition government without the haredim, thus excluding a quarter of Israel’s population from decision-making. We doubt she would dare to state publicly a desire to exclude Arab parties from government.

It is odd that the Kadima party, which was formed for the sole purpose of pushing for Gaza withdrawal, is alive and kicking despite the admitted failure of the withdrawal.

MigronAfter the Supreme Court predictably quashed the Migron relocation agreement, Netanyahu vowed to respect the court’s order and uproot the Jewish hamlet by August, 1.

But why such concern about a single demolition order? There are dozens of court decisions that have been pending for years which require the demolition of illegal Arab houses and the eviction of Arab squatters. The government is never in hurry to respect these orders. In fact, the court invites such an attitude by almost never requiring a timeline for demolitions in the Arab sector.