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Recently Israel chose Italian training jets over South Korean ones, expecting Italy to reciprocate with diplomatic concessions.

No way. Italy is still going to reduce the number of its troops in UNIFIL, for example.

Jerusalem Light RailWhen the government was building Jerusalem Light Rail, we warned of its obvious security implications: bringing the rail close to Arab neighborhoods makes quick infiltration into Jewish areas easy, allowing terrorists to bypass the usual hurdles.

Today, a Palestinian terrorist stabbed a Jewish girl on the train before jumping off at Pisgat Zeev. He was caught in the nick of time, just as he was about to escape to PA territory. He will be released soon because the girl did not die.

Meanwhile, police admitted the obvious about the recent murder in Ramle: the Arabs’ shooting of a Jewish passerby was an act of terror rather than criminal act.

IDF announced that they intercepted four Bedouins in the Negev who tried to cross illegally into Israel; one Arab was killed.

Yet Bedouins are roaming practically free between Sinai and Israeli Negev. Their brethren in Israel are much more effective than IDF at preventing them from moving here en masse.