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Obama and PutinNATO Intelligence reports that US evaluations of Iran’s nuclear program may differ from those of other nations because of information shared with the US by Russia. Now Israel can feel safeóRussia is reporting to the US on secret Iranian nuclear programs. No wonder Russia has become so vocal lately about preemptive strikes on Iran. They have Obama’s ear.

The US is trying to determine the extent of the new ties between Russia and Iran. They are checking air travel manifests and shipping documentation. Their efforts are hindered by Russian naval shipping to Tartus (transshipment for Iran through Syria).

While Russia was fairly mute a few months ago, they have become very bellicose now. Russia was using its relative silence as a bargaining tool for a better deal in the new Eastern alliance group. Putin is expected early next week to come out officially against US sanctions on Iran. Russia may even present it in the UN as illegal economic war by one country on another

With the current anti-Americanism in the Muslim world and fear of a war started by Israel, there is concern that such a motion may pass. This in turn would give many countries an excuse to ignore US sanctions, which would be illegal in the eyes of the UN.

This will be beyond India’s usual level of independence. China has quietly found a way around regional rivalries and has included India in new arrangements it has made with Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan, Russia, and China. Attempts by the US to isolate China economically have backfired, and now China is attempting to create a kind of Pacific Trade Group. Look for more partners to be added in the near future. The clincher is cheap oil from Iran, which will be used in a time of rising oil prices to benefit these soon-to-be-interwoven economies. It is projected that India will not become antagonistic towards Israel or the west, but that its level of cooperation will decline. India still wants access to American markets and resources, and it still wants Israeli arms, even though these arms contracts have never been popular in India.

The Histadrut, which supports wage-hike demands by assistant professors, published two interesting figures.

First, assistants conduct more than half of all lectures. That makes one wonder what the ‘normal’ teachers do, and how that kind of teaching reflects on the pitiful quality of education. Also, why are the assistants not made into tenured teachers if they are doing so much work? The answer, of course, is that the Histadrut shields its existing members, professors, from competition.

Second, professors get about $150 an hour, which sounds grossly unreasonable given the level of wages in Israel.