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“The Jewish local community within Canada has denounced Israel criminal offences against the Palestinians along with its warmongering towards Iran through coordinating rallies in order to protest Tel Aviv procedures,” World Headline News reports.

These leftist groups have historically inspired political support for Israel in North America. While Prime Minister Netanyahu was warmly received at AIPAC, there are still Jewish groups in the US that oppose US support for an attack on Iran. Mostly they are younger Jews who feel less attached to Israel and the need for a Jewish homeland. But as they age and become the majority, and as the rapid growth of Islam continues in North America, Israel faces a real problem with its support base in the West.

President Obama, who personally wants to dictate the way the world deals with Iran, is showing how ineffective his foreign policies really are. North Korea struck a deal in late February, offering to make concessions on nuclear enrichment and long range missile testing in exchange for food aid. Two weeks later Pyongyang announced that it will launch a satellite by April 16th. This is contrary to UN Security Council resolutions passed in 2009 and contrary to the compliance-for-food agreement North Korea reached with the US last month.

North Korea has a serious hunger program that it refuses to address. Instead, it continues to spend resources on building a massive military and developing weapons technology. So far that seems to be a good investment. In April, while celebrating the 100th birthday of its founding father, North Korea will demonstrate to the world its advancement in rocketry and its generosity by providing Pyongyang’s favored elite with 100,000 new apartments in the new Mansudae Project.

Obama, who deems himself the final authority on dealing with a nuclear Iran, can’t even get North Korea to keep its agreements until the first food shipments arrive. Former Defense Secretary Robert Gates said of dealing with North Korea that he was tired of buying the same horse twice. Lets see how often North Korea can blackmail Obama into buying the same horse. US ally South Korea has already called on the US to increase its commitments to the North Koreans, hoping that the US will be taken seriously.

Perhaps Israel and the rest of the Middle East could learn from the situation on the Korean Peninsula.

Suddenly we have no Darfurians here?For years leftists claimed that every African infiltrator hailed from Darfur, and that we therefore had to admit them as refugees. That logic was faulty anyway, because they came here from Egypt rather than from Sudan.In any case, emphasizing their Sudanese origins was the only way to keep them here to further destroy the Jewish character of our country.

That has changed now that South Sudan has won its independence. The government has announced plans to deport all of them by Apri, 1. The Africans will even get paid for leaving our country. Their leftist supporters have come up with new idea, that returning to South Sudan is still dangerous. But who cares? Danger per se is no reason to grant them refugee status, which would be justified only by sustained persecution, which does not happen anymore.

What is most interesting, however, is that the number of Darfurians has suddenly shrunk to 3,000 out of the 60 to 120 thousand African illegals here. If we make the Darfurians leave, however, other Africans have no conceivable legal basis for staying here.